VIDEO “There’ll be hysteria”, Brits Fear Civil War If BREXIT Not Delivered

Brits Fear Civil War, Riots if Brexit Not Delivered

Jan 3, 2017 by Paul Joesph Watson


Increasing numbers of Brits are predicting riots and even civil war unless Brexit is delivered, with the March 31st deadline for Article 50 to be triggered fast approaching.

Sky News visited Brexit-strongholds and talked to people who made it clear what they thought would happen if the timeline for Britain’s exit from the EU was not announced soon.

“Oh, there’ll be mass riots. There’ll be hysteria. There could even be a civil war. The country has used its voice and if the Government ignores what the people have said then there is going to be a civil war. There is going to be,” one woman told the broadcaster.

She added that people would be “very angry and let down” if the government attempted to deliver a watered down Brexit that left the UK open to mass uncontrolled immigration from other EU countries.

“People have spoken and if people don’t get what they’ve asked for then people are going to rise and they are going to use their voice in different ways and they are going to be extremely angry,” concluded Liz Pugh.

The sentiment is one that seems increasingly mirrored across the country, with Nigel Farage warning back in November that “political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed in this country” will unfold if voters feel they have been “cheated”.

Brexit supporters initially warned of riots after the UK’s High Court ruled that Parliament would need to vote for the government to activate Brexit, a decision that is likely to be backed up by a Supreme Court ruling due later this month.

“If Brexit doesn’t go ahead, you are going to get civil uproar. It’s not a word I use lightly, but there is going to be a revolution. There will be a revolution,” said Stephen Raven, a borough councillor in Boston.

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6 Responses to VIDEO “There’ll be hysteria”, Brits Fear Civil War If BREXIT Not Delivered

  1. marysong says:

    Reblogged this on Haurietis Aquas: "You will draw waters joyfully from the wellsprings of salvation." PPXII and commented:
    This is beyond your wildest dreams that a ‘civilized’ government would inflict this on their citizens. I am so sorry for England! Call upon Saint George as you did of old. You bear his Cross on your flag! Your battle cry used to be “George”!!


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