VIDEO Krauthammer & Rubio: On Bipartisan Proposal – Illegal Immigrants

VIDEOS with Charles Krauthammer and Senator Marco Rubio
Obama – No Deal: No Border Security Before Path to Citizenship
January, 29, 2013 — nicedeb

Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the bipartisan immigration proposal that’s making waves in the Senate. Krauthammer has long been a supporter of legalization after enforcement of the border. “Americans would accept that,” he said, “and that’s what the proposal appears to do.”

“It says once you get enforcement, you’re going to have to go through a path to get a green card, then citizenship, but that’s highly misleading, because under this proposal, the day this bill is signed, you get instant legalization for 11 million illegal immigrants. It’s called provisional – that’s nonsense. No one is ever going to revoke this legalization.”

Senator Marco Rubio, who’s causing major heartburn in even his most loyal supporters for pushing the proposal, appeared on the ‘Hannity’ show, last night to discuss the bill. Rubio agreed with Hannity that the borders need to be secured before any of the steps for a pathway to citizenship would be enacted.

Obama is coming to the rescue of nervous Republicans as it’s being reported that he’ll reject the terms of the Senate compromise and move it further to the left, giving Republicans wiggle room to oppose it. Apparently, he thinks this move is a winner for Obamacrats since everything he does is politically motivated.

But if immigration reform goes down in flames, he’ll be the one to blame.

AS PREDICTED: No Deal – Obama: No Border Security Before Path to Citizenship

Senator Marco Rubio on another FOX interview – we are not having a bidding war:


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