VIDEO New Social Media Platform Emphasis On First Amendment – Twitter To Close Account Discussing

New Social Media Platform Touts Emphasis On Users’ First Amendment Rights


It’s Time To Make Social Media Fair Again

“… has been in the planning and development stages for almost two years now …”

Facebook users concerned about that site’s potential censorship or removal of unapproved content will soon have an alternative in a social media platform called Freedom Vine.

According to Todd Cefaratti, CEO of Red Audience LLC, his company has decided to launch the site in response to what many see as a heavy-handed approach by Facebook and other social media sites to potentially offensive content.

“Just look at the trends, especially in recent years, of social media content being banned, deleted or even worse, having their whole account banned,” he told Western Journalism. “Christian groups, Second Amendment groups, conservative and libertarian groups and more have been consistently targeted over and over again by social media sites, search engines and other digital vehicles that the majority of people use to communicate today.”

Cefaratti acknowledged the prospect of going up against behemoth existing sites like Facebook is daunting, though he said he thinks Freedom Vine will fill a void many users of current sites have identified.

“Freedom Vine social platform is our solution to give not just conservative- and libertarian-minded people a safe way to get the news they want and communicate how they want without being censored or banned,” he said. “And the great thing about Freedom Vine is it will be a social network without liberal bias through censorship and banning. All we will not tolerate is harassment, threats and illegal activities.”

Furthermore, he is under no assumption the new site will replace current platforms for the majority of its users.

“We do not expect people to give up their other social media accounts as there are billions of people on them already,” he said. “We see Freedom Vine as an addition to those where people know they can go to get the breaking news from all of their favorite news sources and communicate and follow others just like in other social media.”

Scottie Nell Hughes, the site’s national spokesperson, pointed to foreign efforts to silence dissenting opinion as a reason she believes Freedom Vine’s time has come.

“America must have a new social network that truly values freedom of speech and the First Amendment,” she said. “In Europe, major social media companies are negotiating now with governments to block, censor and punish what they deem as hate speech, to assume more control over the public. We cannot allow this in America.”

Although the fledgling site was the brainchild of several prominent conservative and tea party leaders, Cefaratti said users of all ideological backgrounds are encouraged to use the platform.

“We believe the Constitution and First Amendment are sacred to most Americans of all political persuasions,” he explained. “And unlike many of the current platforms, we will not seek to censor and ban those simply because of differing political thoughts. Liberals, moderates, conservatives and independents that follow the rules on non-harassment, no attacking and the law are all strongly welcomed. We welcome honest vigorous debate from all sides. Our main difference is we won’t shut down opposite thought for political correctness or because it is not liberal thought.”

Regardless of political affiliation, Cefaratti predicts users will appreciate the fact their opinions about the site are heard.

“Part of our plan is to constantly monitor communication from the members, what they like and do not like, and what they would like to add,” he said. “It is up to us at Freedom Vine to communicate well, respond and provide the American people and news sources the best possible platform for them to give, get news and communicate.”

While Cefaratti said “we should all be extremely grateful for this new digital age” brought on by the entrepreneurs behind existing social media platforms, he predicts Freedom Vine will enhance the online communities to which so many Americans belong.

“Freedom Vine has been in the planning and development stages for almost two years now,” he said, “and lots of time, energy and resources have been invested in providing the American people a free, easy, user-friendly site where they can feel confident they can come to daily to get the news they want and communicate what they want with others, without constant fear of censorship or banning because they do not fit into the liberal mindset.”

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Freedom Vine: The New 84 Extended

Twitter Is Terminating Accounts for Discussing Terrorism

Jan 28, 2017 by Dave Hodges




Twitter is becoming as authoritarian and is becoming as  anti-democratic as Facebook.  They are now beginning to delete the accounts of people who express concern about terrorism, even when it is done in a respectful and professional manner.

Should we be surprised? Twitter threatened to terminate the account of Donald Trump. Here is the story:

First Amendment prohibit gov suppression of embarrassing info


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  1. Blessed B. says:

    So…when will this new media site be available to join? Does anyone know?


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