VIDEO A Texas Judge’s Prayers And The 1 St Amendment

Prayer First Amend Franklin

Aug 25, 2016 by JAKE MACAULAY


Prayer is a universal assistance that billions of people all over the globe rely on when in times of distress, sadness, trouble, happiness, or gratefulness.  This practice transcends all lines of ethnicity, culture, religions, and political systems.

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin openly acknowledged the dependency on prayer he and our founders had, declaring,

In the beginning of the contest with Great Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayer in this room for the Divine Protection. — Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered.

Over 200 years later, a Texas justice of the peace is speaking out after an atheist activist group said it’s considering a lawsuit against him for allowing chaplains to begin his courtroom sessions with prayer.

This atheist group calls Judge Wayne Mack’s actions in his Willis courtroom “unconstitutional.”

However, the good Judge asserts that the U.S. Supreme Court as well as the Texas Supreme Court begin their opening sessions with invocations and that all he’s doing is “following in their footsteps.”

To put a fine point on it, when Judge Mack calls for prayers in his courtroom, he is actually “following” the law.

It is legal.

Let me repeat.   It is legal.

Let me briefly explain.

The United States Code refers to the Declaration of Independence as the “organic law” of the United States.  And the Declaration clearly claims that there is an Almighty Creator God, that our rights come from Him, and that the purpose of civil government is to protect and defend the God-given rights of the people. The Declaration makes reference to the Bible, God’s Word, as the source of earthly, legal authority.

But, what about “Separation of Church and State?” you might ask.  Is the irrational atheist group relying on the First Amendment to try to stop prayer?

Let’s look at it.

In the American View of law and government, when God created the world, He created our rights at the very same time.  Later, after the flood, He instituted civil government (what we now call the State) for the purpose of defending those rights that He had previously given.

Later still, as part of His redemptive plan for a fallen and sinful mankind, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and fully God Himself, instituted the Church, of which He is the Head.

Now the church and the state are separate entities and they have separate functions, and separate jurisdictions. But since God established both of these institutions, neither is separate from Him.

So, you see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Judge, or any State or a County official, acknowledging through prayer the Word of God as authoritative and controlling in the civil affairs of men.

Actually, quite the opposite is true.  No State action or law is valid unless it conforms to God’s law and His Will.  So, prayer and Bible reading and Bible influence in civil government is totally, perfectly American…and totally legal.

So, we thank Judge Wayne Mack for doing his civil duty of praying and seeking the council of Almighty God before he tries any cases.

One further question for those naysayers:

If the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law…,” then how can another Judicial agency enforce a law that Congress cannot make?”

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VIDEO Prez On The Green, Hillary On The Carpet, USA On The Rocks…Mr Trump? – Blacks – No Path Legalization


Obama Focus golf flag

Aug 25, 2016 by  MICHAEL BRESCIANI


Since the early sixties America has endeavored to raise a generation of liberally oriented people who want a free education, an eight hundred dollar phone full of app’s, and the chance to become the next Steve Jobs. Most come nowhere near that goal, but are found unable to read at sixth grade level, smoking cannon sized joints of medical marijuana and stumbling over the complexities of life like, which is their left hand and which is their right, or who is a boy and who is a girl?

They began by listening with itching ears to lib college prof’s who seemed too cool to fool, but they have since gone on to feed at the trough of the liberal press where everything is fully provided by the main stream media now so well known by the acronym, MSM – but let’s not add to the hardships of life by expecting them to know how to spell the word, much less to discern that they are under the spell of lies and pure fantastical hyperbole. There are Americans who think that we are a 2016 year old nation. How could they possibly know how long they have been duped?

They got themselves a hero in 2008, tall dark and handsome, who after all accomplished at least one notable change to the nation; he painted it with the colors of the rainbow. With terrorism fanning the flames of hatred, nations in disarray and new threats like Iran and North Korea on the rise, it is clear that the new colors will provide the nation with no protection. The Prez himself has a proclivity to only one of those colors, which is green. While America is under siege, he is busy trying to stay under par.

Did candidate Trump actually get to the recent Louisiana flood zones before Obama got to the ninth hole? What – a candidate who actually shows fatherly qualities and a genuine concern for Americans – we will have none of that!

It is now apparent that while the lib crowd, which reportedly suffer from a collective prehistoric injury called the big bang, later danced through an era of the big bands, has now come to the place where they want to elect a big boob to be their dauntless leader. Their new great white hope is the mirror image of Germany’s failing Angela Merkel in every way, but questions have been raised.

Has Hillary lied, allowed Americans to die in Benghazi, collected big dough from foreign entities for favors, lied some more and now has to hide the truth about her failing health?

That may be too many difficult questions for people who don’t understand that letting untold numbers of Muslim refugees to flood the nation will produce a specific number of terrorists in the bunch. That kind of complicated math can be left to the MSM they all so happily believe.

The MSM will surely give them an accurate body count of Americans who become victims in various and sundry places across the land of the free. They are placated.

Now the biggest offense America’s darlings of progressivism have to endure is being labeled a bunch of dumb sheep. Seeking the cure, it is well known, requires admitting to a problem. They admit to nothing, they’ve got apps, are chasing Pokémon or are watching the latest raw offering of naked and not ashamed on the tube.

Modern psychiatry has convinced us that there are certain people who fear success and when it approaches, they do something to make it crash and go away. In fact, it may be more a case of not having the right definition of success that causes the failure.

As we raise the specter of winning American Idol or dancing our way to Hollywood, our young are drugged to the hilt, dissatisfied at the heart and living in a Godless vacuum now being filled with after school satanic clubs, unbridled sexual pursuits and encroaching chronic dystopia.

For the millennial’s the definition of success is found in a single word – self.

Character, selflessness, bravery, patriotism, statesmanship, integrity, and honesty have become mere rhetorical devices for those who want to get elected, rather than those who are proud to be Americans.

But it’s not just the millennials who are whining. Now the so called conservatives and Republicans are festering like children because they were denied their favorite in the nominating process.

Their brilliant solution for their disappointment is now to give Hillary the Oval Office!

There are two possible scenarios they don’t seem to see. First is to help Mr. Trump win the election, wait four years and encourage their best candidate to run again. The second is to allow Hillary to win and hope the country can outlast four to eight more years of everything the golfer in chief has already started.

When the perception of a worthy principle to stand on, ends in the fall of a great nation, the phrase dangerous ignorance seems far more apropos than conservative brilliance.

But there is another phrase from the mouth of Forrest Gump’s mother.

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Sound harsh? Let’s examine this picture.

By what intelligence does a nation make a hero worthy of its highest office?

We choose a woman who has built a mountain of obfuscation starting with ‘Whitewater’ at the base, other heights are Benghazi, lying about being in battle zones, and great looming questions about the deaths of friends and foes alike. Hillary stood with those who think the unborn are a nuisance to women – and scaled the heights with the support of counterfeit marriage and gay perversion.

Nearing the peak of this mountain, the clouds start to clear; there she stands having just sold the influence of her time as Secretary for cash, some to our enemies. She stands proudly, wind in her hair, frumpy looking, with pants suit slightly bulging – holding a jar of pickles.

Once the cover is popped – we have found our new president!

It is here I strongly suggest that the American people stop scrutinizing Donald Trump so harshly and take a serious look at ourselves.

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Why Blacks Should Give Trump a Chance

Trump: ‘No Path To Legalization,’ ‘Unless They Leave the Country and Come Back,’ We’ll ‘See What Happens’ Once Border’s Secured

During an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “AC 360” on CNN that “there is no path to legalization” for people who are in the US illegally and haven’t committed any crimes, “unless they leave the country and come back.” And “We’re going to see what happens once we strengthen our border.”

Trump began by saying wasn’t “going to go into all” of his immigration policy “because we’re doing a speech on in a week immigration, which I think will explain it in even greater detail.”

He later stated that after criminal illegal aliens are deported, and the border is secured, “we’re going to see what happens.”

He added that “[Y]ou can’t take 11 [million] at one time and just say, boom, you’re gone. We have to find where these people are. Most people don’t even know where they are. Nobody even knows if it’s 11. It could be 30, and it could be five.”

He was then asked if there would be a path to legalization for illegal immigrants who haven’t committed a crime, to which he said, “No, there’s not a path. There is no path to legalization, unless people leave the country — well, when they come back in, if they come back in, then they can start paying taxes, but there is no path to legalization, unless they leave the country and come back.”

Trump added that “using the existing laws, millions of people are deported, every year. … But you have a lot of people being deported. We’re going to do that vigorously, we’re going to go with the laws that are existing.”

He was asked, “So, if you haven’t committed a crime and you’ve been here for 15 years and you have a family here, you have a job here, will you be deported?”

Trump answered, “We’re going to see what happens once we strengthen our border. … But there is a very good chance the answer could be yes, we’re going to see what happens. … We are not going to allow drugs to come into this country and poison our youth, and then we’re going to see what happens, but there’s no legalization. There’s no amnesty. And if somebody wants to go legalization route, what they’ll do is they’ll go, leave the country, hopefully come back in, and then we can talk. And one other thing, there are millions of people right now, online, trying to come into our country. It’s very unfair to them, some of the rules, regulations, and policies that I’ve seen. These are millions of people that want to come into our country legally, and it would be very unfair to them.”

Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

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Lynne Patton “The Trump Family That I Know” – A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks

Why Conservatives Can’t Trust FOX News

Trump showed-up

hillary honest

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VIDEO Conspiracy?… Bill Clinton Thought Hillary Was Too Sickly to Run for President – Dr Drew CANCELED

Conspiracy?… Bill Clinton Thought Hillary Was Too Sickly to Run for President

hillary handler 2Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday in an attempt to suppress reports that she is weak and sickly.

Hillary mocked the many reports on her ill health by opening a jar of pickles – that was already opened.
hillary pickles

59% of voters want to see Hillary’s health records.

The media says it’s a conspiracy.

But Bill Clinton didn’t think so.

Bill thought Hilalry was too sickly to run for president.
These excerpts from Unlikable, The Problem with Hillary Clinton by Edward Klein:

Bill thought Hillary was in denial about her life threatening symptoms.
bill clinton hillary health

And Bill tried suggesting Hillary rethink whether she had the physical stamina to run for president.
hillary sick bill clinton

The liberal media says if you question Hillary’s health or stamina you are being sexist.

But her own husband questioned her health and stamina.

Via Mike Cernovich:


Dr. Drew Show Canceled Just Days After He Questioned Hillary's Health

Wow, what an interesting coincidence!

Aug 26, 2016  by Chris Menahan

Wow, what an interesting coincidence!  

Just days after Dr. Drew Pinsky aired his concerns about Hillary’s health his show which was running for 5 years was suddenly canceled!

From CNN:

It’s a wrap for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s show on HLN.

CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz announced Thursday that “Dr. Drew and I have mutually agreed to air the final episode of his show on September 22.”

“Dr. Drew and his team have delivered more than five years of creative shows and I want to thank them for their hard work and distinctive programming,” Jautz said in a statement. “Their audience-driven shows, in particular, were innovative and memorable TV. And Dr. Drew has been an authoritative voice on addiction and on many other topical issues facing America today.”

[…]HLN will air reruns of “Forensic Files” and episodes of CNN originals in the “Dr. Drew” 7 p.m. ET time slot.

I’m sure this had nothing to do with video of Dr. Drew talking about Hillary’s health racking up over 600,000 views on YouTube and causing a major disruption for the Hillary campaign!

This is just another one of those crazy coincidences!

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VIDEO Not Very Libertarian Gary Johnson Wants Mandatory Vaccinations – Green Party Candidates – PBS Censorship

Not Very Libertarian Gary Johnson Calling for Mandatory Vaccinations


Melissa DykesThe Daily Sheeple

Gary Johnson couldn’t be more of a sell out shill if he tried.

He’s already brought on running mate William Weld, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-TPP signatory on the CFR’s North American Union document and admitted lifelong pal of Hillary since the Watergate days (see video below).

Now Gary Johnson, who claims to be so “libertarian” (whatever that means to him at this point), has reversed positions and is pro mandatory vaccination:

“You know, since I’ve said that … I’ve come to find out that without mandatory vaccines, the vaccines that would in fact be issued would not be effective,” he said. “So … it’s dependent that you have mandatory vaccinesso that every child is immune. Otherwise, not all children will be immune even though they receive a vaccine.”
Johnson said he believes vaccination policy should be handled at the local level.
“In my opinion, this is a local issue. If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science and I would probably require that vaccine,” he said.

(Audio clip here if you want to hear his nasally, boring, NPR commentator-sounding voice actually say the words.)

“Science” huh? What’s next from our “libertarian” presidential candidate, man-made climate change and carbon taxes?

Everybody has a price. Wonder how much Gary Johnson’s check was for.

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VIDEO Young Voters See Double Std In Clinton Foundation – Silence on ‘Clinton Cash’ Could Hurt Dems’

Analyst: Clinton Foundation ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’ for Hillary, ‘Just Bleeds and Bleeds’

Clinton Foundation

Aug 25, 2016 By Cabot Phillips

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has consistently claimed that the mainstream media is unfair to his campaign and gives preferential coverage to Hillary Clinton.

Most recently, Mr. Trump has used the media’s lack of coverage of the Clinton Foundation as an example, claiming that if he had a foundation with as many allegedly improper dealings, the media would be in a frenzy.

In his speech yesterday, Trump elaborated on the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of donations from oppressive regimes, as well as the recent discovery that over 50 percent of the non-government officials who met with Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State were donated to her private foundation.

Would the media cover this story differently if it was Mr. Trump’s private foundation? Campus Reformhit the streets to ask young people what they thought, and the results were overwhelming.

Nearly every young voter we spoke to—many of whom were Hillary supporters—admitted they thought that Trump would likely be skewered by the media had his foundation done what the Clinton Foundation did.


“If Trump was doing the same thing Clinton was doing, he’d be in a lot more trouble,” said one young voter, while another added “it’d definitely be thrown against him a lot more.”

One Clinton voter admitted that other voters like him would be turned off if the Clinton Foundation was in the news more, saying “I’d never even heard of that, that’s a sketchy situation…”

Another Clinton voter added “I would say the more a lot of that comes into light, the more it instills fear into people, or at least distrust in Hillary.”

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Analyst: Clinton Foundation ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’ for Hillary, ‘Just Bleeds and Bleeds’

Elise Jordan, a political analyst for NBC News, writes that Hillary Clinton’s handling of the “Clinton Cash” Clinton Foundation scandals is a “self-inflicted wound” that “just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds.”

From TIME:

I recently sliced the tip of my toe on an ocean barnacle. This happened at 6pm on a Friday of a long-awaited beach weekend, so I avoided the emergency room for stitches.

Overdosing on rosé was no cure. My minor wound kept bleeding. I finally went to the doctor when I got home where I got crutches, antibiotics for the infection, and an avoidable weeklong recovery for a tiny cut, for no reason other than my bullheadedness.

As I watch Hillary Clinton wish away the fallout of the Clinton Foundation’s unseemly ties with the State Department during her tenure as Secretary of State, I can’t help but think that her self-inflicted wound just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. Every day that she fails to seriously address the rotten consequences of her poor judgment, Clinton further erodes the already lacking public trust in her. By avoiding a sincere display of contrition, she risks her candidacy and the foundation her family built.

“I know there’s a lot of smoke, and there’s no fire,” Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a rare interview.

The numbers on the alleged pay-to-play are damning: as reported by the Associated Press, of 154 non-official meetings or phone calls on her schedule as Secretary of State, at least 85 of those individuals were private-sector donors who contributed up to $156 million to Clinton Foundation initiatives.

The report comes on top of other far more incriminating investigations revealing the appearance of quid pro quo with foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation. Perhaps the worst example was when investors who profited from the Clinton State Department’s approval of a deal for Russia’s atomic energy agency’s acquisition of a fifth of America’s uranium mining rights subsequently pumped money into the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons subsequently did not fulfill the Obama administration’s request for public disclosure of foreign donations.

The public deserves to hear from Clinton an honest explanation of why she felt all of this was appropriate.

Read the rest of the story here.

NY Mag: Hillary’s Silence on ‘Clinton Cash’ Could Hurt Democrats’ Congressional Chances

Veteran Democrat operative Ed Kilgore warns that Hillary Clinton’s handling of “Clinton Cash” scandals regarding the Clinton Foundation could hurt down-ballot races this November.

From New York Magazine:

There are increasingly convincing indications that Hillary Clinton has made a strategic decision to stonewall on the email and Clinton Foundation controversies in hopes of “running out the clock” and winning the presidency without being forced to address sticky questions on such matters. Most of the talk right now revolves around the impact of this tactic on Clinton’s actual odds of becoming the 45th president. Is stonewalling ever smart? Would engaging with scandalmongers just validate them and help obscure the many things about Donald Trump that dwarf even the worst assumptions about Clinton?

If HRC’s campaign continues to (a) refuse to talk about emails and Foundation financing while (b) maintaining a steady but unspectacular lead in the presidential polls, then another question will surely begin to emerge: Is a too-cautious Clinton sacrificing her party’s prospects of a big landslide election that takes back Congress?

If that question rings a bell, it could be because very similar concerns were expressed two decades ago about another Democratic presidential candidate with a very similar last name. The latter stages of Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign infuriated House Democrats, in part because he talked a lot about issues (welfare reform, trade policy, and fiscal policy) on which he disagreed with them. This aspect of Clinton’s campaign is what his 1995–1996 chief political strategist (sidelined during the latter stages of the reelection campaign by revelations about his adventures with a prostitute) Dick Morris notoriously called “triangulation.”

But the alleged Clinton betrayal of congressional Democrats in 1996 went beyond “triangulation”: The Big Dog did very little to share the political or financial wealth with down-ballot Democrats, and more or less coasted to a victory over the hapless Bob Dole with extremely limited coattails. Democrats won only two net House seats after spending much of the cycle anticipating a reversal of the Republican Revolution of 1994. And they actually lost two net Senate seats. There was also (in a particularly eerie foreshadowing of two different aspects of the current race) a simmering scandal involving alleged Chinese efforts to influence U.S. politics via contributions to the Democratic National Committee; the Clinton-Gore campaign pretty much ignored it. This, too, was widely thought to damage Democratic prospects down-ballot.

I happened to attend a House Democratic Caucus retreat early in 1997, and the anger at the newly reelected president was palpable. Morris’s sidekick Mark Penn was supposed to be there to debate fellow-pollster Stan Greenberg over the meaning of the 1996 elections, and when it was announced that Penn had been delayed by an appointment at the White House, a growl of offended fury swept through the room.

So far there’s nothing like this sort of tension between Hillary Clinton and congressional Democrats — many of whom, after all, recently went to the mats to help her head off Bernie Sanders’s primary challenge. But it’s not hard to imagine some heat rising if HRC floats into the leaf-changing season with a modest but steady lead over Trump even as visions of a big party landslide fade. It is indeed likely that playing rope-a-dope with Trump and the media over scandal mania is the safe route to victory, and in our winner-take-all system for presidential elections, a narrow Clinton win gives her as much executive-branch power as a landslide. But Democrats rightly hope for a top-of-the-ticket-driven wave that will capsize the campaigns of House and Senate Republicans who are in close races. And down-ballot Democrats can and should argue that HRC’s ability to succeed as president depend strictly on the kind of support she can expect in Congress. It remains to be seen if such protestations have an effect on a presidential candidate famed for caution.


hillary honest

Trump Hillary media

trump hillay media

trump media


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Do More For Your Conquering Invaders, You Bigots

shutterstock_217604539_Lancaster County

Aug 25, 2016 by Paul Hair


It isn’t enough that you peacefully watch as your leaders conquer you with alien invaders, you bigots. You should be helping them do so. And one way you’re failing to help is by not giving into every one of your conquerors’ education demands.

Fox News recently reported on how alien invaders in southcentral Pennsylvania are suing the School District of Lancaster for not giving them everything they want.

Local media have covered this as well.

PennLive has run multiple press releases for the invaders, including one last week. That press release reveals who is assisting the aliens and just how arrogant all involved are.

With co-counselors from the ACLU and the Education Law Center, Rothschild — a private attorney who also led an Intelligent Design case against York County’s Dover Area School District in 2005 — argued that the School District of Lancaster denied enrollment to older refugee students and sidetracked others by funneling them away from the district’s main secondary school and into a more dubious alternative program. …

Rothschild said he believes the education these refugee students received at Phoenix Academy “constitutes an irreparable harm,” citing a lack of interpreters, minimal English language instruction time, Draconian policing measures and older siblings left to fall behind younger ones fortunate enough to have made it into another school. The district denies the allegations.

Qassim Hassan, a Somali refugee whose father was killed by militiamen in that country, said of the security procedures in place at Phoenix Academy: “It makes me hate the school and hate the system. It makes me feel bad.”

My default position on refugees has changed. I now believe it is immoral to help them.

I’ve changed my belief because people have decided to take advantage of astounding American kindness and use it as a tool to destroy us. I’ll have exceptions to my new belief, of course. But the standard position is I now view refugees as enemy invaders until proven otherwise.

Foreign people who take over the land of another people is called war when it is done anywhere else in the world.

But when American leaders do it to you, they say you have no right to resist it.

In fact, they’re now suing you for not helping them wipe you out.

Mortal Gods: Ignition is Paul Hair’s collection of short stories about superhumans in a real-world setting. The second tale is about a group of people who have had enough of American leaders conquering them with alien invaders. This group exploits the American obsession with the nonsense concept of a “transgender” human being to start fighting back. Read an excerpt at Liberty Island. Buy the full eBook at Amazon.

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UN tells Philippine President to stop exercising law and order against drug dealers – UN FAIL So Sudan

UN tells Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to stop exercising law and order against drug dealers or “state actors” could be punished

phillipines presidentialbets-duterte

Yes that’s right, well President Duterte is not easily bullied. He isn’t telling his police force to stand down and give way to crime. Nor does he take well in being told to do so.  He stated his options, the first being to  pull out of the  UN and possibly  inviting China, African nations and other countries to create a rival international body! He scolded the UN on their stupid responses toward global issues calling them “inutile” (useless).

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte,  threatened  the country could leave the UN, after they urged the Philippines to stop executing and killing people linked to drug business and threatened that “state actors” could be punished

“I do not want to insult you, but maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations,” President  Duterte told journalists on Sunday. “Why do you have to listen to this stupid?”

phillipine president 57a9e1ddc361880d1d8b45a3

“Look at the iconic boy that was taken out from the rubble and he was made to sit in the ambulance and we saw it,” Duterte said alluding to the picture of a five year old Syrian boy , Omran Daqneesh, recently going viral around the globe.

“I don’t give a sh*t about them (UN). They are the ones interfering. You do not just go out and give a sh*tting statement against a country.”

“Why is it that the United States is not doing anything? I do not read you. Anybody in that stupid body complaining about the stench there of death?  What do you think the Americans did to the black people there?(referring to the soros funded  and so-called cops killing blacks that Obama created to take away our guns and turn our police over to INTERPOL) Is that not rubbing off also? And (critics) say what?”

phjillipine Duterte Fighting Illegal Drugs

Duterte is not politically correct and does not intend to be. He has a nation to lead and is not going to allow it to continue to run rampant with drug cartels and violence on the streets.  He questioned as to whether UN officials were indeed threatening to jail him and repeated that he was ready to sacrifice his life and presidency for his country.

Duterte has developed a reputation for being very outspoken and even rude at times. Earlier in August, he called the US ambassador Philip Goldberg “gay” and a “son of a bitch.” Read why he did so here.

philippines 35E705EB00000578-3672276-image-a-42_1467547646860

So as the Obama regime obliges to the globalists who control the UN, the nation members are one by one waking up and going against the globalist’s tyrannical schemes of pre-planned lawlessness designed to usher in a world wide police state.  President Duterte is saying “Enough is enough – UN mind your own business!”  That is it in a nutshell.

It seems Russia, Syria, and now Turkey are shouting the very same thing.  How long before other nations come right out and say  the same?  Not long…. for it seems the writing is on the wall!


The United Nations’ Botched Mission in South Sudan

Aug 20, 2016 By Joseph A. Klein

South Sudan, the youngest member state of the United Nations, began its life as an independent country with expressions of hope for a bright future. At the independence ceremony of South Sudan, held in its capital Juba on July 9, 2011, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon proclaimed that, after years of violence, “we open a new chapter: a day when the people of South Sudan claim the freedom and dignity that are their birthright… South Sudan could grow into a prosperous, productive nation capable of meeting the needs of its people.”

The Secretary General heralded that “a new United Nations mission begins its work. Our mandate: to help South Sudan establish effective institutions of governance and deliver on the high hopes of its people.”

Five years later, South Sudan is torn by violence, unspeakable atrocities committed against civilians, and a dire humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people. A civil war broke out in December 2013 between forces loyal to South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and forces loyal to deposed Vice President Riek Machar, who are from different ethnic groups.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has failed to fulfill the most important purpose of any UN peacekeeping mission today – to protect civilians caught in the crossfire from harm. It has even failed to adequately protect civilians seeking refuge in camps set up by UNMISS from armed attacks.

Recently, UN peacekeepers have been charged with ignoring desperate calls for help, as government soldiers “shot dead a local journalist while forcing the foreigners to watch, raped several foreign women, singled out Americans, beat and robbed people and carried out mock executions,” according to an Associated Press report based on witness accounts. “The accounts highlight, in raw detail, the failure of the UN peacekeeping force to uphold its core mandate of protecting civilians, notably those just a few minutes’ drive away,” the Associated Press reported. This was not the first time that UN peacekeepers stationed in South Sudan to protect civilians abandoned them. The Associated Press had previously reported another instance last month when “UN peacekeepers in Juba did not stop the rapes of local women by soldiers outside the UN’s main camp.”

The UN said that it is investigating the latest incidence of dereliction of duty by its peacekeepers, even as the Security Council passed a resolution extending the UNMISS mandate to June 30, 2017 and authorizing the deployment of a 4,000-strong regional protection force in South Sudan under UNMISS’s command.

Questions remain whether the government of South Sudan, under Kiir’s leadership, will consent to the extension of the UNMISS mandate and composition of the additional regional force. The early signs are not encouraging in that regard. The UN representative of South Sudan declared, “The adoption of this resolution goes against the basic principle of United Nations peacekeeping operations, which is the consent of the main parties to the conflict,” adding that it also went against the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of States enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

Now the United Nations has complicated matters further by turning over South Sudan’s deposed Vice President Riek Machar, whom had escaped to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) following an apparent failed assassination attempt against him, to DRC authorities.  United Nations spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters in New York on Thursday that the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo —known as MONUSCO—had assisted with Machar’s evacuation and transfer to the DRC’s government on “humanitarian” grounds, noting that the transfer was done “with his consent.”

This latest development followed a month of renewed fighting in the civil war. Despite a brokered peace agreement between the two sides, under which Machar had returned to the South Sudanese capital to reprise his position as vice president, fighting resumed in July. Machar left the capital and, after he refused to return, Kiir appointed a new vice president from the main opposition party in South Sudan, known as the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition.

There is understandable concern over Machar’s likely fate if he were to be returned to the South Sudanese capital from which he had fled. However, it remains a mystery why the UN simply turned Machar over to DRC authorities even though he evidently had not requested asylum. Machar is said to be planning to travel on to Ethiopia, whose government is reportedly friendly to his cause.

Both Kiir and Machar have plenty of innocent civilian blood on their hands. Tens of thousands of people have died and over two million have been forced from their homes during the civil war between Kiir’s and Machar’s forces. War crimes, including atrocities committed against civilians, have been committed by both sides, including rapes of women and girls and recruitment of child soldiers.

Last month, after renewed violence erupted, Ban Ki-moon denounced Kiir and Machar for failing their people and indicated that both may be responsible for war crimes. “What kind of leadership is it that resorts to deadly weapons and identity politics, time and again? Failed leadership,” the Secretary General said. “Let me underscore, again, to all those leading and perpetrating these hostilities that acts of violence perpetrated against civilians and United Nations and humanitarian personnel, assets and premises may constitute a war crime.”

Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide on the situation in South Sudan, issued a statement last month stressing the urgent need to end impunity in South Sudan and bring to justice all those responsible for violations of international human rights and humanitarian law. “It would be a mistake to think that peace, reconciliation and national healing can be achieved in South Sudan without any accountability for the crimes committed,” he commented. “Amnesty is not an option. Those who oppose accountability could be seen as abetting the atrocities committed in South Sudan by protecting the perpetrators.”

By allowing Riek Machar to slip through its fingers without any accountability for the violations of international human rights and humanitarian law he is alleged to have committed, the United Nations itself may be complicit in enabling impunity. The UN’s protection of the alleged perpetrator Machar, added to the UN peacekeepers’ failure to adequately protect civilians when they had the chance, adds up to a botched UN mission in South Sudan.

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