VIDEO Vatican City Refuses Immigrants After Pope’s Call – Soros Europe Must Accept 1 M Muslims Annually

-Catholic priests, Vatican representatives disregard reporter posing as Syrian refugee seeking aid
pope shut doors
Vatican City Ignores Pope’s Call to Accept Immigrants

Those that follow Pope Francis in his growing endorsement for immigration remember very well when he called on the faithful last June, from his General Audience in St. Peter’s Square, to ask God to forgive those “people and institutions that shut the door” on immigrants who “seek shelter a long way from home” – words that seem to break the long lasting tradition of an opulent Church which preaches giving to the flock, but doesn’t always follow through.

In September 2015, the Pontiff continued what The Guardian defined as his “outspoken support for migrants” by stating that: “the gospel calls us to be close to the smallest and to the abandoned.”

These words, unfortunately, are nothing but propaganda.

Many may believe Bergolio’s Jesuit lies, but while the Pope was mesmerizing the US, a very good TV report, produced by the Italian channel LA 7, has opened the eyes of the public in Italy to how generous the church really is to immigrants.

The short 6 minute video was broadcast on the 24th of September on the popular TV show “Piazza Pulita.” The journalist apparently didn’t want to upset His Holiness too much, but asked him through one of his senior Vatican collaborators in matters of immigration, Bishop Domenico Sigalini, to watch the video when he returns from the US.

In the meantime, well known Italian Catholic writer and columnist Antonio Socci wrote on Monday, the 28th of September, in one of Italy’s leading newspapers, Libero, asking the Pope “to stop as he is humiliating the Church,” attacking him on his marxist ideals that have nothing to do with the Catholic faith, adding that the Pope did not even acknowledge the many Christians being slaughtered everyday in the Middle East, or the Christians that were persecuted by the brutality of the Castro regime.

The protagonist of this 6 minute enquiry, which demonstrates the real face of the Vatican towards immigration, was actually an Arab reporter who speaks both Italian and English. He was employed by the Italian tv show “Piazza Pulita” to act as a Syrian refugee in the immediate proximities of the Vatican for an unprecedented experiment: Spend the entire day putting Pope Francis’ words into practice.

He called on parishes all around Italy and the Vatican that allegedly house “refugee families.” Obviously the reporter had no luck, demonstrating once again the true side of Vatican priests, who in many cases during the report show absolutely no interest in the reporter posing as the desperate Syrian refugee.

In the video, ( the reporter informs the viewers at the beginning that he grew his beard and nails to look even more the part. He pretends to need assistance not only for himself, but also for his two children. Not a Catholic priest, nor any other Vatican representative seemed to care.

The result of the broadcast of this report has created growing outrage amongst the Italian population towards Pope Francis in the last few days. Italian blogs, Tweets and Facebook accounts are posting in demonstration of a Pope and his Church who “shut the door,” proving Pope Francis’ promises to be just convenient lies.

This report demonstrates once again that this Pope is a “great actor,” as his fellow countrymen and Argentina’s leading investigative journalist, Horacio Verbitsky, once said. The Arab reporter for LA7 tries over and over again to follow the Pope’s advice, but the religious people and priests he encounters close their doors, and their hearts.

A representative of the Sisters of Charity of Saints Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa Bartolomea, known as Holy Child Mary, actually escaped in front of the journalist, despite clearly stating on their website: “I will help more than I can the poor. Will endeavor to get to know those who are truly in need, and to these I will make them feel more widely my charity.”

Now you know the truth as in John 8:32, “The truth will set you free” especially from the lies of a Jesuit Pope who should be asking forgiveness to God on the subject of “shutting doors” not on behalf of us, but on behalf of his Church, where hypocrisy continues to flourish.

In the meantime, the play continues to unfold as Obama follows the Pope’s call to do more for the refugees, by reaffirming this, in his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 27th, which officially paves the way for Agenda 2030, where false promises will be abundant and taxes plentiful.

Leo Lyon Zagami is an Italian-based geopolitical researcher and the author of nine books, including his latest book Pope Francis: The Last Pope? which reveals the money, Masonry and occultism behind the decline of the Catholic Church.

muslim migrants
Tells Europe to pay $17 billion per year for illegal migrants

Arch globalist and color revolution mastermind George Soros demands Europe “accept responsibility” for the mass influx of Muslims now flooding the continent.

He writes for Project Syndicate, an Open Society propaganda forum, that the EU is obliged to take in a million Muslim migrants per year and spend $16.8k annually on each, a grand total of $17 billion.

The money would come from frontline European countries and the United States in the form of long-term bonds.

“The EU needs a comprehensive plan to respond to the crisis, one that reasserts effective governance over the flows of asylum-seekers so that they take place in a safe, orderly way, and at a pace that reflects Europe’s capacity to absorb them. To be comprehensive, the plan has to extend beyond the borders of Europe,” Soros writes.

The plan must be globalist in nature, Soros argues, and led by the United Nations. “This would distribute the burden of the Syrian crisis over a larger number of states, while also establishing global standards for dealing with the problems of forced migration more generally.”

Moreover, according to Soros, the Muslim migrants must be allowed to choose where they will settle. Most currently travel to Germany and Western Europe where social benefits are available.

Demographics on the influx show that nearly 60% are young males, 26% children and 18% females over the age of eighteen, according to Eurostat.

The United Nations states the current influx of 8,000 refugees per day entering the continent is merely “the tip of the iceberg.”

“I don’t see it abating, I don’t see it stopping,” Amin Awad, regional refugee coordinator for the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, said from Geneva last week. “If anything, it gives an indication perhaps that this is the tip of the iceberg.”

Muslim migration “has been the biggest engine of demographic growth in the EU as a whole since the mid-1990s,” a report issued by the EU’s Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development states. “It is about to become the only one.”
Large majority feel political correctness is a problem in US

Only around one quarter of Americans say they would vote for a Muslim presidential candidate if given the opportunity, according to a new survey.

Front running GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson was attacked by other candidates and the media following remarks that he wouldn’t support a Muslim candidate for president.

It turns out, however, that the majority of Americans agree with Carson.

While just 28% said they would be willing to support a Muslim in the White House, over half (51 percent) declared that they would not cast their vote for a Muslim.

One fifth of respondents opted to sit on the fence, saying they were undecided.

A further 52 percent said that they did not think that their family, friends or co-workers would be willing to vote a Muslim into office, with just 15 percent believing they would, and a third undecided.

“The large number of undecideds suggests that many voters are unwilling to reveal their opinion on what is seen as a controversial topic.” Rasmussen notes.

The poll further found that a large number of Americans, 71 percent, feel that political correctness is a significant problem, with a further 73 percent declaring that they feel they have to check themselves and take care not to say things that could be deemed offensive.

Other findings of the survey revealed that more than half, 52% believe the teachings of Islam encourage more violence than other religions, with three quarters expressing the belief that Islamic religious leaders should be doing more to spread messages of non-violence and peace.

The poll also discovered that 40 percent believe that the majority of Muslims in the world view the US as an enemy.
Islam diversity GreyEnigma
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