These People Are Destroying America and They Need to be Called Out – America is the Sickest Nation in the Modern World

These People Are Destroying America and They Need to be Called Out

June 6, 2016 by Dave Hodges

Cognitive dissonance is hastening the destruction of America.

Cognitive dissonance is hastening the destruction of America.

When I look around and see my friends and family, I almost get a sense of normalcy. I drive by my local fire station and the American flag is still flying. I witness police helping elderly motorists with a flat tire. My neighbors are nice and I (temporarily) have some money in the bank. On the surface, it seems like everything is normal. I am constantly reminded of how easy it would be to fall back into being a fat and happy sheep living in the pasture not knowing what lies ahead.

It is hard not to be deceived by the thin veil of normalcy which covers the trend curve of unprecedented and tyrannical historical events which loom on the horizon.

red-pill-blue-pill-smIt is a red or blue pill kind of thing.


What I have been describing is a condition called “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. On some level, people with cognitive dissonance really know the truth, but accepting the truth would mean that the person would have to change their thinking and their actions. People who have cognitive dissonance want to maintain the life they have at any cost. It is a selfish and self-destructive act.

In previous days, most of us in the Independent Media did not chastise those afflicted with cognitive dissonance, we thought that over time, our consistent message would bring you into real world of awareness.  I think we succeeded in making many Americans aware, however, we did not move many from the cognitive dissonance crowd to action, but we accepted it. Well, I am not accepting this any longer. Many Americans know how bad things are but they keep hanging on as long as they can. This is no longer acceptable because you are working against the interests of your country, your family and ultimately your own survival. Totalitarian regimes need a significant degree of cooperation from the citizenry or they will not survive. The cognitive dissonance crowd is comprising a significant amount of that necessary support for tyranny to thrive.

It’s Time to Speak the Truth

The Trump movement, no matter how imperfect, has given the American people something to rally around with regard to fighting back against tyranny. In my estimation, in order to win this political fight, we need the sound of marching feet. We currently have a shell movement but they don’t because of their addiction to their selfish cognitive dissonance. We need depth and volume in our movement and there are people out there who should be joining this movement. Unfortunately, if we as Americans are going to survive, we cannot tolerate the fence sitters, the people who Thomas Paine called the “Sunshine Patriots”.

I am calling out the cognitive dissonance crowd for being the cowards that you are. You need to look in the mirror, check your manhood and act accordingly. Most of the cognitive dissonance crowd are sheep. However, I firmly believe that there strong people in this group who could add to the resistance. They just need to rediscover their manhood and become far less selfish.

If you make the mistake that the aforementioned is merely a pep talk, please read the following, when Dave Hodges threw off the shackles of cognitive dissonance.

A Life Changing Encounter

"Don't worry, no tatoos for you, you will get an implant instead."

“Don’t worry, no tatoos for you, you will get an implant instead.”

Over 13 years ago, I was sitting in a Coco’s restaurant in Sun City, AZ., to meet with a coaching colleague who called and said he was running late. At the table next to me were a group of four very old ladies who were bashing then President George W. Bush with extreme vehemence. These ladies were in their upper 80’s and I could not believe the Bush bashing. Finally, I gathered up the courage and asked to join them because I was intrigued by their conversation and they agreed.


As it turned out, these four women gathered weekly at this restaurant to discuss their personal lives and current events.

One of the ladies showed me her death camp tattoo and said “We have lived through this before and your country, young man, is getting ready to live through these terrible events again. Your 9/11 is our Reichstag fire all over again. Bush is Hitler!”

All four ladies were death camp survivors and the contents of the conversation were life-changing for myself. I researched some of the things that these Holocaust survivors told me about and was easily able to verify much of their information. I realized my country was in deep trouble and no amount of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE was going to change my new level of awareness. What had changed this time, is that I was now a dad. I knew at that moment, that my young son’s future was already stolen from him.

These four women hit me with historical parallel after historical parallel. In 30 minutes, I was wondering if I lived in a total fascist state and we were going to relive the dark days of Nazi Germany. The most spirited of the four women said the following to me:

Young man you now live in Nazi Germany. Your rights are fake, and your government has told you to that they will do anything to you that they want. Unless you and people like you stand up and fight back, many of you are going to die in a concentration camp or in a war. Don’t do what the people from our nation did when we pretended that what was happening was not happening! By the time things started happening, it was too late.”

In short, Hitler would never have been able to implement his tyranny without the help of the cognitive dissonance crowd. After all, what kind of sane people would have embraced being a Brown Shirt or let their kids belong to such a ridiculous group such as the Hitler Youth Movement.


Cognitive dissonance can no longer be tolerated because the Donald Trump is providing us with an opportunity to push back without going directly into revolution. But to you people who deep down inside know the truth, but choose to ignore it and act like sheep, are retarding the populist movement raging in the country.

"There are no terrorists coming into the country. The economy is fine......"

“There are no Middle Eastern terrorists coming into the country. The economy is fine……”

To you rose-colored glasses group, take heed of the following:

  1. There have been FEMA camps (i.e. concentration camps) built for many of you.
  2. The economy is on the verge of collapse.
  3. The Constitution has been totally trashed.
  4. The planet is on the edge of engaging in a depopulation war. Do you think your cognitive dissonance will protect you then?

As our enemies like to brand as conspiracy theorists, we need to shame these Sunshine Patriots into our movement by branding them as the cognitive dissonance crowd, the people who don’t yet have the guts to fight for what’s right. When some of these people come into the fold, they need to be accepted without judgment. We have a very short window to start drawing a line in the sand. We will not get another opportunity.

To you people who know something is desperately wrong, but refuse to face it and then act (i.e. cognitive dissonance), aren’t you embarrassed that four ladies in their 80’s have more awareness and courage than you? As the old saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

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A Mentally Ill Nation Cannot Survive and It’s Official, America is the Sickest Nation in the Modern World

June 5, 2016 by Dave Hodges


blitz 1

During the infamous London Blitz, the mental health of the local Brits actually improved. Alcoholism declined as did suicide during this time of a profound struggle against Nazi Germany.

Why was this true? Several psychologists said it was because the Brits were united in their struggle. They had a common enemy. They supported one another unlike they did prior to the blitz. They were inspired and they had hope for a better future. The people in the British government stood unified in their joint efforts to achieve survival.In short, the Brits had everything we do not have in our fight against the criminal elite.

One of the factors that enabled England to achieve such solidarity was due to the fact that the majority of the people had enough to eat, drink and collectively held on to the hope that they would persevere. In short, the people and the government stood as one. England, in large part, survived because they had a national sense of mental toughness as expressed by Winston Churchill (e.g. “We will fight them (Nazis) in the streets…”).

Today, America does not come close to achieving the solid base of mental health which transferred into a national will to survive.

America’s General Mental Health Report

american psychosisIn 2015, over 9.3 million Americans had serious thoughts of suicide during that year. During that same year, 43.8 million adults (age 18 or older) experienced a diagnosable mental illness as 2.7 million (1.1%) made suicide plans and 1.3 million (0.6%) attempted suicide.

“The report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) also finds that 10 million adults experienced a serious mental illness and 15.7 million adults experienced a major depressive episode in 2015″. These results continued the same trend as was found in 2012, when the findings reached astronomical levels.

In 2013, major depressive episodes affected approximately one in ten (2.6 million) youth between the ages of 12 to 17. However, Americans do not get consistent treatment with only 38.1 percent of depressed youths receive treatment for serious clinical depression. The SAMSHA Report found that, approximately 34.6 million adults (this represents 14.6% of all American adults) received mental health care. These numbers are significantly escalated over the period covering 2002-2011.  According to the new report, 44.7% of adults with any mental illness and 68.5 percent of adults with serious mental illness received mental health services. And unlike the Brits of WW II, the lethal threats to our society have not unified us and buffered us against mental illness.

sheep-forwardThe numbers listed above are indeed grim. The rate of mental illness is growing in lockstep with our failed economy. There is a definite correlation between the growing rate of mental illness and our obvious failures as a country. Over 20% of Americans have a diagnosable mental illness. Anywhere from 35-40% are receiving no treatment. This means that when the economy collapses, millions of displaced people with a significant mental illness will greatly exacerbate the coming civil unrest.

Then, there is the issue of modern, post-industrial society itself – and this may very well be at the core of the mental health crisis. Consider this fact, today, the vast majority of people awaken to an alarm long before they’ve had enough restful REM sleep. The sleep deprived American Zombies then rush through their morning routine, undertake a stressful commute under pressure to arrive on time at a job that, more often than not, they hate. They put in their 10-12 hours (did you know that compared to a generation ago, Americans are working 20% longer for about 20% less when adjusted for inflation). Following this lovely daily existence, Americans then fight their way through rush-hour traffic to arrive at home exhausted, with barely enough energy to do more than have dinner and fall into bed. And then the next morning the alarm forces them out of bed the next morning to do it all over again. At the same time, these efforts fail to provide economic security; American workers, whose salaries and wages have been stagnant for years, are under the pressure of debts and financial obligations that are increasingly difficult to handle. Meanwhile, those in power continue to collect most of society’s rewards at the expense of everyone else, while they blame the rest of us for our “failures.” The major reason that this is happening is because of the Free-trade agreements. Americans are competing against people who will work for pennies on the dollar. Meanwhile our people are holding two and three jobs just to maintain the lifestyle. As a result there is conclusive evidence that Americans are far more mentally ill than our foreign counterparts because of the economic stress that our people are experiencing. And unlike the Brits who survived the blitz who could count on their government to support them in time of need, most Americans now view the present government as their enemy. Further, Americans have become a miserable people.

The Happiness Report on America

Poor happiness levels reflects negatively on mental health. According to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report in 2015, the happiest country on Earth is Denmark. This small Scandinavian nation is not the wealthiest, but has a strong social support system in place – not to mention low levels of corruption in government and business.  Another country among the Top Ten is Canada, who also has a strong social support system. In fact, this is common to all ten of the world’s happiest nations. Again, the U.S. doesn’t even make the top thirty in happiness levels.

The United States is a nation in decline. Just after the turn of the century, the U.S. came in 10th place in the annual rankings of World’s Happiest Countries.  And this is in a country which historically believed that the next generation would do better than their parents. That is certainly no longer the case. The recent ratings mark the first time in the history of the Legatum Institute‘s Prosperity Index that America has not placed in the top ten. The U.S., as previously indicated did not finish in the top 30, and last among the most industrialized nations.

Most disturbingly in the period from 1968 to 2008, the suicide rate in America rose 308% for people aged 15 to 24. It is clear that our children do not want to live in the conditions arising from our New World Order.

These rising mental health calamities reflect the social, political and economic attacks that we are enduring at the hands of the globalists.

Economic Outlook

There are many figures which illustrate why Americans are justified in being so bearish on the American economy. However, when we can point to the fact that the average citizen in India and China can accurately state that they think that it is a good time to find a job is 40% and 36%, respectively, yet, in the U.S. and U.K., those percentages are, respectively, 26% and 12%, it speaks to the abysmal set of financial conditions in the United States. This directly impacts our collective levels of resilience and optimism. These were the two primary psychological factors which allowed the Brits to survive the Blitz.


 America is a defeated nation. We have no chance of even mounting a fight against the criminal elite unless we have a degree of mental and spiritual health. The Christian principles that founded this nation are under attack everyday. Just yesterday, Biden said that Christians are a threat to all gays because of the mere existence of the religion. 

We have the highest cancer rates in the world, the highest autism rates, the highest obesity rates and the worst mental health among the G20. We have 25% real unemployment, a collapsing economy and a government that makes the mafia look honest. Unlike the Brits who survived the Blitz, the government is the enemy of the people. There is no solidarity among our people. Our leaders have employed a divide and conquer approach to controlling the people. It is black vs. white, gay vs. straight, etc…..

We are going through a horrific blitz by the criminal elite.The Brits taught us how to persevere. Is there any way to stem the tide? There is one small chance and that would be for this country to unify behind Donald Trump. In the resulting political and emotional solidarity, the American MIGHT find solace and unity. This could lead to developing a spirit of resilience needed to fight against evil. And if Trump were smart, he would quickly, and without qualification fully align with Christians. WE might regain some of our lost mental perspective. We might also give the Lord a reason to remove the judgment that has been placed upon this nation and we would have the unity to fight back.

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