VIDEO An ‘illegitimate president’, let me count the ways – John Lewis Tax DEADBEAT – Black Leaders Rip Lewis

I honor and respect John Lewis, for his courageous stands for civil rights and his long service in Congress. Good man.

Just yesterday, though, I heard and saw another black representative on TV criticizing Lewis for his allegiance to the Democratic Party, which birthed the KKK all those years ago – to prevent blacks from voting.

Yes, that was long ago, but Martin Luther King Jr. identified with the Republican Party, as much of his family does today, because much of the civil rights legislation and support for black equality came from that quarter when King was launching out.

I want the reader to be aware that I, too, have a record of support for civil rights and equality for all of us, regardless of color. Very briefly, I wrote songs like “Time Marches On,” a story of the black man’s journey from tribal power in Africa to slavery and injustice in “the Land of the Free.” I recorded the song, and it was played on black radio, but nowhere else. Sammy Davis wanted to record the song himself, but his death intervened.

The day after MLK was killed in Memphis, I wrote “I Had a Dream,” pairing his emotional and powerful words with a gospel melody. Eventually, I introduced a video of that tribute as MC of the 40th anniversary celebration of CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality. I was accorded that honor by founder Roy Innes and his son Niger.

Most people don’t know about these public stands I’ve taken, and there are others. I only mention these to validate my right to take loving exception to John Lewis calling Donald Trump “an illegitimate president”!

Lewis seems mainly concerned with the Russians “hacking” into our political system and possibly having some influence on the outcome of our election. He states that the information they “leaked” was prejudicial to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

My question to Mr. Lewis: What did Donald Trump have to do with that? Answer: nothing.

Next question: Then who do we blame now?

Well, we only know, or think we know, what Trump will do when he assumes the presidency. Meanwhile, there was another president, in office for the last eight years, who obviously failed to secure America, to safeguard even our classified communication, as in the case of the private servers used by our secretary of state, with whom we’ve only recently learned they shared private passwords so they could communicate on her unsecured private server! Happy “hacking”, Russia!

And if what was leaked, or revealed, by the “hackers” was detrimental to the Clinton campaign – it was only what she and Podesta and others had shared in the over 40,000 emails back and forth – MU

Again, Donald Trump had nothing to do with any of that.

And, on the subject of “hacking into” or influencing elections: What does John Lewis think about the president, our current president, spending over $300,000 of our taxpayer dollars to send his own social media experts to Israel to make their political expertise on the Internet available to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opponent in the Israeli election! At his behest, these experts hired buses to transport Arabs to the polls to vote against Netanyahu – though the prime minister won anyway. What gives an American president the right to intervene so directly and overtly in another sovereign nation’s election? Is it wrong for Russia but acceptable for our president to do it?

Is such meddling a right – or a high crime? And is it legitimate?

Further, is it legitimate for a president to personally create 33 new regulatory agencies by executive order – without so much as a nod to Congress? And to personally appoint 33 “czars” to head those agencies, reporting only to him and not the legislature? Is it “legitimate” for a president and his then attorney general, who had both sworn to uphold our laws, to openly and publicly state they would not enforce immigration laws they personally objected to?

What makes for “legitimacy,” Mr. Lewis? Words and expressed intentions before assuming the presidency, or actual deeds and misdeeds and betraying the promise to “uphold the Constitution” during eight years as president?

I earnestly hope you’ll pray and think carefully before you continue to foment rebellion and rejection of the duly elected incoming leader of the United States – and ask yourself honestly which of the two men, the current president or the incoming one, should be thought of as “illegitimate”?

 Jan 19, 2017


Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

Congressmen who live in tax-delinquent townhouses probably shouldn’t throw stones.

Less than a week after telling “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd that he didn’t see Donald Trump as a “legitimate president,” Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, has been outed as a tax scofflaw.

Asked by Todd if he would look for ways to cooperate with Trump, Lewis responded, “It’s going to be very difficult. I don’t see this president-elect as a legitimate president. I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t plan to attend the inauguration. It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress. You cannot be at home with something that you feel that is wrong, is not right.”

Lewis’ boycott of the inaugural inspired other congressional Democrats to announce they too would not be in attendance Friday, but not before Lewis’ claim that this is the first he would miss was shown to be untrue. He also refused to attend George W. Bush’s inaugural in 2001 after the defeat of Al Gore, saying then he didn’t believe Bush was “the true-elected president.”

Now, GotNews is reporting that Lewis has failed to pay property taxes on his nearly $1 million townhouse located at 219 3rd Street SE, near the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The property was assessed at $810,000 in 2012, according to a GotNews Nexis search. The unpaid tax is just over $4,000. In 2010 the congressman was threatened with legal action and foreclosure for failing to pay property taxes.

GotNews was unable to confirm if Lewis still owns the property.

Donald Trump responded to Lewis’ comment by tweeting, “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”

Congressional salaries begin at $174,000 a year, considerably more than the $48,000 median household income of Lewis’ predominantly black 5th Georgia Congressional District. And at $169,900, the median home value in the district is dwarfed by that of Lewis’ D.C. property. Lewis himself has decried crime in his district, noting on his congressional website that “in recent years, Metro Atlanta has experienced an alarming trend of increasing gang, youth, and relationship violence.”


Rep. John Lewis

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., became President-elect Donald Trump’s latest enemy when he said in a “Meet the Press” interview broadcast Sunday he does not consider Trump to be a “legitimate president.”

That remark ignited a firestorm of tweeting from Trump, which in turn led to a torrent of denunciation from Trump critics who noted Lewis is a civil rights icon and were angered that Trump attacked him on Martin Luther King Day weekend, no less.

But Jesse Lee Peterson, a prominent black columnist and radio host who founded the nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, is not impressed by Lewis’ bona fides.

“Lewis is not a hero, and he’s not an icon,” Peterson told WND. “He participated in the civil rights movement 50 years ago; since that time, he has not done anything good for the country, and especially for black Americans. And even if he was a hero in his time, if he does or says something wrong, and he’s in a position of authority, he should be chastised or corrected for what he’s done. He’s not above correction.”

Peterson, author of “The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood,” believes Lewis was wrong to say Trump is not a legitimate president. He said Lewis and other Democrats who make similar claims are desperately attempting to hold onto power and legitimacy.

“That is an attempt to hold the country back, to prevent Donald Trump from being effective and to keep America under the control of the liberals,” Peterson charged. “It’s all about that. The Democratic Party wants to maintain control of the people of this country, and that’s why they cannot accept losing. They can’t accept that because it’s hard for them to accept that Americans no longer believe in their line and agree with them.”

Ben Kinchlow, the founder of Americans for Israel, a WND columnist and longtime co-host of CBN’s “The 700 Club,” similarly does not think Lewis’ status as a “civil rights icon” should immunize him from criticism. Quite the contrary.

“In fact, his status as a so-called ‘civil-rights icon’ would be the basis for this criticism,” Kinchlow told WND. “Mr. Lewis should be at the front of those people supporting a man whose positions the Democrats vehemently disagree with. If memory serves, it was the Democrats who made his status as a civil rights leader necessary in the first place.”

Kinchlow detailed the sordid history of the Democratic Party on race relations in his book, “Black Yellowdogs.” Among his points was the fact that Democrats, either by filibuster or committee, never allowed a single federal anti-lynching measure to become law. Moreover, in the immediate post-Civil War period, it was the so-called “Radical Republicans” who favored not only the abolition of slavery but complete equality for the newly freed slaves.

Democratic president Andrew Johnson repeatedly rejected Republican attempts to assist the freed slaves.

Kinchlow also wrote that the Ku Klux Klan targeted white Republicans for being “n—– lovers.” Meanwhile, the KKK became a significant Democratic Party constituency group, helping to elect legislators, sheriffs, judges and mayors who went on to become Klan members.

Furthermore, Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 at greater rates than Democrats did, in both the House and Senate. House Republicans out-supported House Democrats on the Civil Rights Act 81 to 60 percent and on the Voting Rights Act 85 to 80 percent. Senate Republicans out-supported Democrats on the Civil Rights Act 82 to 60 percent and on the Voting Rights Act 97 to 74 percent.

And America’s “first black president” was not very friendly to blacks, either.

As Kinchlow wrote in “Black Yellowdogs,” the NAACP sued then-Gov. Bill Clinton in 1989 for violating the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. A three-judge panel in Arkansas ordered Clinton to redraw electoral districts to allow blacks greater voting strength.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican, said this week that Lewis should look at history and be grateful for all that Republicans have done for black people. Kinchlow agreed with that sentiment, saying Lewis should be careful not to minimize the gains blacks have made in America.

“As a so-called ‘civil rights leader,’ he should know that our country is founded on the right of an individual to participate in government, and that the Republicans are primarily responsible for all the civil rights blacks now enjoy,” Kinchlow said.

Kinchlow, who himself fought for civil rights as a young black man in the 1950s and 1960s, said it would be extremely disrespectful for Lewis to skip Trump’s inauguration, as the congressman has vowed to do.

“Of all people, he should be specifically aware that the history of our nation includes a time when blacks would not have even been invited to attend an inauguration, must less refuse to do so,” Kinchlow admonished.

Peterson said he did not necessarily think Lewis’ refusal to attend the inauguration is disrespectful, but it would be the “honorable thing to do” to show up in person to observe the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next.

Peterson views the congressman as one of the “race hustlers” he wrote about in “The Antidote.”

“Congressman Lewis is a great deceiver, and he is pretending to be representing what Martin Luther King was about. But he’s not representing love and unity at all, because Dr. King was about uniting the country, uniting the races rather than dividing them; and Lewis has been and is intentionally dividing the races for his own personal gain of power and wealth,” Peterson concluded.

Tucker Carlson – Former Black Panther Mason Weaver Slams Rep John Lewis


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