VIDEO Holocaust Survivor: Leftists Calling Trump “Hitler” Are “Crazy”


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Holocaust Survivor: Leftists Calling Trump “Hitler” Are “Crazy”

“He’s a Nazi!” is the cry. It’s now an all-too-common accusation, hurled at anyone threatening leftist power — and Donald Trump is no exception. But to this a Holocaust survivor takes exception, calling this smear of the president “crazy.”

Anita Dittman’s story of life as a Jewish girl in Nazi Germany, her conversion to Christianity, and time in one of Adolf Hitler’s camps has been told in schools and in her memoir, Trapped in Hitler’s Hell. And while she’s likely far too civil to give hell even to those applying the “Hitler” label recklessly, she did have the following to say about liberals thus characterizing Trump. Writes

“When they say he is another Hitler, they are crazy,” Dittman told WND in a phone interview. “If he was another Hitler, he’d be shooting people that riot, and they wouldn’t have the freedom to riot. If anybody was against things in Nazi times, they would ship them off to the ovens, as we called the camps. There was no freedom.”

The obvious insanity of likening Trump to Hitler was also illuminated by Victor Davis Hanson, a highly respected historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. As he told the Blaze, “Hitler’s central ethos was hatred and scapegoating of the Jews, whose logical trajectory was the Holocaust. Trump is in contrast a strong Israel supporter; his daughter is a Jewish convert, three of his grandchildren [are] Jewish. Trump went to the inner city and sought to reach out to minorities.”

Dittman also mentioned Trump’s pro-Israeli stance. She pointed out in addition, however, that it’s alt-left ex-president Barack Obama whose behavior reflected anti-Jewish animus. “‘Under [George W.] Bush we had a good relationship with Israel, but when Obama came, that changed,’ she said. ‘When [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu came over here, Obama treated him like dirt. Terrible,’” related WND.

In a similar vein, Hanson mentioned how it is our Left that is Nazi-like, stating, “Hitler attempted a coup in 1923 before subverting the constitution in 1934. His entire modus operandi was street thuggery and crude violence. Trump has staged no such demonstrations; in fact, his opposition is more likely to hit the street and turn to violence to express its opposition,” the Blaze related.

As to this, a sting operation revealed last year (video below) that Democrat operatives were actually orchestrating violence at Trump events. One operative called this “Conflict engagement in, in the lines at Trump rallies” and boldly stated, “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t, make no mistake.” He even proclaimed, “We’re starting anarchy here.”

In addition to this, during Trump’s rise and the months leading up his inauguration, leftists continually attacked his supporters, rioted, and committed vandalism. This is reminiscent of Hitler’s SA, the “Brownshirts,” who were the Nazis’ muscle and would beat up and silence Hitler’s opponents. (Apropos to this, watch how the leftist University of Missouri professor in the video below called for “muscle” to manhandle a reporter.)

Dittman also alluded to the anti-Christian prejudice and discrimination the Left has exhibited and practiced; prime examples are the persecuting of Christian businessmen for not servicing faux weddings and the singling out of Christian students for viewpoint discrimination. As WND related, “Dittman hopes President Trump fulfills his promise to allow Christians to speak up in America without fear of reprisal, just as she always speaks out about the God who has protected her through the years.”

This anti-Christian bias also smacks of Nazism, mind you. As I pointed out in “Hitler and Christianity,” the Nazis actually had a master plan to destroy the faith and replace it with a pagan “religion of the blood.”

Yet there are many commonalities between our alt-left and the Nazis, as people who reject God often end up making similar mistakes. As the Blaze further relates, Hanson added that “while Hitler ‘hated capitalists and was a national socialist’ who essentially ‘had nothing but contempt for industrialists,’ Trump is altogether different again — a businessman who believes that strong economic growth will ‘dissipate current race/class/gender tensions.’”

Now, question: What is the group today that, as Hitler did, rails against “capitalism”?

Then there was the Nazis’ program of eugenics — the science of improving the human race via selective breeding — through which people were exterminated under the reasoning they were “life unworthy of life.” Note that until it was discredited after WWII, eugenics was all the rage among leftists, examples of proponents being H.G. Wells; George Bernard Shaw; and Planned Butcherhood founder, Margaret Sanger.

Of course, some could take issue with Dittman’s reasoning and say that Trump doesn’t prevent protests and send people to camps because he doesn’t yet have the power. And, true, we should never confuse will with means. Yet since we can’t read minds and hearts, we could wonder about what dark ambitions might reside within many leaders — including Obama. This brings us to an important point.

It takes a really big government to commit a really big crime. Brownshirt types can assault some people in the street, but they can’t kill millions until they control the state’s helm and attain enough power.

If Americans strive to be virtuous and adhere to the Constitution — and virtue is a prerequisite for constitutionalism — limited government and, hence, limited government criminality will be assured. But if we allow great power to centralize and metastasize and the Constitution to be de-emphasized, as the Left wants, the next Hitler not only can rise to power, he’ll also possess the government tools necessary to commit truly Hitleresque savagery.


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