VIDEO MB Obama The god That FAILED – Ready To Pounce On Trump – End of Hate-fueled Insanity, the dem Party

The End of the Hate-fueled Insanity that was the democrat Party…Thank GOD!!!


Jan 10,2017

I disagree with the use of “decimated” here, because these “educated” libbies don’t understand it’s meaning. It means “one out of ten,” or losses of 10%…The destruction has thankfully been MUCH WORSE for the left…

While real Americans suffered under islamobama’s reign of idiocy, we chipped away at the left and they lost more than 1030 seats in OUR government.


Now have a look @ the United States of America…


Learn more about why the death of the liberal left is a GOOD THING…HERE

The End of the Hate-fueled Insanity that was the democrat Party…Thank GOD!!!

Blue State Blues: Barack Obama, the god That Failed

 19 Jan 2017 by Joel B. Pollack

The decision by over 60 House Democrats — and counting — to boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration is more than a sign of the divisions that are Barack Obama’s legacy. It is also a sign Democrats are not just a defeated political party, but also a failed religion.

Superficially, the boycott looks like any number of protests by the Democrats’ “progressive” caucus in recent years — the all-night climate change talkathon on the Senate floor in 2014; the boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Iran deal speech in 2015; or the gun control “sit-in” last year.

But this boycott is different, because it is not merely aimed at rallying the party base, raising money and rousing the media. It is an attempt to deny the legitimacy of the election itself.

For many Democrats, the shock of Trump’s win on November 8 has not faded. If anything, it has become more intense. They were surprised that Trump beat the odds — but more than that, they are surprised that it was even possible for them to lose.

For them, Obama’s win in 2008 was no ordinary election victory, but a kind of millenarian, messianic moment, beyond which future elections would never again be in doubt, or even necessary.

They believed Obama had a mandate to “fundamentally transform” America, and they believed once that transformation had happened, it would be institutionally irreversible, as well as wildly popular, and guaranteed by demographic changes that immigration reformers were doing their best to hurry along.

It is common, among partisans on both sides, to believe that a big election win in a particular year guarantees their party will stay in power for a very long time. Where Democrats differ from Republicans, however, is they believe they are entitled to rule.

Obama’s victory not only represented the triumph of an individual campaign or set of ideas, but the rightful ascent of the ideas of the 1960s, and the coming-of-age of a millennial generation that would fulfill their parents’ deferred political dreams.

In that way, Obama’s rise resembled that of the new governments of post-colonial Africa — an analogy that is relevant partly because of the importance of post-colonialism in Obama’s political development. These parties came to power democratically, but have been reluctant, in the decades since, to yield to defeat at the ballot box.

The South African political observer R. W. Johnson wrote in 2001 that the left-wing parties of post-colonial Africa shared what he called a “common theology”:

They do not merely represent the masses but in a sense they are the masses, and as such they cannot really be wrong. Second, according to the theology, their coming to power represents the end of a process. No further group can succeed them for that would mean that the masses, the forces of righteousness, had been overthrown. That, in turn, could only mean that the forces of racism and colonialism, after sulking in defeat and biding their time, had regrouped and launched a counter-attack.

Johnson had in mind formerly “progressive” parties such as the Zimbabwe African National Union-Popular Front (Zanu-PF) and South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC). But his description could apply just as easily to Obama’s Democrats.

For a party that has increasingly relied on identity politics to fill the intellectual void in its policy platform, Obama’s win in 2008 had a certain finality to it. To Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), for example, testifying against Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) last week, it seemed unthinkable, after Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, to confirm a man who is merely committed to enforcing the law, and not to bending “the arc of the universe” towards “justice” in facing “challenges of race.”

Race, gender, and sexuality have become all-important to Democrats — not just as a political tactic used to cobble a coalition together, but as the foundation of political legitimacy.

To the boycotters, the danger is not that Donald Trump says offensive things, but rather that he refuses to acknowledge the offense. Or, put another way, the problem is not that Trump insulted Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), but that he insists Lewis be judged by the same non-racial standard as other politicians, for whom the question is “What have you done for me lately?” and not “How can we better appreciate your iconic status?”

Obama convinced Democrats they would govern for 40 years — and that if they were displaced, it would be by a new party, not today’s GOP. As his policies collapsed, and he lost Congress, he hovered above it all — “sort of God,” a Newsweek editor said.

But time, and term limits, happened to Obama. He is mortal. He is the God that failed.

And they cannot handle it.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News. He was named one of the “most influential” people in news media in 2016. His new book, How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution, is available from Regnery. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.


Vows to jump off political sidelines if incoming president goes against ‘core values’


President Barack Obama (Photo: Twitter)

President Barack Obama (Photo: Twitter)

In his final news conference as president Wednesday, Barack Obama vowed to step off the political sidelines if incoming President Donald Trump dares to “round up” children of illegal immigrants, “roll back voting rights” or otherwise engage in “systemic discrimination.”

Obama offered hints about his post-White House plans when he indicated he would take a more activist role to defend “core values that may be at stake” under a Trump administration.

“If I saw systematic discrimination [is] being ratified in some fashion. I put in that category explicit or functional obstacles to people being able to vote, to exercise their franchise,” Obama said.

He added, “I put in that category institutional efforts to silence dissent or the press.”

But it was the so-called DREAMers, or children of illegal immigrants, who got Obama the most fired up.

“And for me, at least, I would put in that category efforts to round up kids who have grown up here and for all practical purposes are American kids, and send them someplace else, when they love this country, they are our kids’ friends and their classmates and are now entering into community colleges or in some cases serving in our military … The notion that we would just arbitrarily, or because of politics, punish those kids, when they didn’t do anything wrong themselves, I think would be something that would merit me speaking out.”

As WND reported, in June 2012, Obama issued an executive order declaring that illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. before they turned 16 and who are younger than 30 would not be deported. They became eligible for a two-year work permit that could be renewed indefinitely under the program called Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. Obama’s executive order mimicked some of the provisions in the DREAM Act, which failed to pass in Congress in 2010.

Obama further expanded his unilateral immigration actions in 2014 to include illegal-immigrant parents under the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA.

While Obama indicated he would take an activist role on such issues, he also noted that he has no plans to run for office.

“It doesn’t mean that I would get on the ballot anywhere,” Obama added.


President Obama waves to the press at the end of his final Whit House press conference on Jan. 18, 2017 (Photo: Twitter/Stephen Crowley)

President Obama waves to the press at the end of his final White House press conference on Jan. 18, 2017 (Photo: Twitter/Stephen Crowley)

Trump has indicated he has plans to roll back many of Obama executive actions. During his campaign for president, Trump promised to “cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued by President Obama.”

As WND reported, in December 2016, Obama lectured Trump about the use of executive orders, telling the incoming president to avoid taking unilateral action.

“Keep in mind though that my strong preference has always been to legislate, when I can get legislation done,” Obama said at the time, adding, “… My suggestion to the president elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it’s harder to undo.”

In his last presser Wednesday, Obama also used a football analogy and applauded his administration’s role in taking action on same-sex marriage and transgender issues – actions he suggested are irreversible.

“I’m proud that in certain places we maybe provided a good block downfield to help the movement advance,” he said. “I don’t think it is something that will be reversible, because American society has changed. The attitudes of young people in particular have changed.

“That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be some fights that are important – legal issues, issues surrounding transgender persons. There’s still going to be some battles that need to take place,” he said.

“But if you talk to young people, Malia and Sasha’s generation, even if they’re Republicans, even if they’re conservative, many of them would tell you, ‘I don’t understand how you would discriminate against somebody because of sexual orientation.’ That’s just sort of burned into them in pretty powerful ways.”

After a reporter asked Obama a question about race, the outgoing president turned to the issue of voting rights.

“The reason that we are the only country among advanced democracies that makes it harder to vote, it traces directly back to Jim Crow and the legacy of slavery,” he said.

Before he gets into any activist role, Obama said he plans to enjoy some downtime in his new home in Washington, D.C.

“I want to do some writing,” he said. “I want to be quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so darn much.”





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