VIDEO Muzzies Kidnap Swedish Woman, Take Her To A Muslim-Owned Store, Take Turns Savagely Raping Her

Muslim Men Kidnap Swedish Woman, Take Her To A Muslim-Owned Store, Chain Her To A Water Pipe In The Basement And Take Turns Savagely Raping Her

In a shocking story out of Sweden, several Muslims have been arrested for kidnapping a young Swedish woman, chaining her to a water pipe in the basement of a Muslim-owned vape shop, and then keeping her as a sex slave:

Originally there were seven Arab men arrested for kidnapping a woman at gunpoint and raped her in the basement of a cafe in Helsingborg. Now sentenced two of them, both stateless. One of them already had a deportation order – but still allowed to stay in Sweden as “paperless refugee”.

28-year-old Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Tareq Bakkar, who both have an interpreter needs in Arabic, convicted of gross rape of a woman in the cafe basement water pipe in Helsingborg. The woman was kept in the basement for several hours during the night.

The woman was forced into a car by four men in Malmö and was then driven to the café on South Street in Helsingborg where more waiting to rape her.

When the car arrived the woman was taken to the basement of violence. There ripped Khaled woman by the hair, pulled her down on a couch and held her arms and legs with her body weight before he pulled off her clothes. By also threaten that he or others would hurt her with a weapon like objects, he forced her to oral, vaginal and anal intercourse.

He then explained the woman to the six other Arabs would also rape her, the victim said in interrogation.

Then they raped although Tareq woman by grabbing her arms, pulling her down on her back and pushing her legs apart.

The woman told that six of the seven men in turn raped her. On one occasion she was raped by two people simultaneously.

But according to the prosecutor lacked “sufficient supporting evidence that the correct application requires for a conviction” for five of the men who originally were in custody in the case of detainees were prosecuted by only the other two: Khaled and Tareq.

– It feels good that we found forensic evidence, for it can sometimes be difficult. In some materials, for example, very difficult to find traces of semen, says Paulin, investigators at the police section for crimes in close relationships.

According to data from the Prison and Probation Free Times noted the Khaled stateless and claims to have fled Kuwait because of the country’s government and security forces who did not accept his love relationship with a woman. He came to Sweden in 2010 and has been denied his asylum application in all instances. Despite this, he was allowed to stay in Sweden because he was “paperless”

Even Tareq is stateless, but have received a permanent residence permit in August 2014. He is from Syria and lives with his mother and a family friend in an apartment. Tareq gets about 7 000 in contributions each month from the Employment Service, by his studying at SFI.

Both are sentenced to the minimum sentence of four years in prison for aggravated rape. Those sentenced also to deportation. Malmö District Court notes that today exists “to enforcement” against expelling Tareq to Syria, but continues.(source)

Reading this story is disturbing, but also was no surprise. Muslim-owned “corner stores” have long exploited non-Muslim women, even in the United States. This is absolutely nothing new, especially in Black neighborhoods.

I refer to a man named David Carroll, who is a Youtuber who runs several channels (here, here) where he talks about problems in Black America. While I do not agree with all of his views (he is an agnostic among other issues), he raises some excellent points, and one of the biggest, most popular, and most controversial is that he has broken the silence about the exploitation of black women by Arab Muslims in American cities.

Not for children: One of David’s videos about the exploitation of black women in Arab-owner corner stores. While he does not discuss Islam and he takes a very harsh, brutal approach to the matter (as he does in all his videos), the fact is that the points he raises are starting to be seen in Europe. This is because of the rise of Islam an the moral decline of the European and now, American people.

As David points out, if you go into any black neighborhood, you will find many “corner stores,” almost all of which are owned by Arabs, Lebanese, or Pakistanis. They do not make any effort to improve the communities, but they instead exploit the poverty of the locals and then the people themselves. As a result, these stores become centers of criminal activity, prostitution, and sexual exploitation. The only way this is able to happen, as David points out, is because the people will either not address the sexual exploitation or they know about it and simply refuse to do anything about it because they are so morally corrupted.

While this story in Sweden is particularly unique and David is not per se speaking about cases such as this, know that the same basic problems that David points out in the American ghettos are coming to the rest of America and Europe too because of the intentional failure of the governments and the refusal of the people, and the reason this has happened is because of their apostasy. It does not matter what the country is, because this sexual exploitation of non-Muslim women is a hallmark of Islam’s presence in an area, and as we have mentioned before is based on the Islamic understanding of human dignity- non-Muslims are not fully human, so Muslims may exploit them in any way they choose to up to and including killing them. It is not that they are required by Islam to do this- far from it. Rather, Islam gives them the license to do this should they choose to.

The feeds into another issue, which is often times not spoken about but needs to be addressed which is the consensual sexual activity that takes place between these Muslims and non-Muslims in the West. Again, this is connected to the issue of apostasy and moral decline, but what happens many times is that non-Muslim women begin relationships and actively consent to sex with these same Muslim men. I am not saying this is what happened in this particular case. What I am saying is that the moral decline has many faces, and one of these faces are these relationships which encourage Muslim men to exploit the sexually licentious behavior that pervades the Western world.

In other words, the tendencies to sexual violence already exist in Islam, and the licentiousness of the West simply fuels those tendencies. I am not “blaming the victims” here or saying the Muslims should not control themselves. What I am saying is that in the past, Christian morality provided a layer of defense against the sexual deviancy of Islam. However, since the West has abandoned the Faith and instead become licentious, the two feed off of each other in a mutually parasitic relationship that ultimately affects the most innocent among us the worst as a fruit of sin.

The way to stop the problem of this exploitation and its fruits is first by returning to the Christian Faith, and only then to take the temporal steps necessary to stop this. Without a conversion of the person- and it does not have to be many, for all great changes in life are not made by the masses, but a few- then the world cannot be changed. As Jesus said:

First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean. (Matthew 23:26)

Yes, it is terrible what happened in Sweden and these men need to be brought to justice. However, this is not something new in the USA- it has been going on for a long time, or something which one should be surprised about. It is just now that we are seeing these fruits because the West, on account of its apostasy, is a shadow of what she once was.



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