Marco Rubio in Spanish: Obama’s First Executive AMNESTY ‘Important,’ People ‘Benefiting from It

rubio amnesty
17 Apr 2015 by Matthew Boyle

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said he believes that President Barack Obama’s first executive amnesty for so-called DREAMers—the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—is “important” and he won’t reverse it himself if elected president. He delivered these remarks in a Spanish-language interview he gave to Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

“I believe DACA is important. It can’t be terminated from one moment to the next, because there are already people benefiting from it,” Rubio said in Spanish on Ramos’s television program, according to an English translation provided by the media service Grabien. “But yes, it is going to have to end. It can’t be the permanent policy of the United States, and I don’t think that’s what they’re asking either. I think everyone prefers immigration reform.”

Ramos followed up, according to the translation, by asking: “But then, to clarify, you would put an end to DACA once immigration reform is approved, but what would happen, Senator, if there is no immigration reform; would you cancel DACA anyway?”

Rubio answered that DACA will end only when a legislative substitute with the exact same or similar policy prescriptions—a legislative amnesty for illegal alien minors—is implemented. He also said in Spanish that, if elected president, he believes that America cannot deport illegal aliens here in the country right now, and he expects a legislative solution will be implemented that essentially has all the parts of the massively controversial “Gang of Eight” bill that he would pass piece-by-piece.

“Well, at some point it is going to have to end, that is to say, it can’t continue being the permanent policy of the United States,” Rubio said. “I believe, if I become President, it is going to be possible to achieve immigration reform. It is not going to be comprehensive, that is to say, it is not going to all be in one massive bill. We already tried that a few years ago. We’ve seen there isn’t political support for it and I think we’ve wasted a lot of time in this process, when we could have made progress through the steps I’ve advocated.

“Unfortunately, a lot has been spent with that, it’s become an even more controversial subject, more difficult to make progress on, but I’m still saying it’s important to modernize our system and that means improving the way we enforce in the future, modernizing the immigration system so that it isn’t as costly and bureaucratic, and we have to deal with the 12 million human beings who are here and no one, no one is advocating a plan to deport 12 million people, so that topic has to be dealt with as well.”

Rubio’s comment, targeted toward Spanish speakers, that he would keep Obama’s first executive amnesty—enacted outside the purview of Congress—in effect, until passing a legislative substitute with nearly identical policies, puts him at odds with virtually the rest of the Republican field except for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal have each said that on day one as president, they would immediately undo Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal executive overreaches—including DACA, as it was started without congressional approval—rather than trying to wait for a legislative solution.

Further, Rubio is calling DACA “important,” though it’s widely understood in the political world that this program caused the border crisis last summer and will likely lead to a future border crisis. Rubio’s comments endorse a policy that, in effect, brought tens of thousands of migrant children streaming across the border illegally and risking their lives to get into America with hopes of getting an unlawful amnesty.

The last time Rubio tried to push immigration rhetoric like this—the Gang of Eight bill back in 2013—he saw a significant drop in the polls. As he continues exposing his true beliefs when it comes to immigration matters, his emotional rhetoric as a presidential candidate will be undercut by his support of policies the Republican electorate is vehemently opposed to like Obama’s executive amnesty.

Ann Coulter, the massively influential conservative columnist, has said that Rubio “can’t be serious” in running for president after exposing his wildly unpopular immigration views, and he seems to be angling for a vice presidential slot.

“I think he’s running for a vice presidential slot,” Coulter said of Rubio on Fox News. “This can’t be serious.”

It’s also worth noting that pandering on immigration to the Hispanic community as much as Bush or Rubio have does not mean Republicans have any better chance at gaining support in such communities.

Bush, who along with Rubio is the most liberal on immigration in the 2016 field and thinks of himself as an “honorary Hispanic” and even checked the race as his own on a voter registration card—something he and his campaign have tried to laugh off since the story broke—is polling worse among Hispanics than even Mitt Romney got in 2012.

Romney, who was berated for his “self-deport” line, got by most estimations about 29 percent of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election against President Barack Obama. Yet Bush, according to two recent ABC News and Washington Post polls, trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among Hispanic voters by an even worse margin than by which Romney lost—71 percent for Clinton to 26 percent for Bush.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that Rubio’s comments to Ramos in Spanish show that he’s significantly further left than the majority of Republicans in Congress on this issue. Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment–and then passed legislation containing it–from Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) that would have withheld taxpayer funding for Obama’s DACA executive amnesty.

While 26 of the most liberal Republicans in the House voted against that amendment, it passed onto the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding bill, then passed the House. Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC), who is going to face conservative Frank Roche in a rematch in her primary next year, led the charge among those liberal Republicans to try to derail Blackburn’s amendment. Ellmers failed in the end.

When Rubio announced he was running for president, too, he actually argued he’s done more for illegal aliens than Hillary Clinton has.

“Well, I don’t know about others, but I’ve done more immigration than Hillary Clinton ever did,” Rubio said in an interview with National Public Radio. “I mean, I helped pass an immigration bill in a Senate dominated by Democrats. And that’s more than she’s ever done. She’s given speeches on it, but she’s never done anything on it.”

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VIDEO Rand Paul In NH delivers familiar message on dangers of government over-reach

rand paul1
April 18, 2015 AP

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul knows he must broaden his appeal to become his party’s 2016 presidential nominee. But in New Hampshire on Saturday, Paul largely stuck to his core, libertarian-oriented message about the dangers of an over-reaching government that spies on Americans and gets too involved in far-flung civil wars.

“We’ve been good at defending the Second Amendment, but I also want to defend the Fourth Amendment,” said Paul, an outspoken critic of the National Security Agency’s program that tracks Americans’ phone and Internet activities, since it was exposed in 2013.

“I believe in the right to privacy,” he continued. “Your phone records are yours and not the government’s. It’s none of their damn business what you’re doing on your phone.”

Paul delivered his remarks at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, N.H., where the GOP’s top 2016 presidential candidates and hopefuls have gathered to woo voters.

Because New Hampshire is an early-voting state, winning or finishing a close is critical for any Republican or Democratic candidate trying to capture enough momentum and campaign money to stay on the trail toward winning his or her party’s nomination.

Nearly 20 Republican White House prospects are on the program for this weekend’s conference — hosted by the state GOP, the year’s first gathering of its kind in the first-in-the-nation primary state.

Speakers ranged from the party’s elite to its longshots: former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Friday delivered a standing-room-only speech while lesser-known South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced himself to voters one at a time in a hallway.

Paul on Saturday also took aim at the Obama administration for what he considers having gotten too close to the ongoing conflict in Libya, where four Americans were killed in 2013 during terror attacks on a U.S. outpost in the city of Benghazi.

“Why the hell did we ever go in to Libya in the first place?” Paul asked. “I think it was a mistake to be in Libya. It was a disaster. We never should have been there.”

The United States has since pulled all personnel out of Libya, which has now descended into deeper turmoil as rival governments and militias battle for control.

New Hampshire is known for roughly 40 percent of its voters being considered independents, or undecided upon a major political party until perhaps as late as Election Day.

In the 2012 White House race, Paul’s father, then-Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul, who had a huge libertarian following, finished second in the New Hampshire primary.

Rand Paul, however, prefers to call himself a “constitutional conservative” and “libertarian-ish.”

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VIDEO Hillary’s Van Drove Past Elderly in Wheelchairs Waiting to Talk to Her – Truth Behind ‘Ordinary Americans’

More Secrets Revealed Behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘Ordinary’ American Visits
Hillary meeting real-folks
18 Apr 2015 by Warner Todd Huston

By Friday, more of the secretive machinations used to plan the less than spontaneous meetings with purported “ordinary” Iowans arranged by Hillary Clinton’s campaign have been revealed.

Reports from several sources have revealed the extents to which Clinton’s team went to arrange the meetings and that few of those who met with candidate Clinton were “ordinary,” inasmuch as they were all Democrat Party operatives or left-wing activists of one stripe or another.

Those who met with Clinton were also herded carefully by her operatives, prevented from talking to anyone after being picked up for transportation, and even had to surrender all cell phones and cameras before being allowed into the meetings. The “regular” folks were also required to sign release forms before being ushered in to see Clinton.

A new investigation by Business Insider revealed the high level of secrecy surrounding the meetings.

As Breitbart News previously reported, three of the “ordinary” Iowans were Democrat operatives Austin Bird, Carter Bell, and Planned Parenthood employee Sara Sedlacek.

On Thursday, Bird confirmed that Clinton campaign staffer Troy Price drove them to the meeting with Mrs. Clinton only after “vetting them for about a half-hour.”

By Friday, more of the participants were revealed. They were Pottawattamie County Democratic Party Chairwoman Linda Nelson; Iowa LBGT activist Mike Yowell; chairwoman of Iowa’s Woodbury County Democratic Party, Penny Rosfjord; and Jennifer Herrington, the chair of the Page County Democrats.

None of these Democrat operatives serving as Clinton’s “ordinary” Iowans were allowed to take photos with Mrs. Clinton, Business Insider reported, but all claimed they appreciated the lengths the campaign went for security.

Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston or email the author at
Reporter: Hillary’s Van Drove Past Elderly People in Wheelchairs Waiting to Talk to Her
April 17, 2015 BY: Daniel Bassali

Hillary Clinton wants to meet “everyday Americans” so badly, she drove right past many waiting in front of her event in Iowa.

In the now-viral clip of reporters chasing after Clinton’s “Scooby” van, the Clinton camp drove to the back entrance, surprising both reporters and many of her supporters waiting to get a glimpse of the candidate.

“I think what you don’t see in that clip, which is one of the most surprising things is there were actually a ton of people waiting for her at the front of that college,” said Financial Times reporter Megan Murphy. “There were elderly people in wheelchairs, there were people — and they just cruised right on by to the back.”

The news that Clinton symbolically drove past ordinary voters while driving their own “everyday Americans” to the event will certainly reflect poorly on the campaign. The incident draws parallels to the man Clinton hopes to succeed in the Oval Office when he drove past disabled veterans in Phoenix.

The Democratic front-runner had already snubbed everyday Americans when she parked at a handicapped spot for her convenience at one event and did not include “differently-abled” citizens in her announcement video.

“Those were the everyday Americans. Those were the everyday Iowans and guess what—they were lined up in front of that community college,” Murphy said.

Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski was appalled after hearing the story. Earlier in the day, she criticized the Clinton campaign for her evasive and inaccessible approach to the campaign roll out which has left Clinton looking stale and flat. Joe Scarborough, on the other hand, laughed and said the story proved the narrative of an inauthentic Clinton campaign. The former congressman said it was not surprising Clinton did not want to meet the elderly people on wheelchairs because her staff did not get to vet them first.

“Because they want the everyday Americans that they had talked to for 30 minutes about how to act like an everyday American,” Scarborough said.

With senior citizens making up a quarter of all voters in 2014, up from 21 percent in 2010, Clinton may face an uphill battle in gaining the trust of the most reliable voting block to turn out on Election Day.
MSNBC: Clinton ‘Control Freakishness’ Makes Her Campaign Unnatural
April 17, 2015 BY: Daniel Bassali

The roundtable on MSNBC’s Morning Joe said that Hillary Clinton’s need to control the environment around her is suffocating any chance of her campaign appearing authentic.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Clinton’s campaign prescreened the “everyday Americans” she met with at her events in Iowa, including one former Obama campaign intern whom they drove to the event and vetted for 30 minutes. The “lobbyist in training,” Austin Bird, was reported as a student but had previously been a chauffeur for Vice President Joe Biden.

The report is another embarrassment for Clinton’s cautious campaign rollout. Clinton has mostly avoided the press since her presidential announcement, deciding instead to stage small roundtable discussions where she mostly listens to the concerns of “ordinary” Iowans.

“That reminds me of the New York Times reporter who went to the bathroom and staff member for Hillary followed her and stood outside the stall,” Joe Scarborough said.

“Do you think there is a little control freakishness happening?” co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

Eugene Robinson agreed, saying the campaign felt unnatural, but that until Clinton faces legitimate opposition, she will get away with doing whatever she wants.

“She doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do because she doesn’t have any meaningful opposition to the democratic nomination,” Robinson said. “She doesn’t have to do anything that any of us might want her to do at this point. She can stay strategic and staged if, indeed, anything was staged.”

Political reporter Mike Barnicle said Clinton’s last eight years outside of campaigning has left her rusty and a primary opponent would to put her feet to the fire would force Clinton to shape up.

“She needs a primary opponent. She’ll get in campaign shape. She’s clearly not in full campaign shape yet,” Barnicle said.

Opponent or not, Clinton’s “low-key” and “humble” rollout has disturbed political commentators and frustrated reporters.

if Hillary was one of us

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VIDEO Walmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network: “ – JADE HELM 15 OFFICIAL PRESENTATION

There’s been much speculation about the recent closures of Walmart stores around the country
-Suspicious! Closed Walmart Stores Haven’t Sought Any Permits for Plumbing Work
walmart closing
April 18, 2015 by Mac Slavo |

There’s been much speculation about the recent closures of Walmart stores around the country. Walmart claims the their stores, closed almost simultaneously in different cities, is a result of plumbing issues. But many employees and customers suspect that something else is going on, though no one, including store managers, has any idea what that might be.

Several theories have popped up, with some claiming that it is an economic issue and Walmart may have shut those stores down because of lackluster sales, but they don’t want to announce falling retail sales so as to avoid a hit to their stock price.

The outcome is that “while WMT (or MCD or GAP or Target) boosts the living standards of its employees by the smallest of fractions, it cripples the cost and wage structure of the entire ecosystem of vendors that feed into it, and what takes place is a veritable avalanche effect where a few cent increase for the lowest paid megacorp employees results in a tidal wave of layoffs for said megacorp’s vendors.”

If that doesn’t turn out to be enough in the face of an economy which isn’t really recovering and in which low-income shoppers are constrained by lackluster (and by that we mean nonexistent) wage growth, some sacrifices may have to be made. The problem is that laying people off and shuttering stores two months after a celebrated wage hike initiative doesn’t inspire much confidence and could turn into a PR issue, but one thing you could do is get creative, and while we’re not plumbers, we do find it curious that five geographically distinct WalMart stores have been closed in the past week for “ongoing plumbing issues that will require extensive repairs.”

Source: Zero Hedge

Others have suggested that the closings may have something to do with upcoming military exercises and the possibility that the massive stores could be used as detention centers for American citizens.

In a report published in July 2014 on, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.”

Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.

Source: Intellihub via The Daily Sheeple

But a new theory brought forth by researcher and Youtube commentator Daboo777suggests that Walmart might be working directly with the Department of Homeland Security and the so-called plumbing issues give them the pretext to bring in heavy machinery without having to explain the specific reasons for doing so with an overly curious public.

But what would this heavy machinery be for?

According to one theory, Walmart is working in conjunction with DHS to expand the government’s underground tunneling system and is integrating it with a larger national emergency response network designed to move supplies and people during a crisis:

In this information…in digging… we come to find out that there have been projects in different areas… not specifically tied to the exact Walmarts that have been closed down at the moment… but they can very well be going through a process connecting them to an underground network.

This is a very real situation… this was brought up years ago.. they were getting the funding and passing this… Homeland Security, in order to secure the safety of citizens in case of a nuclear, biological, chemical or other attack… this was a joint venture by the NSA, DoD, DHS…

These tunnels were to serve as conduits from specific places to rapidly move supplies or whatever they need between these locations.

Are there certain Walmarts out there that have underground connections? I wouldn’t doubt it one bit, especially now that we know DHS over the past decade has had this deal with not only Walmart, but other big sports stadiums and businesses.

(Video via Steve Quayle)

While it may seem like a stretch of the imagination, is it possible that these abrupt closures have something to do with the Department of Homeland Security and the integration of private businesses with broader government emergency response plans?


Suspicious! Closed Walmart Stores Haven’t Sought Any Permits for Plumbing Work

jade helm email
jade helm military
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Texas Set To Approve Licensed Open Carry Of Handguns

gun open carry
April 17, 2015

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS Austin/AP) — Texas is closer to becoming the most populous state to allow licensed open carry of handguns after Republicans pushed through a key vote in the state House.

House lawmakers gave preliminary approval to open carry on Friday, with a final vote expected next week. The state Senate has already approved a similar version and the chambers could send the measure to Gov. Greg Abbott to sign into law in the coming weeks.

Abbott and the Legislature’s strong Republican majority have pushed open carry as an important gun rights and self-defense measure. Most Democrats have opposed it, noting concerns from police in the state’s largest cities and gun control advocates about public safety.

Texas is one of only six states that don’t allow some form of open carry.

It’s legal in Texas to openly carry rifles and shotguns, but the state has banned the same practice for handguns since Reconstruction, as reported by Houston Chronicle.

House takes up open carry bill after delay
gun come and take it houston
April 17, 2015 By Lauren McGaughy

AUSTIN – The Texas House on Friday is scheduled to debate legislation that would allow licensed handgun owners to openly carry the weapons.

House Bill 910 by Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, would allow anyone with a recognized concealed handgun license to openly carry a handgun in public. The legislation enjoys widespread support in the GOP-dominated lower chamber, with more than half of its members having signed on as co-sponsors.

Debate was delayed earlier this week after Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, revealed a computer glitchin the Capitol’s witness registry system that required the bill to be sent back to committee.

Martinez Fischer is expected to again offer at least one so-called “point of order” to delay debate into next week. If debate goes forward, several lawmakers from both parties are expected to offer amendments.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, said he will ask his fellow members to vote on so-called constitutional carry, which would allow open carrying of handguns without a license. If they refuse, he said, he has 162 amendments he can offer to make the bill less restrictive.

Rep. Poncho Nevarez, D-Eagle Pass, will offer two amendments: to close a loophole that would allow those whose Texas concealed handgun licenses have been revoked to openly carry here, and to simplify the state’s “gunbuster” signage.

Texas recognizes the concealed handgun licenses and permits from 41 other states. More than 7 million non-Texans are licensed by these states, many of which have more permissive training and other requirements. They would be permitted to openly carry here if this bill passes.

It’s legal in Texas to openly carry rifles and shotguns. The state has banned the same practice for handguns since Reconstruction. Phillips’ bill, and its companion legislation in the Senate, would allow open carrying of handguns by concealed handgun licensees in a shoulder or hip holster. The bill would not allow the practice on college campuses or other locations that ban guns outright, such as hospitals and polling places.

The House convenes at 9 a.m.

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MB Obama to Americans in Yemen: You’re on Your Own!

iran saudi yemen
April 18th, 2015 By: Jake (Diary)

As we all should know by now, the official government of Yemen fell earlier this year. Among those caught in the chaos that has ensued are a number of American citizens living in the country. The United States has evacuated its troops stationed at an air base in the country, but the fate of those not working for our government are locked in limbo. Writing for McClatchy, John Zarocostas observes:

American citizens escaping Yemen, including small children and some frail elderly, are arriving exhausted in Djibouti after harrowing journeys from the besieged country, where a U.S.-supported Saudi Arabian bombing campaign is entering its fourth week, the U.S. ambassador to the small Horn of Africa country told McClatchy on Thursday.

Calling the flight from Yemen “a tough experience” for many of the evacuees, the U.S. envoy, Tom Kelly, said hundreds of Americans have arrived in Djibouti in recent days aboard foreign ships and aircraft after journeys that for some included hundreds of miles of dangerous land travel from Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, to the ports of Hodeidah and Aden.

In one case, Kelly said, some would-be evacuees were left behind at the port of Aden because they had been unable to climb up rope ladders to board an Indian navy frigate from smaller boats that had ferried them to the larger ship, which had been unable to dock because of fighting in the city.

These aren’t Yemeni political dissidents or members of an oppressed minority group in the country. These are American citizens, and for whatever reason, the Obama administration has turned its back on them. From the article:

The Obama administration so far has declined to organize a rescue mission for the estimated 3,000 to 4,000 U.S. citizens in Yemen. U.S. officials have said they believe it is too dangerous for U.S. military assets to enter Yemeni waters and air space. They’ve also suggested that organizing Americans to meet at a single departure point would put them at risk of attack from al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula or other terrorist groups seeking American hostages.

That, however, has left Americans largely on their own to find a way out of the country. The U.S. Embassy in Sanaa has been closed for months, and the last American troops in the country were evacuated last month, a few days before the Saudi bombing campaign began.

In a message posted on its website, the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa advises that an Indian naval vessel will be leaving Hodeidah for Djibouti and that it had been informed that Americans would be welcomed. But the embassy also noted that “unfortunately, we don’t have information on who to contact to board this ship.”

Got that? The Obama administration’s plan to get American citizens out of Yemen–in the sense it can even be called a plan–is to depend on the good will of other countries. India is explicitly mentioned here, but Russia has also evacuated a few Americans. In other words, one of our biggest current geopolitical foes is doing more to help Americans trapped in Yemen than our own government. Has our President forgotten about the Navy SEALs?

Even Jimmy Carter, for all his many faults, at least tried to rescue the Americans held hostage in Tehran. President Obama, however, has declined to do even that much. All of this is bringing back the unpleasant memories of how our government abandoned Saigon and the Americans there who weren’t able to cram themselves into helicopters, and like it was then, the blame for this can be placed principally, if not entirely, at the feet of Democrats. However, even with Saigon, we again at least made an effort to rescue our own, even if it was a horribly insufficient attempt at doing so.

Barack Obama is disgracing both himself and the office of the Presidency by refusing to rescue our own people. I can assure you, our allies and enemies across the world are taking note of this.
Carter Obama sign

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Wells Fargo breached National Mortgage Settlement

Judge finds bank did not properly evaluate homeowners
scale and gavel 2
April 16, 2015 By Dena Aubin

(Reuters) – Wells Fargo Bank breached a nationwide 2010 legal settlement involving adjustable-payment mortgages, a federal judge ruled, finding that the bank did not properly evaluate homeowners who applied for help to avoid foreclosures.

In an order on Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Seeborg in northern California told Wells to meet with plaintiffs and find a way to remedy its violations, including steps to let some homeowners reapply for loan assistance.

Tom Goyda, spokesman for Wells Fargo, the largest U.S. mortgage lender, said the bank is reviewing the decision and will be working to provide additional information requested.

“We’re quite pleased,” said Jeffrey Berns, lead counsel for homeowners. “I don’t know whether this is going to prevent foreclosures but it is certainly going to open (Wells) up to claims for damages from class members.”

The decision is the latest twist in a long-running dispute over the settlement, which resolved complaints about “pick-a-payment loans.” Wells inherited a large portfolio of these loans with its 2008 acquisition of Wachovia Corp.

The loans gave borrowers the option to initially pay less than the interest due, but the escalating payments that came later contributed to waves of home foreclosures in the 2007-2009 housing crisis, which threw the country into recession.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers for years have argued that Wells was not complying with its agreement to grant loan modifications potentially worth up to $2.7 billion to homeowners who took out the loans. The modifications were an important piece of the settlement, which also called for Wells to pay $50 million to class members.

In court filings, plaintiffs’ lawyers said Wells was not using proper methods to determine whether homeowners were at imminent risk of default and thus qualified for assistance under the settlement.

The lawyers said thousands of homeowners were denied mortgage assistance because Wells used the wrong methods to gauge their financial hardships.

In Wednesday’s ruling, Seeborg chided both sides, saying they “seem to have almost no idea what, exactly, they agreed to more than four years ago.”

He concurred with plaintiffs that Wells breached the agreement by using “evolving and perhaps ill-defined standards” in weighing applications for loan modifications.

He told both sides to present joint or competing proposals for correcting the settlement violations within two weeks.

The case is In Re: Wachovia Corp Pick-A-Payment Mortgage Litigation, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No 09-md-2015 (Reporting by Dena Aubin; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Grant McCool)

Search ‘foreclosure’ on this blog for related posts.


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