VIDEO Enhanced Video PROOF LaVoy Finicum Murdered, Points Out Agent that Took First Shot at Him

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Jan 30, 2016 by Tim Brown


In an enhanced video of the LaVoy Finicum shooting, it becomes much clearer that he was shot by one of the agents on the scene, but then after dropping his hands to where it appears he was shot, he then points to the agent that shot him just before he was shot a second time and finally with a third shot from behind.

Call of Duty Goddess posted this enhanced video with emotional commentary and you can see exactly what takes place.

Enhanced Video: LaVoy points out his Assassins


Backs Up Eyewitness Audio

Audio from previous post here

Some are reporting that he was reaching for his weapon. However, pictures, such as the one below, show him with a pistol on his right thigh, while others show him with a shoulder holster. The FBI is claiming that he was reaching for a loaded 9mm handgun in the pocket of his jacket.


However, it makes no sense to know you are surrounded, get out of the vehicle and think you are going to take anyone out in a situation like that. The explanation of Call of Duty Goddess seems extremely plausible as you can see the one agent fire and then retreat.

Then Finicum drops his hands momentarily. If he was going for a gun, would he not be justified in doing so? He was shot unlawfully. However, it would seem more realistic that he was naturally responding to being shot.

What’s even more telling is that he clearly points to the agent that shot him before the agent in front of him shoots him.

Finally, upon turning, possibly hearing the man behind him, he is struck from behind, which takes him down.

Even after he is down you can see the red dots that are painted on his head and body just in case he moved.

FBI special agent Greg Bretzing refused to tell the media how many times Finicum was shot, though it was widely reported at first that there were only three shots.

Upon having time to look further at the video, the agents are clearly shooting at the truck as well, just as Victoria Sharp said. You can see the snow puff up as the bullets hit the vehicle. How many shots were taken, I can’t tell, but according to Sharp there were over one hundred.

I still think we need something closer than a drone video to determine conclusively what took place.

However, since the FBI has felt the need to release the “unedited” version of the video from the drone, there should not be a problem with releasing the dashcam  videos, audio and any body cam  video from agents. This will help the people to determine whether or not the shooting was justified. I’m not holding my breath for those videos and audio to be released, but they should be if there is nothing to hide


Federal government orders citizens to present their identity papers

Jan 30, 2016

“Your identity papers” — the phrase that was the hallmark of Nazi occupation. But now the Federal government demands your identity papers at gunpoint.

Original here




Jan 30, 2016 by Allan Erickson

When you look at the enhanced video of the killing of LaVoy Finicum, it is still difficult to tell exactly what happened. Some say he was trying to draw a pistol. The FBI reports they found a 9mm on him. If that is true, the FBI should prove it right away. Others say they see an older man with his hands up, stumbling in the snow, trying to keep his balance, his hand dropping to cover a wound. It may not have been wise of LaVoy to run from the FBI and Oregon State Police. It may not have been wise to try and run the roadblock, almost hitting an officer. But it was certainly unwise of officers to gun him down. Witnesses claim LaVoy was unarmed.

From what I’ve seen and heard so far, it looks more like an execution than a legitimate use of lethal force.  Shooting a man in the face is a statement, not law enforcement.

As you watch the videos made by LaVoy (linked below), ask yourself: is this the kind of man who would try to draw on multiple officers with rifles trained?

The killing of LaVoy Finicum is sparking a growing rage across the country, breaking out in various directions, and not a mention made at the Republican debate last night, a reality that adds to the rage.

I stand with the ranchers, the Tea Party, the red-neck, blue-collar, hard-working people from the rural areas of our country. That’s the culture I grew up with, and it’s the culture I choose to embrace. It may be a little too Norman Rockwell for some of you slick city folk, but for my money, you can’t beat God-fearin’ people with dirt under their fingernails.

In the last few days I’ve watched several of LaVoy’s videos on YouTube.  I recommend it.  Here is his last interview, one day before he was killed.  Here is his commentary on the government’s activity designating citizens “terrorists,” insisting on indefinite detention without  charges or trial.

Here he comments on the Hammonds being sent to prison. Here is an extensive presentation describing the reasons these ranchers are so outraged.

They say he had 11 kids. It was reported he and his wife made room in their home for a bunch of foster kids too.  Looks to me like the Finicum’s are salt of the earth people, the kind who make this country great. They asked for nothing but to be left alone. They worked hard and provided for their own, working hard enough to have extra to help others.

People should ask serious questions as we consider the future. One good question to consider: what would drive a man like LaVoy to put his life on the line, and even be willing to sacrifice his life for his beliefs? How many of us have such courage? In one sense, it doesn’t matter one whit if you agree or disagree with his beliefs.  His devotion to those beliefs played out this week, and no one can deny his commitment.

Another good question: why is it ok for Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street and Black Panthers and La Raza and Code Pink and Gay Pride and Jihadist groups to march, occupy public places, burn private property and assault or kill people including police, but somehow an outrage for a handful of ranchers to protest tyranny and lawlessness by demonstrating peacefully posing no threat to anyone in a remote area? Isn’t it curious the people who celebrate John Brown’s armed insurrection at Harper’s Ferry now condemn a man like Finicum?

LaVoy Finicum stood for Americanism, the belief that government should be limited, that people should be free, and when government becomes oppressive and intrusive to point of infringing upon God-given rights, citizens have a sacred duty to stand up against such government. This is precisely what the Founders believed, leading to the Revolution, and the establishment of this Republic. According to Barack Obama and Harry Reid, LaVoy and all like him are domestic terrorists. The tragedy is so many people in this country agree with the likes of Obama and Reid. Logically, you have to conclude Obama and Reid consider Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Madison domestic terrorists.

How sad to see so-called Americans ridicule LaVoy and other patriots. In so doing, they reveal a truth that is terrible to consider: they show they have no idea what this country is really all about, and in their ignorance, they unwittingly join the forces that work 24/7 to destroy our country.

When LaVoy Finicum was shot down, he and the other members of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom, including the Bundy brothers, were on their way to a community meeting to peacefully state their case and work for a peaceful resolution. So when I hear state, federal and local officials say they only wanted a peaceful settlement, it is virtually impossible to believe they were acting in good faith.

“The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don’t turn against him, they crush those beneath them.” Emily Bronte (1818-1848) British novelist

 “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”  Frederick Douglass

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