A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Lose



Jan 13, 2017 By Kitty Hawk


Can we talk? I mean, talk so you’ll actually listen to what I say and try to process the information? I ask that question up front because it has been my experience, from watching liberal talking heads on TV and hearing liberals call in to talk radio shows, that liberals do NOT process any information that conflicts with their preset worldview and, in fact, will simply keep on talking—louder and faster—in an effort to bury you with their gab.

Believe it or not, I was a liberal myself. Raised in a Democratic Party household, the only members of my extended family who were not Democrats were my Uncle Sy, who was an accountant for a large firm in New York, and my Uncle Mike, who was career Army. Otherwise, we were liberal down to the ground.

Because of this, I grew up believing a lot of lies that were presented to me, even in school, as absolute facts. That both Sacco and Vanzetti and the Rosenbergs were framed. That Richard Nixon was a monster for framing Alger Hiss with the infamous “pumpkin papers,” and that Joe McCarthy was an even worse monster who destroyed the lives of innocent people by accusing them of being Communists. And I really, really believed this stuff, and more, too! And I believed it for DECADES, not just years…until I finally learned it was all propaganda. Of course I was also taught that the Democrats were the party of the little guy, the working man and woman, while the Republicans were the party of the Greedy Rich, particularly corporations.

It took me a very long time to see the light. Even though I didn’t vote for him, it was during Ronald Reagan’s second term in office, when I saw how well the entire country was doing under him, that I realized this Democrats are for the working stiff was a load of crap. I also liked Pop Bush, at least until he raised taxes. But I couldn’t stomach Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, who between them set the stage for the economic collapse of 2008.

I went to college to become a teacher, specifically an English teacher, but even by the time I graduated I began to suspect that something was amiss in the world of Academia. Even during my senior year, when I was sent out on sample teaching assignments, I saw how education was being manipulated by teachers not to educate students or train them how to think, but to indoctrinate them and force them to believe whatever they were told. My heart sunk when I realized this, because I considered myself a seeker of truth and wisdom, and I was getting neither.

But the worst part came when I couldn’t find a teaching job and was forced to take other private sector jobs to get by, including that of newspaper reporter. This was in the early 1970s (I graduated college in 1972), and during my tenure with newspapers I also learned how news could be manipulated. It was a lesson that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

While working for my second newspaper, I befriended another young reporter who had gone to Werner Erhard’s “EST” seminars. Now, if you go to Wikipedia and look up Erhard, you’re going to read a whole lot of blather about how he is a “critical thinker” and “author of transformational models and applications” about “integrity, performance, leadership and transformation.” But what this young man told me about the “seminars” was frightening and hair-raising, even though it is presented on Wikipedia in cold, dispassionate language:

Participants at EST workshops adhered to strict rules and were given designated breaks for bathroom visits and one meal break. Smoking, eating or drinking alcohol was not permitted during the workshop sessions which lasted from 9:00 am to midnight and sometimes even to the early hours of the morning. Participants had to hand over wristwatches and were not allowed to take notes, or to speak unless called upon, in which case they had to wait for a microphone to be brought to them. The second day of the workshop featured the “danger process.” Groups of participants were brought onto the stage and confronted. They were asked to “imagine that they were afraid of everyone else and then that everyone else was afraid of them.” and to re-examine their reflex patterns of living that kept their lives from working. This was followed by lectures on the third and fourth days, covering topics such as reality and the nature of the mind.

This is pretty much as my friend described it, but as he put it, the transformation went far beyond what is written above. Essentially, participants were completely BROKEN DOWN and REPROGRAMMED. Now, think about that for a minute. You have had your self-esteem and even your sense of self utterly DESTROYED and replaced by a psychic regurgitation of your deepest fears—which you were required to tell to everyone else. This is the ultimate “Tell me something about yourself” that you get in school groups and business meeting environments today. It is presented benignly as a means of securing trust, but the real purpose is to force you to break down psychologically so that you can be force-fed whatever horseshit Erhard or his minions chose to force-feed you. And it’s NOT positive and it doesn’t promote inner growth. What it does is make you a mind-numbed robot that can be reprogrammed; or, for an even more evil analogy, a personality that is erased and replaced with a servile, non-thinking individual who responds to FEELINGS much more than THOUGHT. Indeed, the entire purpose of EST training was to create human rats in a maze, except that the rats (participants) were then released into society, forevermore changed because they have been drained of self-awareness of who they really were and replaced with a walking Happy Face.

And that was what my friend and fellow reporter became. A walking Happy Face. He was never the same person after his EST training. And please remember: these damn things were EVERYWHERE, and EST training lasted for 14 years, from 1971 to 1984.

But EST was only one of a number of bizarre human modification systems being employed in those years. Does anyone out there remember The Children of God? They preceded even the Moonies and the Hare Krishnas as another complete psychological breakdown of young people’s minds, in these cases masquerading as religions. The Children of God was founded by one David Berg, who called himself Moses David. It has been speculated that Berg/David was the inspiration for R. Crumb’s phony, self-centered guru, Mr. Natural, in his famous head comics.

David Berg, a.k.a. Moses David

Berg—who, by the way, also went by the names of King David, Mo, Father David or just plain Grandpa to his followers—started The Children of God in 1968, although it wasn’t really until the early 1970s that its influence became widespread. Berg called on his followers, Wikipedia states, “to devote their full-time to spreading the message of Jesus’ love and salvation as far and wide as possible, unfettered by convention or tradition, and to teach others to do the same.” What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you is that this religious cult equated Jesus’ love with constantly thinking about sex. Children of God literature, printed and disseminated (for free…apparently the ol’ Moses-meister had some long green) in the form of comic books, constantly praised the purity of Jesus’ love through the love of large women’s breasts, imagining their breast milk as a form of sacrament, and fornication as a religious ritual. I recall one such screed, written in poetic meter, lauding the beauty and purity of a young woman’s “jugs” and comparing it figuratively to the jugs of wine that Christ created via a miracle at the wedding at Canaan.

But The Children of God cult went much further than that. It, too, held new members captive in long sense deprivation cells, normally rooms in which they were locked for up to 16 hours without food or water, often in sweltering heat with no bathroom facilities or fans. Again, the purpose was to break them down so that they could be reprogrammed. I also clearly recall one particular Children of God comic book that was handed our for free at crosswalks when red lights stopped your car in various towns and cities in New Jersey, where I lived at the time. I kid you not, the comic book kept asking the same question every couple of pages with drawings similar to the ones I’ve recreated below:

Does this make you feel…


…..MAD?                                 …SAD?                            …OR GLAD?

I kid you not. This was how they tried to recruit new members. And bear in mind, they weren’t trying to appeal to children. These were adults they were reaching. Those who finally escaped from The Children of God “cells” and returned to their families were far from normal. In addition to their obsession with sex (worse in the case of the women, who were programmed to be walking, talking sex dolls), they were paranoid, distrustful of anything they heard or saw on the television news, and particularly violent towards any negative comments about The Children of God.

The same pattern was repeated, on a smaller scale but with even scarier results, in the cult of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Born Chandra Mohan Jain, he started a religious movement in which he was the central figure. Adherents were taught to worship an almighty power, but slowly but surely they were slyly directed to worship the Bhagwan as the representative of that almighty power. More interestingly, they were to express this esteem for him in the form of buying him Rolls Royces…lots and lots of Rolls Royces, so many that he ran out of garage room for them all. And what did his followers drive? Nothing, because they all took a vow of poverty and gave every cent they had—including cashing in life insurance policies their parents had taken out on them as babies, life’s savings, even selling their homes and all of their possessions—to good ole Bhagwan because he was as special as they came. All of them wore day-glo orange jumpsuits and lined up, single file, along the long, winding private drive (which they were forced to build and pave for him) leading from the main roaf up to the Bhagwan’s mansion. It was one of the eeriest sights I ever saw in my life on TV, hundreds of people in orange jumpsuits waving and applauding as the Bhagwan drove one of his Cadillacs up to the Ashram.

The Bhagwan’s downfall was the deliberate food poisoning of salad bars (with salmonella) at ten local restaurants in the Dalles, Oregon area in 1984 by his followers. The purpose of the attack was to kill off as many registered voters as they could so that their own candidates would win the Wasco County elections. It was the first and largest bioterrorist attack in the United States, and it was followed by an attempt to assassinate U.S. attorney Charles H. Turner. Due to these heinous crimes, the ashram was shut down, the Bhagwan was deported and 21 countries denied him asylum.

Of course, I could also add the even more infamous case of Rev. Jim Jones and Jonestown, where all of his followers were forced to drink poisoned Kool-Aid and die (from which comes our colloquial phrase, “drinking the Kool-Aid”), but this was an inbred religious movement led by a man who became psychotic. You might say the same thing about the Bhagwan’s followers, but follow the bouncing ball here:

In Tim Bryce’s article, The Four Steps for American Subversion, he published the warnings from former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, from back in the days when the American Left not only admired Russia, then the Soviet Union, but all but worshiped at their altar. Bezemov spread Soviet propaganda and disinformation to the Western world. He eventually defected to the West in 1970 and settled in Canada where he lectured and wrote about the KGB’s techniques for subverting the West. In a 1985 television interview, Bryce wrote, Bezemov explained that the KGB’s activities were actually less concerned with espionage than with “ideological subversion,” which they used to undermine the American government through psychological warfare:

“Key to this program is to change the perception of reality using subliminal brainwashing techniques over an extended period of time. As I’ve written in the past, people act on their perceptions of reality, regardless if it is correct or fallacious. They are not so much concerned with facts as they are in perspectives and self interests.”

Now, take careful note of the following descriptions of these four steps, and align them with what I have just taught you regarding these three influential movements (Children of God, EST and the Bhagwan):

  1. Demoralization – this is a process which can take about 15-30 years to perform (a generation). During this stage, the moral fiber and integrity of the country is put into question, thereby creating doubt in the minds of the people. To do so, manipulation of the media and academia is required to influence young people. As the younger generation embraces new values, such as Marxism and Leninism, the older generation slowly loses control simply through attrition. Again, true facts no longer matter during this stage, but rather creating perceptions are of paramount importance.
  2. Destabilization – the purpose of this step is to change the status quo, particularly the country’s economy, foreign relations, and defense systems. The intent is to create a massive government permeating society and becoming intrusive in the lives of its citizens. This can take from two to five years to perform, again with the active support of academia pushing youth in this direction. Here, entitlements and benefits are promised to the populace to encourage their support. Basically, they are bribing the people to accept their programs.

Bezmenov claimed after this stage is completed, the naive college professors are no longer needed and since they will undoubtedly protest government policies when they discover the truth, they will be disposed of quickly. He cites examples of this occurring in Nicaragua, Grenada, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. But it hasn’t happened in America because here, the college professors are the plan’s architects.

  1. Crisis – this is a major step lasting up to six weeks and involves a revolutionary change of power. This is where a cataclysmic event upsets and divides the country thereby creating panic among the citizens. Recent examples include the 2011 upheavals in the Middle East, most notably Egypt and Libya. To Americans, symptoms would include circumventing the Constitution and altering the checks and balances of government, and possibly martial law.
  2. Normalization – the final stage is where the populace finally acquiesces and begins to assimilate communism. This can take up to two decades to complete. (All four of these are reposted directly from Bryce’s article.)

I think these three specific movements—EST, the Children of God and the Bhagwan—were the formative basis for our modern Socialist-driven education system. You may or may not recall that, in one of the John Podesta e-mails released by Wikileaks during the recent presidential election, one of them came from an educator who bragged that they had created a compliant, non-thinking voter bloc who would support anyDemocratic candidate without thinking or accepting that candidate’s flaws, crimes or peccadilloes.

The first three steps described above were put into play during the combined administrations of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. We should not let Bush off the hook just because he was labeled a Republican. His core values were as much towards social engineering and a complete undermining of our economic structure, leading ultimately to the complete collapse of the housing market and, with it, any chance of economic freedom for Americans. Feeling trapped, voters turned in droves to the “solution,” Barack Obama, who was in fact a Trojan Horse of Fabian socialism. Obama effected Stage Three. Hillary Clinton was in line to continue with Stage Four.

And this, if you’ve followed me so far, is the basis for our modern education system. It is the reason why, as Thomas Sowell has said, Johnny not only can’t think but doesn’t even know what thinking is. He confuses feeling with thinking, and this has been done on purpose. Small wonder that liberals pervade our society and that they will not debate a topic of contention. They are programmed not only to believe only what they have been force-fed, but to reject any information that contradicts it because it doesn’t fit that programming.

If you are a liberal reading this, do not get angry with me. I have only presented you with the origin of your education system and the reasons and methods by which you have been brainwashed. You then have two choices. You can investigate things you have been force-fed more deeply and see what the alternative information is, and make your decision based on comparing that information to empirical evidence (what you can see, hear and feel for yourself), or you can go on believing your brainwashing forever. Really, those are your only two choices, and I sincerely do hope that you choose the second route. We need all minds on deck and less blind belief in things you’ve been taught that turn out to be, as I myself found out the hard way, simply not true.


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