VIDEO Draft Of New Trump EO LEAKED INFURIATES Liberals – Taxpayer Costs Of Illegals – MB Obama Bombs v Trumps Ban

Draft Of New Trump Executive Order LEAKED INFURIATES Liberals, Turns Back The Clock

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Feb 5, 2017


A liberal newspaper claims it has obtained copies of two of President Donald Trump’s upcoming executive orders that if implemented would once and for all stop immigrants from leeching off the American taxpayer.


Conservative Tribune reports,

Obtained by The Washington Post, the orders would reportedly “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” and set up standards for “determining whether an alien is deportable … for having become a public charge within five years of entry.”

The underlying goal would be to make the U.S. immigration system more “merit-based,” so those with the potential to contribute to the country would be welcome, whereas those more likely to be a burden to the American taxpayer would be kept out.

According to New York magazine, the order would also “bar undocumented immigrants from accessing the child tax credit, even when their children are U.S. citizens,” which would be a huge blow to illegal immigrant families hoping to cash in on their anchor babies.

Liberals have of course already begun complaining about these potential orders, arguing for example that immigrants use less welfare than the general populace. But this is a moot point.

The American people want only the best and brightest immigrating to America. Now suppose a new immigrant arrives in the U.S. and winds up on welfare within the first two years. What does that say about him? It says that he is not the best and brightest. Not even close.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, in 2012 approximately 51 percent of all immigrant households collected welfare. This is a problem. A lot of American households also collect welfare, and that is a problem as well.

But why then would the American people want to exacerbate the problem by adding more people to the dole?

The simple fact is that as a sovereign nation, the United States reserves the right to demand the very best from anyone who aspires to live here. It is a fact that the U.S. actually has much more lenient immigration policies than a large number of Western countries that liberals profess to admire. Try immigrating to Canada or Western Europe if you don’t believe it.

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When immigrants arrived thorough Ellis Island it was required that the immigrants be sponsored AND they could NOT go on welfare AND had to prove they had a means of support BEFORE being admitted to the USA.  When the rules changed the USA started to slide.

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Published on Feb 5, 2017

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7 Responses to VIDEO Draft Of New Trump EO LEAKED INFURIATES Liberals – Taxpayer Costs Of Illegals – MB Obama Bombs v Trumps Ban

  1. catsNjammer says:

    Very true. Ellis Island was much much more than a welcome center. When we decided that we were supposed to take anyone who could make their way here things started going south. Why can’t people see that? Why can’t people see that corporations are going to fight like heck to keep their labor costs down and that especially includes those special visas issued to get cheaper STEM professionals. Thank you for posting, I enjoyed this very much!


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