A Good way Trump can conquer ‘bogus’ media – AMERICA, STOP POLITICIZING EVERYTHING

A Good way Trump can conquer ‘bogus’ media

President not helpless, but he ‘doesn’t have anybody helping him’

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Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

Remember those campaign rallies held by President Trump when he was in the process of demolishing the Clinton political dynasty? Where tens of thousands of people crammed into an arena and others were left standing outside?

You know, at the same time Democrat Hillary Clinton was drawing hundreds?

They should be revived, according to Rush Limbaugh, the titan of talk radio.

It’s because the vast cheering section of the America mainstream media that supported President Obama is opposing Trump.

“Again, when I boil all this down, the fact is, Trump doesn’t have anybody helping him,” Limbaugh said Friday. “And I don’t mean to portray him as helpless; don’t misunderstand.

“You know, Obama can go out and say and do whatever he wanted, and the media is backing it up and supporting and making it look brilliant and normal all day long, all night long, all week long, all month. With Trump, whatever he does, it’s portrayed as insane, dangerous, risky, uninformed, stupid or what have you,” Limbaugh said.

“Who is out there countering that, other than some of us in the alternative media? But it’s a never-ending onslaught, and there has to be a plan for this,” he said.

The solution isn’t complicated.

“That’s why I think Trump ought to continue to go out and do rallies. I think Trump ought to go out and continue to draw 20,000, 25,000 and demonstrate. Let the pictures show that the pictures the media is creating are bogus and not representative of public opinion,” he explained.

“But that still puts the onus on Trump. If I were Trump, frankly, I’d be kind of ticked off that I have to do that. ‘What more do you want from me? I won.’ Now he’s faced with people whining and moaning he’s not doing things fast enough or the Congress isn’t doing things fast enough.

“Folks, you gotta understand here: There is a lot that has been put in the way, and presidents are not kings, and they don’t just get to sign their name to stuff and have it happen. We now have been told it’ll take three and a half years to build the wall. We are told that repealing Obamacare is not gonna happen in 2018. That’s Trump that said that, not the Republicans in Congress. They may be simpatico to it. But I think a lot of people were expecting the left to realize they had lost, to lay down and get out of the way, and I tried to tell everybody that wasn’t gonna happen.”

In fact, dozens of well-funded protests over the last month,  including some that have turned violent, have targeted Trump’s actions and plan.

Further, the media attacks on Trump now have expanded beyond newspapers and television, he pointed out.

“You’ve got late-night comedy shows, and ‘Saturday Night Live’ now given as much weight as standard day-to-day media network broadcasts. It is an onslaught. There’s a part of me that believes that all of this is leading to a continued backfire on the Democrats and on the left. I think they’re gonna continue to lose elections. There’s a story. I have a story in the stack today. It’s one of these deep-in-the-weeds analysis of why they lost, and it’s the most ridiculous thing. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on, and it never once mentioned that their ideas are rejected. It never once mentioned that the American people don’t want their ideas. It never once mentions Obama,” Limbaugh said.

“And there’s another piece in the New Republic that kind of gets after Obama for not taking the time and expending the effort to get his revolution embedded at the states. That Obama didn’t care enough about the party, that Obama only cared about himself, and he didn’t do enough to build the roots of his revolution. And I read that, and I thought, well, let ’em have that argument. But the same thing could be said right now of Trump. The same thing could be said in a proactive way, that that needs to happen.

“These people in the grassroots that made this happen, they need to be nurtured, they need to be made to believe that what they did was real and matters and will continue to be and triumph if they do not jump ship, if they don’t go wobbly, ’cause that’s what the left is all about. You’re supposed to get so mad over this court ruling that you’re supposed to give up. You are supposed to think, ‘Huh, what’s the point? We can’t beat ’em. We beat ’em at the ballot box, they lose elections, they can’t stop anything in the House, they can’t stop anything in the Senate, and look, they’re stopping Trump in the courts, we can’t win!’ And they want you to throw your hands up and quit and maybe move to New Zealand.”

Trump, at the White House Friday, promised more moves, as early as next week, to raise the level of America’s security .

On Thursday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, without even mentioning a federal law that gives the president the authority to limit entry into the United States, affirmed a lower court’s order suspending Trump’s ban.

The federal court judge incorrectly had claimed no one from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya or Somalia had been arrested in the United States since 9/11.

Trump has multiple options to fight the ruling from the 9th Circuit, which is the most-overturned appeals court in the country.

“We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country,” he said.




There is a quote that is often attributed to former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank: “‘Government’ is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

When Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick quoted Rep. Frank at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, I just rolled my eyes. First, “we” often don’t get to “choose” what government does. And second, that overlooks the hundreds of ways “we” do things “together” other than through government – joining clubs and other voluntary associations, working, participating in religious or social service organizations or even being with groups of friends.

The never-ending battle for control of the government is a function of law insidiously creeping like a choke vine into every aspect of our lives. You want a wedding cake? Gotta have a law for that. How about the way your toilet flushes? We have laws for that, too. Light bulbs? Laws. Flower arranging? Laws. Hair braiding? Laws!

Those of us who believe firmly in Thomas Jefferson’s and Ronald Reagan’s words about small government see this as further proof that they were correct.

But it isn’t just government that is making life insufferable lately; it is the politicization of everything in the post-2016 presidential election era, and the difficulty of finding any place to tune it out.

Before the Super Bowl this past Sunday, millions of people were holding their collective breath – not in anticipation of the exciting gridiron battle, but because they dreaded a Meryl Streep-esque halftime lecture or anti-Trump tirade from the featured performer. This year’s star was Lady Gaga. Lo and behold, she gave a powerhouse performance, with nary a condescending word. Most viewers were relieved by the respite and awed by Gaga’s voice and acrobatics. Of course, you can’t please everyone; Mikael Wood from the LA Times complained that Lady Gaga “missed her Super Bowl moment to say something profound.”

Please, God, can’t we just watch the football game?

Apparently not. In the eyes of some, their candidate lost the election, and now it’s their sacred duty to subject the rest of us to harangues about their displeasure in every possible forum: Sporting events must have political messages. Commercials must have political messages. Entertainers must use their visibility to spout political messages, and every awards show should be a platform for political messages. Family holidays are opportunities for political messaging (if you’re still speaking to your family, that is). And social media? Why, that was made for political messaging! (That’s why many of us have abandoned Facebook; pictures of vacations and happy birthday wishes have given way to an unceasing parade of inflamed posts about Donald Trump’s plans to destroy the universe.)

Of course, no discussion of the politicization of everything would be complete without mentioning our institutions of higher education and the left’s war on freedom of speech; that whole “political messaging” thing only goes one way. As we saw at the University of California, Berkeley, last week, those like Milo Yiannopoulos who dare give voice to opinions that are not approved of will be silenced. Ideally, they can use a law to shut you up and shut you down. Or create one. But if that doesn’t work, riot.

Not only has government not been the primary way we’ve chosen to do things together; it has not traditionally compelled public or private behavior. There were familial values, cultural norms, general courtesy, etiquette and propriety and Judeo-Christian morality. But these have lost much of their influence, and in their place we now have a schizophrenic secular morality that points to no authority but itself, demands adherence without question and seeks to use the power of government as an enforcer.

I am not persuaded that this is an improvement.

It’s true that many laws in American society are motivated by a desire to improve things. But the demands for groupthink and the obsessive need to wrap the law into the minutiae of daily life betray the uglier human impulse for domination and control. In individual relationships, that impulse is stifling. As a societal practice, it quickly gives rise to authoritarianism and to the furious, pitiless mobs of people who swarm and attack anyone who disagrees with them – and who consider themselves justified in doing so.

A free, democratic and pluralistic society must leave room for people to disagree and to express their opinions without fear of violence or obscene name-calling. And a society grounded in liberty should have wide swaths of life in which government and politics play very little role at all. Mandating uniformity of thought, and insisting that every human activity have a political objective is not an exemplar of “things we choose to do together.”

It’s tyranny.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/america-stop-politicizing-everything/#edEzJjA0mMrp701D.99

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