VIDEO College Jihad – US Muslim Professor Wipes Israel Off Map & College student can’t pass out Constitution

ME map wo Israel
September 18, 2013 by Janna Brock

Colleges today are the center for Anti-semitism. Hatred and blatant indoctrination into believing Israel has no right to exist have taken ahold of higher education. And it’s not just colleges, but schools in general. There is no holding back the idea that Israel is an occupied land and should be removed, renamed. This is the collegiate jihad.

There is a war brewing on college campuses. It’s not a new war, but instead of being carefully concealed, now it is open and bloody. There is no need to conceal Anti-Semitism. This is Nazi Germany resurrected. This is Islamic Jihad in the classroom disguised as an Arabic class.At San Diego State University, Professor Ghassan Zakaria presented his Arabic 101 class with a Middle East map that was noticeably missing something exponentially important. The state of Israel was completely gone, and in its place was “Palestine.”

There was no explanation or open dismay that this educational tyrant had taken the liberty to recreate the Middle East map as he sees it, or more importantly as he wants his students to see it.

If anything students were afraid of being labeled as “troublemakers” for desiring to object.

“It is a language class, it’s not a class about conflict,” a student who asked not to be named told San Diego’s KGTV.

This would be exactly what a professor would want a student to think. Naïveté and blind trust create indoctrinated zombies. And zombies turn into zealots.

This is overt and pathological. It’s purposeful and with intent in teaching students that Israel should not exist; that an entire nation of people should be wiped off the map. They are the infidels and must be destroyed.

Anti-semitism is a viral plague in society and on college campuses. At Stanford last year, Richard Falk Princeton Law professor and virulent Anti-Semite, said this.

Asked by an audience member about the role of Hamas in the peace process, Falk replied ” As far as I know in the last part of your question, the Hamas perspective is directed at achieving Palestinian self-determination challenging Israel. But I have no evidence that it includes an anti-Semitic –whatever is meant in this context by anti-Semitic perspective”

Minds ripe for the picking and programmed to Islamic Jihad. This gives license to the toxicity. Falk said it in a speech and Professor Zakaria presented it in the form of a map, all means to the same end.

The U.N. has the same goal. This is where all global powers and their Islamic Jihadist partners unite. It’s a cooperative coalition from Hell.

Ann Dismorr, director of the United National Relief Works Agency’s (UNRWA) Lebanon bureau, posed on May 3 on Arabic television holding a map that clearly erases the Jewish state of Israel and replaces it with “Palestine,” according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which posted several photos of Dismorr.

So it only seems natural that a college Arabic professor would present a map with “Palestine” on it in place of Israel. A fictional people and their counterfeit land. This is Satan’s ultimate deception, to convince the masses that Israel must be destroyed. And he’s using all mankind to do it.

Nazism is alive and well. Jihad is the cry of the people. And we’re surprised that schools are passing out Korans and visiting mosques. And creating maps outlining annihilation.

One of the more disturbing elements in this is the climate of fear student live in. Speaking out about this at San Diego State University requires anonymity. They’re that afraid it will affect their academic careers.

The department chair said the professor used Palestine in place of Israel on the labels to “reflect the view of Arab-speakers in the region.”

This says it all. If it reflects the Arab view it will be honored. For we’ve entered the land of collegiate jihad. This is today’s higher education.
California college bars student from handing out copies of Constitution
September 19, 2013

The Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, but don’t try to pass out copies of it at Modesto Junior College in California.

A student at the school who tried to pass out pocket-size pamphlets of the very document that memorializes our rights got shut down on Sept. 17 – a date also known as Constitution Day. Campus authorities told Robert Van Tuinen, who caught the whole thing on videotape, he could only pass out the free documents at a tiny designated spot on campus, and only then if he scheduled it several days in advance.

“Watching the video is a combination of depressing and nauseating, to see what rigamarole students have to go through just to express themselves on campus,” said Robert Shibley, senior vice president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which has taken on campus speech codes around the nation.

Van Tuinen, who said he’d read up on the school’s regulations and expected to get chased away from outside the student center, went to FIRE with the video. The foundation penned an email letter to the school’s administration on Van Tuinen’s behalf early Thursday, but Shibley said there had been no response later in the day.

“Watching the video is a combination of depressing and nauseating, to see what rigamarole students have to go through to express.”

– Robert Shibley, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Several messages left at the school, including one to President Jill Stearns, were not returned.

In the video, Van Tuinen is confronted by an unidentified campus police officer within minutes of passing out the pamphlets. When he protests, he is told “there are rules.”

“But do you know what this is?” he asks. “What are the rules? Why are the rules tied to my free speech?”

Van Tuinen explains that he wants to start an organization called Young Americans for Liberty.

“That’s fine, but if you’re going to start an organization like that you have to go through the rigamarole,” the police officer tells him.

Eventually, the police officer escorts Van Tuinen into an administrative office, where an unidentified woman shows him a binder with rules she says govern free speech on campus. She explains that there is a designated place “in front of the student center, in that little cement area,” where free expression is allowed, but then notes that two people are already using it.

“You’d have to wait,” she says. “You could go on (Sept.) 20th, the 27th or you can go into October.”

Eventually he is advised to make an appointment with Brenda Thames, vice president of student services, who can explain the policy. Thames did not return calls for comment.

Shibley said he was angered by the video, but not surprised.

“One of the revealing things about this particular case is what students have to go through just to express themselves on campus,” Shibley said.

He said the very idea of speech codes on campus ought to be troubling to Americans.

“They are imposed in an attempt to sanitize the public space of anything that might offend somebody,” he said. “The fact is, no school specifically needs a speech code. They have the ability keep order on campus . Of people are too loud, harassing people, or blocking traffic they have the means to address that.”


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