VIDEO Tornadoes – Help Available – prayers answered – Woman’s Dog Emerges from Rubble During TV Interview

Incredible: The Moment a Woman’s Dog Emerges from Rubble During TV Interview Right After She Describes Losing Him
-How to help Oklahoma tornado victims
-‘We have each other’: Glenn Beck mobilizing tornado relief effort, seeking drivers
-See comments on Governor’s news conference below
May 21, 2013 Erica Ritz

Many people have lost lives and the damage costs are mounting from a approximately two mile wide – twenty mile long Oklahoma tornado.

Amid the tragedy in Oklahoma, one woman who lost everything says God answered both of her prayers.

CBS News spoke with Barbara Garcia in the wake of the devastating tornado Monday, the woman’s suburban neighborhood now nothing more than flattened homes and rubble. Badly shaken but resilient, explains how she is okay but that her dog was torn from her.

“I was sitting on the stool holding by dog — this was the game plan all through the years, [to] go in that little bathroom,” Garcia began. “The electric went off in the bathroom about the same time I felt the stool come up out of the floor. And I rolled around a little bit, and when it stopped…that fresh stove cooker is what I saw.”

Garcia’s arms appear to be badly cut in multiple places, but she spoke first of her dog.

“I hollered for my little dog and he didn’t answer, didn’t come, so I know he’s in here somewhere,” she said, scanning the apocalyptic landscape.

Garcia then addressed the tornado itself, saying it came and was gone in a flash.

“I thought, ‘well, I’m okay!’ And I had some stuff on top of me and I started wiggling…” she said.

Interviewer Anna Werner interrupted: “Are you able to comprehend what happened here?”

“I know exactly what happened here!” Garcia responded. After a beat she added, “This is life in the big city.”

But that’s when the most incredible thing happened. One of the CBS crew says in astonishment, “the dog!” Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Barbara Garcia Finds Dog in Rubble During CBS News Interview

The camera then pans to an enormous pile of a rubble, Garcia’s little dog trying to burrow his way out.

Garcia rushes to the area, trying to move bricks and what appear to be mangled electronic wiring off of her pet. “Help me!” she says, and one of the crew rushes to do just that.

“Thank God,” Garcia says with indescribable relief, beginning to cry. “Well I thought God just answered one prayer to let me be okay, but he answered both of them. Because this was my second prayer.”

Watch the remarkable video from CBS News, below:

A survivor of the massive tornado that struck an Oklahoma City suburb found her dog buried alive under the rubble during her interview with CBS News’ Anna Werner.

How to help Oklahoma tornado victims

By Caitlin Dewey, Tuesday, May 21, 9:21 AM E-mail the writer

The tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., Monday afternoon leveled entire neighborhoods and left countless people without homes and schools. Several local and national organizations are accepting donations toward the recovery effort; most stress that monetary donations, not clothes or supplies, are most needed right now.

American Red Cross: The Red Cross is providing shelter, food and relief supplies to people in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. You can donate directly to the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund online or by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999. (Texting a donation, to the Red Cross or any of the following organizations, will charge $10 to your cellphone plan.) The organization is also encouraging donors to give blood at their local hospital or blood bank.

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army’s disaster response units plan to serve three meals a day in the areas hardest hit by the tornado. You can donate online or by texting “STORM” to 80888.

Feed the Children: The Oklahoma City-based children’s advocacy group is collecting monetary donations to support tornado relief. Donations can be made online; according to Feed the Children, $50 will buy 375 pounds of relief supplies.

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster: The two local organizations are soliciting donations for joint clean-up efforts. You can contribute online or by texting “FOOD” to 32333.

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief: This local organization is distributing food and supplies in Shawnee, Carney, Prague and Norman, Okla., as well as aiding in clean-up. While it says “monetary donations are the best help at this point,” it is also accepting bottled water, flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food and some other supplies at collection centers in Oklahoma.

Operation USA: The L.A.-based relief agency is sending emergency, shelter and cleaning supplies to hard-hit areas. Monetary donations can be made online, by phone at 1-800-678-7255, or by texting “AID” to 50555. Operation USA is also soliciting businesses for bulk quantities of disaster supplies and United and Continental air miles.

A number of businesses, churches and community organizations around Oklahoma City have also advertised specific needs, from diapers and toiletries to canned food and medicine.

Local TV affiliate KFOR has compiled a list of those organizations at the link below:


‘We have each other’: Glenn Beck mobilizing tornado relief effort, seeking drivers
May 20, 2013 by Twitchy Staff

Glenn Beck@glennbeck

Oklahoma r hearts r with u and our hands are on the way. http://MERCURYONE.ORG donate to help.ALL proceeds go to help. Disaster relief fund
3:53 PM – 20 May 2013


I watched the news conference held by the Governor of Oklahoma and came away with these thought. The news conference was not all about Governor Mary Fallin (R). She had the heads of different departments and agencies there to provide real time information on what happened, what help is available now and where to find it. The Insurance Commissioner identified which church is providing 24/7 access for insurance company reps to handle claims and issue advance checks. The Insurance Commissioner had already made arrangements with the banking commissioner to have ATMs available to cash the checks. The head of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Services talked the relief that they are providing including the 40,000 meals they can cook each day to be distributed by the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and others. The local State Rep said he is available….If you need a bottle of water, a case of water or a place to stay call me”…and gave out his cell phone number. This is what America is all about.

There was a clear and convincing feeling that they are relying upon God and each other to get through this and rebuild.

No one was waiting for or looking for Air Force One.

Oklahoma you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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