VIDEO What Life Looks Like In George Soros’ USA – Rig 2020 Elections – Progressive Rights By Any Other Name Is Tyranny


University of California Berkeley riots

Feb 17, 2017   By Pastor David Whitney

We are witnessing the impact of organized anti-American groups filled with anger and remorse because they have lost political control of our land. It appears they are determined to express their rage by riots, property destruction and violence against any who disagree with them. They have set about to destroy the freedom of speech employing anarchist riots to bring about destruction and bodily harm to anyone who holds a contrary view. Reports say that “moneyed agitators like George Soros, who has funded professional rioters in the past, will be part of a February 17th nationwide anti-Trump protest that some are saying will be akin to or worse than those at Berkeley last week, where students who were angry that a conservative speaker was allowed on campus expressed their displeasure with anarchy, rioting, and senseless widespread property damage.”

Here is what they are calling for this Friday February 17, a general strike “’Let’s designate a day on which no one (that is, anyone who can do so without being fired) goes to work, a day when no one shops or spends money, a day on which we truly make our economic and political power felt, a day when we make it clear: how many of us there are, how strong and committed we are, how much we can accomplish…”
An official site for the event calling for a “24-hour occupation of public space in protest of the Trump administration… thousands have signed up.
The “demands” of the strike listed on the event page are enumerated:

1. No Ban, No Wall. Healthcare For All. Healthcare is a human right. Medicare for All.
3. No Pipelines.
4. End the Global Gag Rule. (Euphemism for kill as many babies by abortion)

What might we expect on Friday? Maybe the Berkeley riots foreshadow what they want to take place.
Perhaps you have seen the video of the woman interviewed by ABC while on camera being pepper sprayed by a violent rioter who hates the freedom of speech so much that they used pepper spray to stop speech they did not like. Does not that sounds like a fascism?

These Rioters claim they are opposing fascism when the facts is they are fascists. Fascism is what shutting down an event featuring a conservative speaker on a college campus is all about. Women being bludgeoned by wooden poles all in the name of a riot to prohibit the freedom of speech of a man whose views the violent rioters disagree with.

So their fascism tells them that when you disagree with someone you violently assault them, you destroy property and beat and hospitalize anyone who disagrees with you. These are the tactics and methods lifted directly from the Brown Shirts of Adolf Hitler. This was the exact technique the Brown Shirts used to bring Hitler to power.

There is evidence that money behind these violent rioters who showed up at Ferguson, at Baltimore and Berkeley is George Soros, who by his own admission was part of the youth movement in Germany that brought Hitler to power. So here we have a fascist funding fascism on the streets of America. What we see on the streets is domestic terrorism funded by a wealth domestic terrorist – Soros.

The evil character of those funding this from the top as well as those rioters on the streets is quite evident. What we need in America today is godly character – a restoration of those character traits which made America Great, those traits which underlie a truly good and useful government, strong families, strong churches a culture which honors that which is honorable, righteous and good.

Learn more about your Constitution with Pastor David Whitney and the “Institute on the Constitution” and receive your free gift.



Feb 17, 2017 by  


The Progressives are raging on about the Trump administration’s “tyranny” although they are vague on the particulars of why his regime should be characterized as such and, indeed, on whatever the term “tyranny” might mean (I say this noting that the Progressive meaning of words often bears little semblance to the Oxford standard. For instance, banning those who hold contrary opinion is called “tolerance” in Progressivese). In this environment, I’m disposed to offer a few illustrations of that word “tyranny” for their consideration.

Tyranny is when you riot in the street in the hope of overturning a fairly contested election. It’s when the failed candidate, her party and their allies in the media spin the narrative that the election was fraudulent and the winner illegitimate.

Tyranny is when you ban all speech that doesn’t affirm your worldview. When teachers dress up their ideology as unimpeachable verity and serve up caricaturization of competing views, and when they shame and censure students who question their dogmas. When the purpose of education is to close minds and to mold a compliant population.

When blinkered students shout down conservative speakers, ban pro-life clubs and vandalize competing displays. When political figures tweet approvingly of these actions saying they are “pleased to see young people taking an active role in democracy.” When university officials give in to mobs and suppress the victims, and when “safe space” and “microaggression” are invoked in order to exclude non-conformers.

When celebrities conduct two minutes of hate rituals from the podium, and when wealthy individuals and activists manufacture violent demonstrations against ideological opponents. When social media cartels destroy people and businesses who won’t toe their political line. When people live in fear that their political, pro-life or pro-marriage views will be “outed.”

When a regime of political correctness is imposed and human rights inquisitions empowered to punish thoughtcrime.

When news outlets twist the words and actions of those whose views fail to mirror their own editorial policy in an effort to impute heinous motives to them.  Conversely, when these same outlets suppress reports injurious to those holding compliant views; when they doctor video to promote their narrative and air fictitious but damaging stories about their “opponents.” In short, when mainstream news outlets function chiefly as purveyors of partisan propaganda and fake news, as agents of social engineering rather than as facilitators for an informed citizenry.

When you invert the meaning of words, calling those who believe in treating all people equally, “racist” and those who agree to disagree, “intolerant.” When you call your illiberality, “tolerance” and your enforced environment of homogenous thinking, “diversity.” When doublespeak reigns.

When you sling words like “homophobe” and “Islamophobe” to deny the valid concerns of others. When you paper over your racial animus with terms like “white privilege,” your jealousy of successful people with “one percenter” and your contempt for the family and for men with “feminism” or “the patriarchy.” When you scream for “social justice” and invoke “the web of oppression” in order to condemn the innocent. When you incite hatred towards Christians, Caucasians, men, heterosexuals and successful people, in the name of “equality.”

When government institutions are politicized: the IRS employed to harass opponents, the Justice Department used to shield confederates from criminal investigation, the Supreme Court utilized to engineer social change. When the powerful can destroy evidence in a criminal investigation and escape prosecution or be excused from their position with nothing more than a golden handshake and a “thank you for your service” after gross and criminal misuse of their authority. When those with the “right” political views are allowed to operate above the law.

When judges legislate and when they render rulings based on political ideology rather than established law. When the President deliberately appoints SJWs to the courts. When pro-marriage persons are persecuted for their religious beliefs. When the state, through taxation, forces citizens to take part in the murder of millions of American children and when it mandates that medical staff, nuns and other conscientious objectors take part in the culture of death. When the courts are used to compel adherence to dogmatic assertions (that there are more than two genders or that gender is a state of mind, for instance).

When politicians sign away the nation’s sovereignty to international cabals and unelected bureaucrats, when the Executive or Judiciary intrudes into the jurisdiction of the Legislative branch of government, when the Federal government usurps States’ rights, and when government spends the country into oblivion, saddling future generations with the financial liability.

When politicians and activists divide the nation, setting black against white, gay against straight, female against male, the irreligious against the religious and the new immigrant against the established for political gain.

When you release thousands of violent criminals into the population, insist on the right of foreign criminals to continue to victimize American citizens, block measures that would weed out jihadists from immigrant populations and call those who oppose your actions “racist.”

When you slaughter the unborn and the deformed, and when you marginalize the elderly and other “unwanted” people—those who are too weak to fight you—and call it your “right.”

…that, my friends, is tyranny.

Rigging the 2020 Election-Soros and Clinton, YOU Can Stop Them

Feb 14, 2017 by Dave Hodges

Clinton and Soros are scheming to commit more voter fraud. They are rigging the 2020 election so that the results of the previous election will never be repeated. It starts with not allowing the use of voter ID prior to casting one’s ballot but it goes a lot deeper than that as discussed in the following video.


hillary Huma clinton foundation soros

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Soros chaos

George-Soros-funded protests moralmatters


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