What The 9th Cir Wants IN USA: Islamic Morality Police Murder Girl, 10, for Stepping Outside


Feb 10, 2017 By Tad Cronn


From the Daily Mail, by way of Russian reports, comes this most recent tale of horror committed by the Islamic State in occupied Mosul, Iraq.

You may have heard of Mosul. It’s Iraq’s second largest city, that was liberated from Saddam Hussein and the “non-existent” terrorist forces by the U.S. military in 2003. Then Obama pulled out the troops to please his base of mewling leftists, and ISIS took over the city, along with a whole lot of other territory in Iraq, and undid everything that had been accomplished in that country.

After a months-long push, U.S. and Iraqi forces recently “re-liberated” the eastern half of Mosul, leaving the western half under ISIS control for the moment.

The story of 10-year-old murder victim Faten apparently comes from there. It’s hard to be sure, since American media have for years ignored the horrors in Iraq brought on by President Obama’s foreign policies, so getting any news from the region is like playing a game of telephone, with foreign news services translating other foreign news services.

In any event, one of the terrors of ISIS is the Hisbah al-Khansa Brigade, an official morality police unit composed entirely of brainwashed women who monitor their own gender for violations of Sharia law.

On a recent day, according to the Mail, young Faten fell afoul of the Hisbah while helping her mother sweep up all the dust and debris littering their house on account of constant fighting and explosions in the region. She committed an egregious sin. She momentarily stepped across the threshold of her family’s home without an escort.

The Hisbah saw her and decided a punishment was in order because women under Sharia aren’t allowed outside without escort. The Hisbah officers decided that a series of bites was called for. Then the Hisbah asked Faten’s mother if she would prefer to take the punishment for her daughter.

Apparently under the impression that the sentence would be some sort of homoerotic scenario inflicted by a Hisbah officer’s teeth, the mother declined and allowed the child to stand for punishment.

But what the Hisbah used was actually a medieval-style torture tool resembling a pair of iron salad tongs with 2- to 3-inch spikes that were plunged repeatedly into the girl’s flesh.

By the time the Sharia morality police were done, 10-year-old Faten had bled to death while screaming the whole time as her mother watched.

According to a witness, just to make the punishment more painful, the Hisbah had coated the teeth of the device with poison.

President Trump’s recent effort to ban travel from a handful of countries largely controlled by the blood-soaked regimes of terrorist organizations was meant to prevent people such as the Hisbah from coming to our country hidden in packs of legitimate refugees.

Liberals oppose Trump’s ban.

Ergo, it seems that liberals either don’t believe ISIS and other terror regimes would take advantage of lax travel laws, or else they’re OK with people bringing Sharia law here.

Something to think about.



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