VIDEO President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago, Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel, Or Did He?… – MB Obama FU Tour

President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago – Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel – Or Did He?…

Here’s a great example of how the media will get a story wrong 100 times, before they realize the reason they’re getting it wrong is due to the inherent political-ideological filters they use within every presentation.

Against a horrific year in Chicago for shootings and murders President-Elect Donald Trump sends out the following tweet:


Without thinking, and relying on their traditional filtering prism, immediately the media transmit a narrative of President-elect Donald Trump challenging (attacking) Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.   The MSM proceed to present their narrative accordingly.

However, the continually short-sighted media never pause to remind themselves that Emanuel traveled to Trump Tower less than a month ago; and consider the pragmatic effective approaches deployed by Donald Trump throughout his career.


It is inconceivable to the media that Emanuel would benefit from a good cop/bad cop optic with actual intended results.  The MSM can’t conceive of Rahm Emanuel being open, strategically open, to President-elect Trump’s assistance after five years of intensely out-of-control violence within predominantly black communities.

Emanuel is a lot of things, lots of them not-so-good, however one of his strongest political attributes is his Machiavellian outlook and ability to see the angles long before they appear on the horizon.

Mayor Emanuel knows, specifically and strategically knows, the environment right now in Chicago is almost a perfect template for President Donald Trump to stun the media with an effective, assertive, proactive, common sense, protectionist and practical approach toward community policing.

Sheriff Trump is on the horizon, with a massive sun behind him, sitting atop a pale horse, wearing a big white hat.  Watching, waiting and twirling a Zippo: “I’m your huckle-bearer”; more than ready to show how intent he is to save innocent people from horrific crime-ridden consequences of those who view public safety through the same prism as all other considerations, politics.

President Trump will not suffer fools lightly – he never has; especially when their foolish action compromises the safety of their citizenry.  Trump doesn’t see the color of the neighborhood, he see’s ineptitude, incompetence, weak leadership and failure.

Trump’s political mantra is to return ‘the era of competence‘.

The president-elect sees Chicago, a city containing important properties to him – a city he is very familiar with, through the prism of political incompetence.   Trump is also very in tune with the people who live within these neighborhoods and are forced to suffer the consequences of this incompetence.

This is not the typical president Mayor Rahm Emanuel could navigate.  And the people inside Chicago are more than ready for a new approach.  Toward that end allow me to provide the audio visual demonstration:

First Video from a 2013 Chicago Town Hall on violence, addressing this exact issue. Listen closely.

Second Video from a group of Chicago activists watching President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address. Again, listen closely.


Donald Trumprahm-emanuel-1trump crosses

….things make a bit more sense now?

President-elect Trump Tweets Chicago – Trump Tweeks Rahm Emanuel – Or Did He?…

Frank Luntz: Obama on a ‘FU Tour,’ Trying to ‘Settle Scores’ With Republicans

 2 Jan 2017 by Breitbart TV

Over the weekend, pollster Frank Luntz blasted President Barack Obama during a Fox News appearance, accusing the president of “trying to settle scores before he leaves.”

Luntz compared Obama’s final days as president to President-elect Donald Trump’s “thank you” tour, calling it a “FU tour.”

“If Trump did this great tour of the country, they called it a victory tour or thank you tour, Obama seems to be doing a… uh… trying to figure out the right language so I don’t get fined by the FCC, a FU tour. I guess that’s the best way to put it,” Luntz said.

He explained, “What he has said about Hillary Clinton and her campaign and drawing that contrast. What he has done to Israel and to Benjamin Netanyahu. That there are people that he has had political difficulties with—and by the way, Republican members of the house and senate—the people who he’s disagreed with over the last eight years. He’s gone to great pains to draw a contrast between the things that he says and the things that they have done that makes me think he’s trying to settle scores before he leaves, and that’s not presidential.”

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Obama Confirms Farewell Address to be Delivered in Chicago

 2 Jan 2017 by Warner Todd Huston

President Barack Obama has now confirmed the rumors that he will deliver a farewell address to the nation in Chicago on January 10.

Obama will say farewell to his political career in the same town in which it began with a speech at Chicago’s McCormick Place convention center, according to The Chicago Tribune.

“I’m just beginning to write my remarks,” Obama informed the paper via email. “But I’m thinking about them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey, to celebrate the ways you’ve changed this country for the better these past eight years, and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here.”

Tickets will be free and will be handed out starting January 7 at the convention center box office.

The McCormick Place convention center may be a fitting place for a man who ran up some of the highest deficits in U.S. history. The convention center was controversial in its day for going at least $30 million over budget before completion and for legislation passed to float an even larger $60 million bailout of the project in 1985.

Today, the glut of tax dollars going for giant construction projects on the near south side has changed little, as costs are already soaring for the proposed McCormick Place sports and entertainment arena, with the price tag rising 17 percent to a new estimate of $164 million before the first shovelful of dirt is dug.

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