Major Disaster Requires God, Groceries, Gold, Guns, Garden!

emp disaster
29 August, 2015 Dr. Don Boys

I’m not certain that some rogue nation will explode an EMP device over the U.S. knocking out all electronics including automobiles, cell phones, air travel, radio and television stations, computers, etc., or that a natural solar storm will accomplish the same thing.

Nor can I be sure that Muslim fanatics will detonate a dirty bomb in one of our major cities. And I can’t be sure that the President will run off the rails and initiate martial law, placing his critics in reeducation camps, and remaining in office for life. And it would be extreme for me to guarantee that a pestilence will smack America in the face killing hundreds of thousands. No, I believe any of the above could happen but they are only possibilities.

However, I am sure that America and the free world face a catastrophic financial meltdown because it is not reasonable to believe we can spend far more money than we take in. Almost 19 trillion dollars of debt is proof of criminal behavior. Everyone knows it is immoral to pass on trillions of dollars of debt to our posterity and repudiation of that debt is just as immoral. The meltdown will be heightened because we have a nation of free loaders who don’t know how to work and don’t even think they are required to work. The fact that the dollar is almost worthless will destroy us even quicker.

My support for belief in a total collapse of the economy with attending gang wars, race wars, home invasions, breakdown of law and order (remember Katrina?), disappearance of food and its production, and massive unemployment is the following.

It was a fantastic year when the stock market boomed and major U.S. companies made huge profits in domestic and foreign markets. New technology totally changed many industries, and financial pundits told us that we were on the edge of a new level of prosperity. Politicians, business leaders, and economists told us that the future was incredibly bright. No, that was not in recent years but in 1929! From May of 1928 to September of 1929, stocks jumped forty percent! In fact, trading in 1929 was more than twice that of 1928.

Newspaper headlines on Oct. 24, 1929 (Black Thursday) screamed, “Wall Street in Panic as Stocks Crash.” President Hoover (not President Roosevelt as Biden declared!) assured the American public that it was only a little correction, but the prosperous became paupers overnight. The best stock on Wall Street was General Motors, selling for 73 and after the crash, it fell to eight!

Men jumped from skyscrapers when their wealth was wiped out in the market. Powerful men were reduced to selling fruit on the streets for pennies. Bread lines were a block long. U.S. unemployment was 25% and about 10,000 banks failed. In addition, our nation did not come out of that depression until the Second World War– twelve long years! Better keep that fact in mind.

It must be kept in mind that even after the stock market crash, political, business, and financial leaders were telling all who would listen that it wasn’t really that bad! The U.S. Secretary of Commerce reported in early 1930 that business was doing well! He said that 1930 would be a “normal” year and those who predicted prolonged depression were “foolish.”

The New York Times jumped into the parade in its Jan. 24, 1930 issue with a headline blaring, “TRADE RECOVERY NOW COMPLETE—No Stimulants Needed—PROGRESS IN ALL LINES BY EARLY SPRING IS FORECAST.” Many major leaders gave such false assurances with no solid, sensible, or sane reason to support them. America was being broken, and our leaders were playing politics to keep everyone from further panic.

Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon assured the nation in early 1930, “I see nothing in the present situation that is either menacing or warrants pessimism.” Mellon must have been President of the League of the Willfully Blind!

Then, on Dec. 6, 1930, when the market had plunged through its 1929 low, unemployment was rising sharply, and business and bank failures were setting records, the Secretary of Commerce said in a radio speech, “We have weathered the storm and signs of stability and recovery are already appearing.” He must have been Vice-president of the League.

We are hearing the same kind of assurances today as the world is brought to its knees. (May not be a bad position!) So get ready for a wild ride that may last for years and be far worse than the hot shots in Washington and New York are telling us. Remember that these are the same people who took months before they used the word “Recession” while some of us knew we were in a “Depression.” It may be that in a few months everyone will use the word, “Panic.”

Economist Richard Yamarone said, “There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and the outlook is pitch black.” With a volatile stock market, U.S. jobless number is now about 9 million (although Forbes reports that the real number is twice that) and major banks and corporations are going belly-up. Millions have stopped looking for work and millions more are working fewer hours because of Obamacare. Your 401-k account may be worth only $401.00! It is almost too late to lash yourself to the mast to keep from being washed overboard.

While pessimism is not my nature, I see a dark cloud on the horizon. First, a major Depression followed by massive inflation. Informed Americans should make plans for some very difficult years ahead. Because life is so uncertain, every thoughtful person should always be prepared for anything. Get ready today for whatever may come tomorrow. Preppers are not only wise but are playing it safe.

I have written before that we don’t have to know the future to prepare for the future. So prepare today. The most compelling preparation is spiritual. Do you know Christ in forgiveness of sins? Are you in a good church that will provide support in time of disaster? Take care of those things immediately.

Try to get out of debt; keep as much cash on hand as possible; purchase some gold and as much silver as you can afford; look for a place to go if chaos hits town as gangs take over and law and order disappear; keep vehicles’ gas tanks full and extra fuel in a safe place; have a safe water supply that you control or stored water in glass jars; have a couple guns for protection against home invasions; have bleach for use in purifying water; purchase food in bulk such as large bags of rice, beans, oats, wheat from Sam’s or Costco’s; also purchase salt, pepper, peanut butter, raisins, nuts, honey, toilet paper, soap, tape, nails, tools, medicine, etc. Be sure to rotate the perishable food. Finally, everyone should have a garden, if only a few plants.

If the cock-eyed optimists are right and nothing happens then you have lost nothing and experienced many good nights of peaceful sleep. You can pour the water on your garden and the food you can eat for the next few months. For sure, the food will not be cheaper. It is win-win.

This is a good time to prepare a garden spot if you have any ground to use so you would need garden tools and other supplies as well as non-hybrid seeds. It would be good to plant some fruit trees.

Simply put: for the storm that is approaching, you need God, groceries, gold, guns, and a garden. Forget about living well because those days are gone for a long time, if not forever. Look for this headline: Panic on Wall Street and Main Street!

And that’s from an optimist! There is no silver lining, just a massive, dangerous, swirling, black cloud. It’s a major storm that will smack everyone.

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VIDEO Sheriff MB Obama Started This War On Police – Senator: Attitudes About Cops Leading to ‘Injury and Death – BLM

-Sheriff Addresses #BlackLivesMatter ‘Rhetoric’ in Press Conference on Executed Deputy
-Texas Podcast that Called for Killing Cops Goes Missing After Execution
Attitudes About Cops Leading to ‘Injury and Death,’ Says Black Louisiana State Senator
elbert guillory la sen
30 August 2015 by Lee Stranahan

As the long hot summer of 2015 ends and 2016 national elections are little more than a year away, America has seen both increased boldness and aggression from the far-left, establishment Democrat-backed Black Lives Matter movement, a surreal on-air homicide in Virgina by a black racist, and several brutal murders of police officers around the country. Aside from the shocking execution-style cop killing Friday night in Texas, earlier in the week, police officer Henry Nelson was killed in the line of duty in the small town of Sunset, Louisiana.

Breitbart News reached out to State Senator Elbert Guillory (R) , who represents the town of Sunset and knew Officer Nelson. Guillory made headlines in 2013 when he publicly abandoned the Democrat party and became a Republican, urging black voters to join him and “leave the plantation.”

Guillory told Breitbart News that Henry Nelson was “a big man, very gentle and very professional. His loss is devastating. The people of Sunset loved him because he was good to the folks in the community.” Nelson was shot after answering a domestic disturbance call. It was the ninth death of a Louisiana law enforcement officer in 2015 so far, something that Guillory looks on with a heavy heart, telling Breitbart:

All of these law enforcement lives lost…that’s a bitter pill for a Louisianan to swallow. We’re better than that, our people are better than that statistic would indicate.

But we do have a problem, and part of the problem is the garbage we’re putting into our children. The violence, disrespectful words, the profanity…the garbage used to be illegal to put on the air. Now the people are bombarded with that so they’ve become desensitized and dehumanized by that garbage.

Even though it’s currently out of fashion to discuss personal responsibility, race and law enforcement, Guillory has a common sense view of the police that is almost entirely absent from the the Black Lives Matter-driven racial narrative. While fully acknowledging that there are times when he’s been pulled over without apparent cause — something activists call “driving while black” — Guillory is also keenly aware of the emboldened, entitled and confrontational attitude towards police that many black Americans have developed. He stated:

I’m a brother of the badge. I’ve been a reserve police officer for twenty-four years and I’m from a law enforcement family and so I see it directly on the streets, the confrontation. ‘You can’t arrest me. Why you stopping me? I don’t have to put my hands up. What do you want? I don’t have to show you you my driver’s license.’ Just absolute confrontation. And those type of confrontations often lead to injury or death.

During the civil rights period, and even more recently as I’ve traveled the roads of America, I’ve been pulled over many times — sometimes, for no valid reason. But because I was raised by good parents, I’ve always been respectful of that authority. The challenge should not come on the streets; it can come later.

We’ve become a state of no consequences. It starts at home, where little children — two and three-year-olds — learn to be disrespectful and have no borders or limits and they carry that on into the school system, where violence and disrespect are commonplace. And there are no consequences for it.

Guillory pulls no punches in the role that the Obama administration has taken in creating the toxic atmosphere between black America and the police:

I truly believe that every life matters, so casting a movement as Black Lives Matter is unfortunate, especially after Ferguson, because the facts indicate that there was no police misconduct in that situation.“Hands up, don’t shoot”— that was a lie. Black witnesses came forward in Ferguson and told the story that Michael Brown was wrong and the cop was right. It should have stopped right there.

In Ferguson, Obama and Holder had to find something. That was a terrible mistake; undermining the police officers there and of police officers in general.

Part of that is that Obama is not steeped in the American culture. His parents were not part of American culture and his grandparents — certainly on one side — they were not. Obama wasn’t the recipient of those generations of American wisdom. So, he’s fallen prey to these charlatans on race and he’s become one of them.

A portion of the interview can be heard below:
Sheriff David Clarke: Barack Obama Started This War On Police
The Milwaukee County Sheriff said that Obama and Holder laid the groundwork for “this war on police”
August 30, 2015 by Fox News

Sheriff David Clarke placed blame for the execution of Harris County deputy Darren Goforth squarely upon President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff said that Obama and Holder laid the groundwork for “this war on police” by supporting ‘activists’ who have disparaged law enforcement based upon a set of lies.
Sheriff Addresses #BlackLivesMatter ‘Rhetoric’ in Press Conference on Executed Deputy
Hickman at-presser
30 Aug 2015 by Bob Price

HOUSTON, Texas The escalation of anti-white and anti-cop rhetoric has been building since militant black activists began marching in support of #BlackLivesMatter after the suicide of Sandra Bland. At protests at the jail where Bland killed herself, a radical activist called for all white people to be killed, and heavily armed members of the New Black Panther Party chanted “the revolution has started … off the pigs.” A Texas-based internet radio show called for the lynching of whites and the killing of police officers. This week, two white journalists and a white deputy sheriff have been assassinated by blacks who appear to be carrying out the message of hate. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said, “This rhetoric has gotten out of control …”

On August 9th, a self-proclaimed “nappy-haired militant non-compliant Negro” named “Sunshine,” stood in front of a group of white journalists and bloggers and said that all white people should be killed, as reported by Breitbart Texas’ Lana Shadwick. When asked whether she really believed that, she responded, “You’re damn right I do! You think I am scared to say that to you?!”

Malcom X T-shirt by Any Means Necessary
Malcom X T-shirt-by-Any-Means Necessary

“Sunshine” (right)with other protested in front of the Waller County jail. One protester wearing shirt “By Any Means Necessary.” (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price)

Three days later, this writer reported about the march of armed and uniformed militant members of the New Black Panther Party who were at the Waller County jail where Sandra Bland died. In a series of marching cadence-style chants, the group shouted “The revolution is on … Off the Pigs,” and “Oink, Oink … Bang Bang!”

new black pathers
Members of armed and uniformed New Black Black Panthers Party march on Waller County jail. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price)

The messages of hatred towards whites and the police were clear in their chants.

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office were at the jail that day in large numbers. There were nearly 75 deputies, 10 mounted deputies, a mobile command post, an observation aircraft, and a helicopter, all there to ensure the peace.

On Tuesday of this week, “Sunshine” took to her Texas-based radio show and continued her propagation of hate speech against both whites and police.

Breitbart Texas reported that on her show, called “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show,” people called in and demanded that people take to the streets in gangs and lynch white people and kill cops.

The following day, an angry gay black man videotaped himself executing two white reporters in Virginia. While no direct connection to Sunshine’s show exists, this type of speech reveals the angry rhetoric from some blacks who have been increasing the incitement to violence, and have engaged actual violence, over the past year.

Vester Lee Flanagan II, aims a gun at television reporter Alison Parker as she conducts a live on-air interview Wednesday, (Vester Lee Flanagan II/Twitter via AP)

Before murdering Allison Parker and Adam Ward during a live broadcast, Vester Lee Flanagan II published a manifesto calling for a “race war.” He said in his manifesto that he was angered by the South Carolina murders of nine blacks in a church bible study class.

The same day that Breitbart Texas reported about the Texas-based internet radio show, another black man, Shannon Juraury Miles allegedly walked up to a uniformed Harris County Deputy Sheriff, Darren Goforth, and fired multiple rounds from a handgun into the back of his head. He continued firing his weapon into the deputy’s back as Goforth lay dying, and dead, on the ground. Miles is now in the Harris County jail after being charged with capital murder of a police officer.

During a press conference in Harris County, Texas, officials announced the details of the murder of Deputy Goforth and their questioning of a “person of interest.” Sheriff Hickman answered media inquiries as to the motivation of this alleged killer.

Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth

“This rhetoric has gotten out of control,” Sheriff Ron Hickman said during the press conference attended by two Breitbart Texas journalists.

“We’ve heard ‘black lives matter,’ ‘all lives matter,’ well cops’ lives matter too,” said the leader of the third largest sheriff’s office in the country.

The visibly emotional Hickman continued, “Why don’t we just drop the qualifier and say ‘lives matter.’ Take that to the bank.”

“At this point,” referring to the executed deputy, the sheriff said, “he was only targeted because he was wearing a uniform.”

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson and Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman during a Saturday press conference about the murder of Deputy Darron Goforth. (Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price)

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson joined Hickman during the press conference and emphatically stated, “It is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcement.” She added, “There are a few bad apples in every profession.”

Anderson (a former prosecutor and criminal court judge) continued, “But that does not mean that there should be open warfare declared on law enforcement.”

As for his deputies’ safety, Hickman said, “Any time you have a clearly unprovoked attack, you have to take steps to protect yourself.” He called on his deputies to be vigilant of their surroundings and to work in teams, especially at night.

Lana Shadwick contributed to this report. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.
Texas Podcast that Called for Killing Cops Goes Missing After Execution
30 Aug 2015 by Bob Price

The Texas podcast that called for the lynching of white people and the killing of cops appears to have been taken down from their page. While links to the program, “Sunshines F**king Opinion Online Radio” can still be found, the program’s page is no longer there. The podcast called for people to kill cops just days prior to the execution of a Harris County sheriff’s deputy.

The Texas-based radio show’s guests called for lynching white people and taking pictures of them hanging in trees. Another caller spoke of the need for blacks to kill cops to “turn the tide.”

Friday night, when the Harris County sheriff’s deputy was murdered, Sheriff Ron Hickman said that the only motivation for the shooting, so far, appears to be the fact that the deputy was wearing a uniform.

On the Texas-based radio show host’s Twitter page, @LOLatWhiteFear, there appears to be no mention of the murder. There is also not any indication from her that the radio show account has been taken down. However, all links on her Twitter and Instagram account to the program produce “404 Errors” that say “We couldn’t find that page. Seriously, we looked everywhere.”

Sunshine, the host of the aforementioned radio show did express a comment on the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth saying, “So tragic. Just like the tragic deaths of #TamirRice #MikeBrown @alyanajones #TrayvonMartin #ezellford & #SandraBland.”

Another Twitter user, @Alessan42182108 responded, “LOL is this a joke? Who in the hell are you to RIP a killing you practically organized yourself?? Shame on you!!!”

Other people who were discussed in Friday’s Breitbart Texas article also appear to have gone silent on the topic. The #FYF911 tag on Twitter reveals no new posts from the black activists who had previously been using the hashtag to put out their hate-filled content. The hashtag on Twitter now reveals other people attacking them for their messages of hate.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.
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VIDEO Trump’s Populist Rise Like Andrew Jackson – The Secret of Trump’s Success – NFRA Nashville

donald trump thumbs up
August 27, 2015 by Newt Gingrich and Craig Shirley

Donald Trump is not unique. He is, in fact, part of a clear populist pattern in American history.

The first great populist rebellion was Thomas Jefferson and James Madison against the Federalist elites. By the end of their insurgency, they had invented the Democratic-Republican Party and the Federalist Party disappeared.

This was a bitter struggle in which the Federalists tried to put their opponents in jail through the Alien and Sedition Acts.

The second great insurgency was Andrew Jackson against the eastern establishment. In 1824, Jackson clearly got the most popular votes but the old order ganged up on him.

There were four major candidates in 1824: Andrew Jackson got 99 electoral votes and 153,544 popular votes. John Quincy Adams followed with 84 electors and 108,740 votes. Then William H. Crawford received 41 electors and 40,856 votes, and finally Henry Clay was chosen by 37 electors and 47,531 votes.

Jackson clearly had less than a majority, but a strong plurality of support. When his competitors ganged up on him to give the election to John Quincy Adams (son of a former president and a classic insider), Jackson’s followers exploded with anger.

The election of 1824 was widely described as a corrupt bargain. The Jacksonians spent four years bitterly attacking Adams and his supporters.

Even after his presidency, the establishment saw Jackson as such a disruptive, hostile outsider that its historians minimized and criticized his presidency for more than a century.

His first really favorable biography is Arthur Schlesinger Jr.’s “The Age of Jackson,” in 1945. If you have to wait 117 years after your election for a good review, you have really offended the old order.

Donald Trump is in the tradition of this populist insurgency. He may win or lose. It is far too early to tell what the final outcome will be. It is clear, however, that the breadth and intensity of his appeal is far greater than any of the elites expected.

It is also clear that Trump is playing a very different game than any other contemporary leader. In many ways his stylistic approach marks him as a Jacksonian.

Trump, like Jackson, stays on permanent offense. If he makes a mistake, he simply launches another attack or another proposal. The sheer volume of noise overwhelms rational critiques.

Trump is also like Jackson in being a genuine celebrity. Jackson emerged as the hero of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. He grew into a legendary figure by 1824. During the four-year assault on President Adams, he and his supporters used weekly newspapers to saturate the country with their version of reality.

Similarly, Trump has been a celebrity for a quarter century. The recent Time magazine cover came 26 years after his first cover in January 1989.

There is a reason the Trump bus draws bigger crowds in small Iowa towns than most candidates. Trump is a genuine, outsized character, and in America, celebrity is a force of its own.

It’s dangerous, however, to focus simply on the personal characteristics of populist insurgents. They have to be colorful to attract the popular support and they have to be vivid to ignite the energy — but there is also something far deeper going on.

Millions of Americans supported Jefferson because they were fed up with a Federalist elite that people believed would sell them out.

Millions supported Andrew Jackson because they deeply distrusted the Bank of the United States and other instruments of elite power over the average citizen.

Similarly, Trump is gaining ground because Americans are deeply unhappy with their current elites.

When Gallup reports that 75 percent of Americans — 3 out of 4 —believe there is “widespread corruption,” it is a sign of deep alienation and anger.

When the big banks get bigger and no bank official is held accountable, Americans grow alienated. When the 30-year-old promise to control the border is clearly violated by both parties, Americans grow alienated.

When the Veterans Administration fails to serve veterans and fails to fire corrupt, dishonest bureaucrats, Americans grow alienated. When the news media enforces political correctness in ways that threaten and intimidate normal people, Americans feel alienated.

When the weakest jobs recovery in modern times is further undermined by more regulations and more anti-jobs proposals, Americans feel alienated.

It is this depth of alienation that leads to the anger fueling the Trump movement.

Yes, charisma matters. But so do real issues. The elites are hysterical, simplistically blaming the “rage” and “anger” and “wrath” of ordinary Americans for the rise of Trump.

In fact, it is intellectual common sense that fuels the Trump eruption. The American people see every day in the newspapers new and fresh stories of government corruption. It is not “crony capitalism.” It is “gutless government” and “crony corporatism.”

They don’t understand why a government that can tax and spy and regulate so efficiently should not be able to do a simple thing like secure the border. They don’t understand why the EPA, which is supposed to clean up the environment, instead pollutes a river in Colorado and then thinks everything can be made better with stupid public relations stunts.

Trump may falter. He may fail. But undoubtedly, he is the heir to a strong and long streak of American populism.

Indeed, right now, he is leading it.
The Secret of Trump’s Success
trump ramos
29 August, 2015 Cliff Kincaid

Go back to Univision” is how Donald Trump handled Mexican-American “journalist” Jorge Ramos when he tried to disrupt a Trump news conference. When Hillary Clinton compared Republicans to terrorists, the Republican National Committee asked for an apology. This contrast demonstrates why Trump is doing so well and the Republican Party, in general, is doing so poorly.

On the Megyn Kelly Fox News show on Thursday night, much was made of the fact that Hillary had made her comparison between Republicans and terrorists as she was looking at her notes. In other words, Kelly and her guest concluded, it was a deliberate insult. Of course it was. Why was this a surprise? Mrs. Clinton had returned to her roots as an Alinskyite, someone who demonizes her opponents as a deliberate strategy. Why can’t conservatives get it through their heads that Hillary is a committed leftist who can be just as good as Obama when it comes to poisoning the public discourse for political purposes?

Republican National Committee (RNC) Press Secretary Allison Moore said, “For Hillary Clinton to equate her political opponents to terrorists is a new low for her flailing campaign. She should apologize immediately for her inflammatory rhetoric.”

What is the point of such a statement? Does the RNC seriously believe Hillary will consider apologizing to Republicans? What the RNC should have said is that Hillary was back to using Alinskyite tactics, which she learned about in college, and that the use of such a strategy demonstrated her grounding in a form of Marxism. The RNC could have said that the American people have had enough of these divisive tactics from Obama, who has come close to inciting a race war in the United States, and that the public cannot tolerate another un-American presidency in which a top Democrat equates political opponents to foreign enemies.

As we argued more than two months ago, you have to study Marxism to understand Hillary. It is apparent the RNC hasn’t done its opposition research. Despite her love for money, Hillary is as much of a leftist as Barack Obama. She studied Alinsky in college and went to work as an intern for a law firm that employed communists. The best source of information on this is Hell to Pay, a book on Hillary by Barbara Olson, who told me in an interview in 2000 that she expected Mrs. Clinton to run for president and that her political background made her a “budding Leninist” who understood the concept of acquiring, accumulating and maintaining political power at any cost. In the same vein, she is determined to destroy the Republicans at any cost. Joe Biden has to understand this side of Hillary. It may be one reason why he is reluctant to jump into the presidential race against her. With a history of plagiarism and embarrassing off-the-cuff remarks, Biden could be torn apart.

Hillary Clinton has the blood of four Americans on her hands over her handling of Benghazi. Yet, she compares Republicans to terrorists? And the RNC responds by asking for an apology? This is almost comical.

Trump doesn’t ask for apologies. He fires back any way he can. That’s why, despite questions about his ideology and even religious views, he strikes a chord. The American people have watched their country being destroyed from within for seven years and they are tired of politicians responding with hearings, investigations and requests for apologies. They can’t figure out why Obama hasn’t been impeached by now. They want someone to tell it like it is about the deterioration of our nation and those responsible for its demise.

What Trump has done, on so many occasions it is difficult to count, is to finger the media for their role in the destruction of America. Can you believe he actually accuses liberal reporters of being dishonest? He actually mocks and ridicules them to their faces.

Univision deserves scorn. It is a “news” organization that openly targets Trump and he has the guts to counterattack when one of Univision’s hired guns shows up at a Trump news conference for the purpose of making a spectacle of himself and trying to embarrass Trump. “Go back to Univision” is precisely the comment that Ramos deserved. If anything, one can argue that Trump was too nice for inviting the advocacy journalist back to the press conference.

The Los Angeles Times calls Ramos “the Spanish-language Walter Cronkite,” and suggests that the confrontation could somehow “prove dangerous for Trump, who thus far been something of a Teflon candidate.” This is the obligatory reference to how Trump has opened himself up to the charge of racism for putting the obnoxious Ramos in his place. Later in the article, we read that Ramos’s daughter is working for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, but Ramos “has said her job doesn’t affect his work.” Sure. Now we have another example of why Trump calls the media dishonest.

As for the comparison with Cronkite, the long-time CBS Evening News anchorman was as much of a fraud as Ramos. Cronkite undermined the war against communism in Vietnam and used his newscast as a soapbox to argue against President Reagan’s military buildup to counter the Soviets. Cronkite’s FBI file showed he was a dupe of the Soviet intelligence services, who could be counted on to promote Soviet objectives. After he retired, he showed up at a World Federalist meeting to accept an award and endorse world government through the United Nations. Hillary was there via videotape to thank him.

Ramos should ask for an apology from the Los Angeles Times for being compared to Walter Cronkite. I’m joking, of course. They are both disgraces to the journalism profession.
Donald Trump Speech in Nashville, Tennessee at NFRA Convention, Saturday, August 29, 2015
August 28, 2015 By Shallow Nation

Watch replay of Donald Trump’s speech in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, August 29, 2015 at the NFRA Convention; the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Conference & Presidential Preference Endorsing Convention.
trump proved right
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VIDEO Manipulation = Fragility , Bail-ins, 401 K

August 30, 2015 by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog

In markets distorted by permanent manipulation the most powerful incentive is to borrow as much money as you can and leverage it as much as you can to maximize your gains in risk-on asset bubbles.

A core dynamic is laying waste to global financial markets: the greater the level of central bank/government manipulation, the greater the systemic fragility.

One key characteristic of this fragility is that it invisibly accumulates beneath the surface stability until some minor disturbance cracks the thinning layer of apparent stability. At that point, the system destabilizes, as it has been hollowed out by ceaseless manipulation, a.k.a. intervention.

There are a number of moving parts to this dynamic of steadily increasing fragility.

One is that any system quickly habituates to the manipulation, that is, the system soon adds the manipulation to its essential inputs.

For example: if you lower interest rates to near-zero, the system soon needs near-zero interest rates to remain stable. Raising rates even a mere percentage point threatens to fatally disrupt the entire system.

Another is that permanent intervention (i.e. manipulation, or to use a less threatening word, management) strips the system of resilience. When participants are rescued from risk by central bank/central state authorities, they take bigger and bigger gambles, knowing that if the bet goes south, the central bank/state will rush to their rescue.

One of the core sources of resilience is a healthy fear of losses. If you’re going to face the consequences of your actions and choices, prudence forces you to either hedge your bets or diversify very broadly, so if bets in one sector go south you won’t be wiped out.

Thanks to the permanent manipulation of central banks and states, trillions of dollars have concentrated in high-risk, high-yield carry trades that are now blowing up.

A third source of fragility in manipulated financial systems is the perverse incentives generated by cheap credit and assets bubbles. In markets distorted by permanent manipulation–near-zero interest rates, central bank asset purchases, quantitative easing, etc.–the most powerful incentive is to borrow as much money as you can and leverage it as much as you can to maximize your gains in risk-on asset bubbles.

Why this increases system fragility is obvious: when the bubbles pop, the debt has to be paid back. But once the assets drop enough, selling won’t raise enough money to pay back the debt.

At that point, the borrowers are bankrupt, and the dominoes of debt topple the entire financial system.

Dave of X22Report and I discuss these dynamics in Central Banks Have Manipulated The Markets Which Will Ultimately Crash: (42:48)

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VIDEO Immigration and God’s mission for the United States – Founding Fathers’ Wisdom – Remove Gov’t From Schools

mayflower compact
29 August, 2015 by Bryan Fischer

One of the issues that is rarely, if ever, discussed in the debate over immigration policy is this: what kind of immigration policy is most consistent with God’s calling on the United States?

From the beginning of our history as a nation, our purpose as a people has been to advance and expand the kingdom of God.

The Jamestown colony in 1607 was founded for only one stated purpose, according to the charter it received from King James (of King James Bible fame): “in propagating of Christian Religion to such People, as yet live in Darkness and miserable Ignorance of the true Knowledge and Worship of God, and may in time bring the Infidels and Savages, living in those parts, to human Civility, and to a settled and quiet Government.” (Emphasis mine throughout.)

The purpose of our very first settlement, under the King of England, was a missionary and evangelistic one. And it was a cultural one as well – to establish a stable and peaceful societal and political structure grounded in Christian principle.

The second colony in what became the United States was the one established by the Pilgrims at Plymouth. Its stated purpose, according to the Mayflower Compact, was “for the Glory of God, and advancements of the Christian faith…”

It too was undertaken for a missional purpose, to promote God’s glory and to propagate the gospel in lands where it was not yet known.

I would suggest this remains God’s calling on the United States: to advance the gospel to people living in spiritual darkness and to model for the world what a culture looks like which is grounded on the abiding principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

This concern for extending the light of the gospel to people living in darkness was not confined to the Jamestown and Plymouth colonies. The Founders themselves echoed the same sentiments.

For instance, when George Washington met with the chiefs of the Delaware tribe in 1779, he said (emphasis mine):

“You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are. Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention.”

Washington’s appeal was for these tribes, trapped in native superstition, to first embrace the gospel of Christ, then to embrace the “arts and ways of life” of a people whose culture was built in the values and moral standards of the gospel. And our national government, he promised, would help them to do so.

Thomas Jefferson himself no less than three times extended legislation designating American lands to evangelize the native American peoples. The legislation read, “For the sole use of Christian Indians and the Moravian Brethren missionaries for civilizing the Indians and promoting Christianity.”

Thus our Founders clearly and unmistakably expressed a commitment to use the resources of the American government to spread the gospel of Christ and a civilization built on Judeo-Christian values to those who had not yet embraced it.

The bottom line: God raised up the United States to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus. He said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

I would suggest this remains the calling, mission and purpose of the United States of America. Our nation has carried out this mission for all of our history. We have sent more missionaries and invested more resources in spreading the light of Christ to the far corners of the globe than any nation in history.

I have many good friends who even as you read these words are working in Muslim lands to plant churches among those with Muslim backgrounds. Their work is being done only because the prosperity of the United States has made financial support for their work possible. We want America to be strong economically not just for ourselves but in order that we may be able to contribute to the spread of the truth around the world.

It’s time for us as a people to reset and re-orient ourselves toward the continued pursuit of that larger spiritual purpose. And I would further suggest that our immigration policy should be tailored toward the fulfillment of this goal.

Congress is authorized by the Constitution to set whatever standards of admission it wants. Thus it is free to establish policies that will ensure, as much as possible, that every newcomer to our shores will be an asset to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

This means each newcomer should have a commitment to the same spiritual and cultural values that have made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. Will he support those values and work to defend them and export them? Or does he bring an ideology with him that militates against our historical religious and cultural values? In other words, is he committed to strengthening our values or to weakening them?

Economically and culturally, will he be an asset to the fulfillment of our nation’s ultimate purpose, or will he be a drain on our nation’s resources? In other words, does he come to America to contribute or to take? Will he add to this nation’s spiritual, cultural and economic capital, or will he subtract from them? Will he enrich this nation or impoverish it?

I, of course, am speaking just for myself here and not for anyone else. But I believe starting a discussion about these larger themes that have to do with immigration and the spread of the gospel and God’s purposes for our land is a discussion that is long overdue. I recognize readily that others, including other followers of Jesus, may disagree with me.

Let the discussion begin.
The Wisdom of The Founding Fathers!!
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✝✡PRAY for Israel and our Christian Nation USA✡✝
August 29, 2015 by Kristiann1

The Wisdom of The Founding Fathers

GEORGE WASHINGTON (Born: February 22, 1732, Westmoreland County – Died: December 14, 1799, Mount Vernon) George Washington was the first President of the United States, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

THOMAS JEFFERSON (Born: April 13, 1743, Shadwell – Died: July 4, 1826, Charlottesville) Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States.

JAMES MADISON (Born: March 16, 1751, Port Conway – Died: June 28, 1836, Montpelier) James Madison was an American statesman and political theorist, the fourth President of the United States.

JOHN ADAMS (Born: October 30, 1735, Quincy – Died: July 4, 1826, Quincy) John Adams was the second president of the United States, having earlier served as the first vice president of the United States.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (Born: January 17, 1706, Milk Street – Died: April 17, 1790, Philadelphia) Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. A noted polymath, Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, musician, inventor,satirist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat.

THOMAS PAINE (Born: January 29, 1737, Thetford – Died: June 8, 1809, New York City) Thomas Paine was an English-American political activist, author, political theorist and revolutionary.

PATRICK HENRY (Born: May 29, 1736, Hanover County – Died: June 6, 1799, Red Hill Patrick Henry National Memorial) Patrick Henry was an attorney, planter and politician who became known as an orator during the movement for independence in Virginia in the 1770s.

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” ( II Chronicles 7:14 KJV )!!

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for His own inheritance.” ( Psalms 33:12 KJV )!!

“And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will Bless them that Bless thee ( REPENT USA ), and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all Families of the Earth be Blessed.” ( Genesis 12:2-3 KJV )!!
Atheists Force Jesus Christ Out of Public School Why Not Remove Gov’t From School
jesus fighting the devil
August 25, 2015 by Kit Daniels

An atheist group forced a public school to remove a portrait of Jesus Christ from campus, claiming it was an “egregious violation of the First Amendment.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said they were pleased the Chanute, Kansas, school district acted quickly to remove the painting of Jesus which had hung in the town’s middle school since at least the 1950s.

“I conferred with legal counsel and both of them told me to be in compliance with state and federal law that we had to have it removed,” said Chanute Public Schools Superintendent Richard Proffitt.

The atheist group targeted the school district after a “local community member” complained.

“[He was] afraid to bring it up themselves so [he] came to us,” said Ryan Jayne, law clerk for the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “In areas that are predominantly Christian, the backlash that non-Christians receive when they speak out against government endorsement of religion can be very severe.”

But Jesus was a historical figure who’s crucifixion and baptism has commanded almost universal assent by historians, and if the atheists are arguing that the mere portrait of the historic man is an “endorsement of religion,” doesn’t that mean the removal of that portrait is an attack on religious expression?

When did freedom for religious expression as championed by the First Amendment transform into freedom from religious expression?

And isn’t there something inherently wrong with forcing Christians – or anybody for that matter – to pay taxes for public schools which routinely suppress their beliefs? In fact, atheists can make the same argument and they routinely do.

The thing is, Christians and atheists are constantly battling each other for influence over public education, but if we were to remove the government from education – a separation of school and state – there wouldn’t be a conflict in the first place.

“The greater the sphere of public as opposed to private education, the greater the scope and intensity of conflict in social life,” Austrian economist Murray Rothbard wrote. “For if one [government] agency is going to make the decision: sex education or no, traditional or progressive, integrated or segregated, etc., then it becomes particularly important to gain control of the government and to prevent one’s adversaries from taking power themselves.”

“Hence, in education as well as in all other activities, the more that government decisions replace private decision-making, the more various groups will be at each others’ throats in a desperate race to see to it that the one and only decision in each vital area goes its own way.”

Rothbard continues:

If education were strictly private, then each and every group of parents could and would patronize its own kind of school. A host of diverse schools would spring up to meet the varied structure of educational demands by parents and children. Some schools would be traditional, others progressive. Schools would range through the full traditional/progressive scale; some schools would experiment with egalitarian and gradeless education, others would stress the rigorous learning of subjects and competitive grading; some schools would be secular, others would emphasize various religious creeds; some schools would be libertarian and stress the virtues of free enterprise, others would preach various kinds of socialism.

In other words, a free-market system of education would give parents more options over their children’s schooling and it would likely be cheaper than the current, taxpayer-funded school system.
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You Want To Thank Me For My Military Service?

If you truly want to honor the sacrifices of military members and veterans, do more concrete things than merely saying thanks.
Veteran  flag
August 28, 2015 By Paul David Miller

Americans have welcomed home the 2.5 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, like me, with far greater warmth and gratitude than they did our predecessors from Vietnam. I welcome the expressions of national gratitude, but I fear it has already become pro forma: politically correct words we speak to pay lip service to the latest entitlement group.

If you truly want to honor veterans and their sacrifices, there are more concrete things to do, including improving veterans’ health care, learning lessons from the wars we fought—and, most importantly, resolving to finish and win the wars we choose to fight. We still have a choice today in Afghanistan.

Veterans have enjoyed a windfall of popularity in the past 14 years. We are constantly thanked and praised at airports, churches, and schools. Our reunions with loved ones are stage-managed and televised at ballgames and on talk shows. We get priority seating on airplanes. We get reduced prices for movie tickets and Disneyland. The government helps us pay for college and take out a home loan. There are two national holidays just to celebrate us (twice as many as Jesus gets). Thanking veterans has become a national obsession.

We’re Not Precious Moments Figurines

Please stop. The saccharine thanks yous sometimes sound uncomfortably similar to how family members speak to an aged and senile grandmother nearing death: with over-eager, exaggerated honor for fear of bruising the memory of her last moments. Despite what you may have heard about post-traumatic stress disorder, veterans’ psyches are not so fragile that they will fracture without your constant affirmation. If you forget to say thank you, we’ll live.

Most military work is banal and unadventurous.

At other times, the sentiments sound like hero-worship. Mind you, I much prefer this to what I hear Vietnam veterans endured. But such expressions betray an inaccurate understanding of what most soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines do. The military is mostly a uniformed bureaucracy. Most military work is banal and unadventurous—only occasionally punctuated by moments of horror and random violence.

The most heroic thing a veteran ever does is raise his or her right had and take the oath of allegiance to the United States. The rest is just part of the job. We give our kids an unhelpful stereotype of the warrior-hero when we talk about military work as if it were a super-human feat of courage and physical prowess. Soldiering is nothing like what Captain America does on the silver screen.

Here’s How You Can Show Genuine Gratitude

Instead of profuse expressions of gratitude, Americans should show honor for veterans in three ways. First, fix the veterans’ health-care system. In his Second Inaugural, Lincoln called on the nation to “to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.” Fixing long waits and substandard service at the Veterans Health Administration is a very practical way to honor vets.

Now the military is making the same mistake it made in the aftermath of Vietnam: forgetting its lessons as quickly as possible, and preparing never to fight unconventional wars again.

Second, learn lessons from the wars we fought. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were difficult conflicts for which we were inadequately prepared. The wars dragged far longer and at higher cost as a consequence. Now the military is making the same mistake it made in the aftermath of Vietnam: forgetting its lessons as quickly as possible, and preparing never to fight unconventional wars again. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose what kind of wars we may have to fight in the future. For the sake of future veterans who may have to stabilize a broken Syria, Ukraine, or North Korea, we should do everything possible to retain the hard-won experience from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, the most important way the nation can honor its veterans is to see its wars through to victory. Veterans put it all on the line for the sake of their mission. It is profoundly disheartening to come home to a nation disinterested in what we fought for, more scandalized by the death of a Zimbabwean lion than the possibility of the United States’ dishonor and defeat abroad.

Losing Wars Dishonors the Military

I served in Afghanistan in 2002. President Obama has pledged to complete the withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country by the end of 2016. Interestingly, he does not claim that al-Qaida or the Taliban have been defeated or the Afghan government is ready to stand on its own—because no one would believe him. The war has not been won. He simply announced his intention to “end” the war there, and Americans have not raised a cry of protest because, evidently, they have not noticed or do not care.

It is profoundly disheartening to come home to a nation disinterested in what we fought for.

You should care. Iraq could hardly be a clearer cautionary tale. If we withdraw from Afghanistan now, al-Qaida, the Taliban, or their ideological allies will come back, just as the Islamic State arose in the power vacuum we left in Iraq.

This is bad for U.S. national security. It is also deeply dishonorable. It is dishonorable to our Afghan allies, to those who fought beside us, and dishonorable to the American veterans who served and sacrificed there. The United States has achieved much in Afghanistan, and can create conditions for lasting stability if given the time.

Lincoln rightly called on the nation to be rededicated to its task, that the fallen “shall not have died in vain.” If you want to say thank you to a veteran, show some interest and concern for the mission he or she served for. If you want to honor veterans and give meaning to the sacrifice of those who served, call on the president to change his policy and sustain a U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan to preserve the hard-fought gains we achieved there at high cost. That’s the best thanks you can offer.

Photo Anthony Correia /

Paul D. Miller is the Associate Director of the Clements Center for National Security at the University of Texas at Austin and a research fellow at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He received his PhD in international relations from Georgetown University. He is also a veteran of the war in Afghanistan.
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A Proposal for the Muslim Refugees Clamoring to Enter Europe – Amnesty Senior Leader Muslim Brotherhood Ties

obama muslim terrorits
August 29, 2015 By Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

A Proposal for the Muslim Refugees Clamoring to Enter Europe – Amnesty Senior Leader Muslim Brotherhood Ties

Every night on a dozen or more West European television channels, (Americans, by and large are still unaware of this chaos because of the geographic separation of a continent), the news programs bring into people’s homes, heart wrenching pictures of tens of thousands of destitute refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other Muslim majority regions in Africa, about 98% of whom are Muslims, clamoring to enter Europe. They are risking everything – life and limb to flee from their Muslim homelands and leave what according to their religion (whether Sunni or Shia) is defined as the protected and preferential state of living in Muslim majority states regarded by their religion as necessary for them to practice their faith unmolested by the insidious, immoral and utterly corrupt Dar-al-Harb, defined as the communities of non-believers who have not accepted “subjugation” which is the literal meaning of Islam. How can any of the multitude of imams and mullahs across the entire Muslim world accept such a state of affairs?

This reality is, from a Muslim theological perspective, even more appalling with the many scenes of these refugees dependent on everything for their very survival on the generosity of those Christian states which are the closest geographically to their point of departure – Greece, Italy and Spain or immediate continental connections along the preferred route (Serbia, Macedonia, and Hungary) to reach what for them is their holy land – not Mecca, but Germany, France, Scandinavia, or Great Britain.

To put this into perspective, let’s push the fast rewind button and examine Central and East European Jews on the eve of the Holocaust, without any escape route, condemned by the British White Paper on Palestine and the determined policies of governments answering to deeply held antisemitic sentiments of a majority of the public in those states that might have offered a temporary haven and saved six million souls from annihilation. In almost all democratic states in Europe and the Western hemisphere, Jewish families were willing to sponsor and support refugees and prevent them from becoming public charges. This made no difference.

As a result of American pressure, an international conference was held to offer some relief to Jewish refugees and the millions entrapped in Nazi Germany and those areas which would soon be conquered and subjected to the promises made by Adolf Hitler both in Mein Kampf and in his threat to annihilate the Jewish people if “Germany were forced into another world war.” The conference achieved next to nothing and was meant largely as a fig leaf to cover up the weak and obstructionist policy of the FDR administration towards the plight of the Jews in Europe. During the conference, the British government made it very clear that it would not be able to increase its quota for refugees, citing high levels of unemployment. France also said that they were “at the extreme point of saturation”. The Australian delegate reported “as we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one.” Other countries also cited the economic depression and population levels as a reason why they could not increase refugee quotas.

Special: Americans Urged to Search Their Names Before Site Gets Taken Down
Even in those cases when a few “lucky” Jews had managed to secure the longed for visa at enormous cost, often through bribes, the White Paper policy of the British made entry into Palestine impossible. Other destinations were denied them even when all the paperwork was in order.


In May 1939, 937 Jewish refugees on board the German passenger ship St. Louis were denied entry to Cuba due to the revocation of their visas by President Bru. Apparently, the only motivation for this inhuman act was Bru’s desire to obtain an even bigger bribe than he had been promised, a move that also garnered support from many Cubans under the guise of protecting “Cuba’s Workers,” fearful of more Jewish refugees receiving asylum or economic assistance during the Depression. This was the politics of envy so carefully nurtured by the Nazis and the Communists who only a few months later would celebrate their alliance in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of Non-Aggression between the USSR and Germany.

The St. Louis affair was a terrible blot on the conscience of all those who opposed the Nazi “racial” policies and threats. It also sits uncomfortably for the Castro regime who thus required a version of their own “Cuban history”. Rather than admit that the totally corrupt Cuban government of President Bru (with Batista sitting in the wings) and actually controlling affairs with Communist support was responsible for refusing permission for the Jewish refugees of the St. Louis to seek safety, the version taught in Cuban schools today (and repeated by stooges of the Castro regime writing in to several internet sites about the St. Louis affair), is that the Roosevelt administration ordered the Bru government to reject the right of the passengers to disembark in Havana although they were in possession of Cuban immigration visas and landing permits.

Cuban Jews formed a committee to consult with President Bru in the hope that the refugees would be accepted elsewhere but appeals to half a dozen Latin American countries and the United States to accept the St. Louis passengers fell on deaf ears and they were ordered to return to Hamburg. At the last moment, Britain, Holland and Belgium agreed to accept the passengers. World War II began only two months later and at least 90% of them were murdered in the Holocaust.

The U.S. has nothing to be proud of in this story since U.S. Coast Guard boats shadowed the St. Louis to make sure that no attempt was made to dock and unload the “illegal immigrants” on American shores but the absurd attempt by the Cuban government to transfer the blame on the U.S. is typical of almost fifty years of Castro’s regime. Frederico Laredo Bru (a name that will “live in infamy”) was driven by greed and a thorough disregard for any humanitarian concern. Although put in power by Batista, he also wanted to demonstrate that he was not just an insignificant puppet but could demonstrate his own power and pride by defying the Minister of the Interior, appointed by Batista, who had originally granted the visas to the St. Louis passengers.

Only the Dominican Republic volunteered to take in up to 100,000 refugees, but then only in return for large amounts of money. In actual fact only 800 refugees entered the country and most of those moved on to the United States. Hitler noted how ”amazing“ it was that, even though these countries that most harshly criticized Germany for its treatment of its Jews, had nevertheless refused to open their borders to them. The Evian conference sent Hitler the signal he needed: foreign governments would not interfere in his anti-Jewish policies. Although each of the 32 delegates expressed their concern about the situation in Germany, the countries concerned offered no practical help.

Let’s go fast forward for a moment to today’s Muslim refugees and examine how incongruous today’s “demands” for asylum, residence and even eventual citizenship are by those Muslim refugees forced to flee from their homelands and never expecting for a moment that their fellow Muslims either in Saudi Arabia, Iran or Turkey might come to their aid. These states are geographically closer, enormously wealthy and rich in resources and territory, and each claims the mantle of leadership – either of all Sunni Islam (Saudi Arabia) Shi’ism (Iran) or as the protector and benefactor of all Muslims inherited from the glory days of the Ottoman Empire.

On the contrary, what we see on television is that people who are entirely without resources and often in life threatening situations expect to be helped to reach the wealthiest European nations and welcomed as well as supported there. On the way they are forced to pass through Hungary, Serbia or Greece, where none of them speak a word of the local languages.

Few have appropriate job skills and little education except what was important for traditional Islam which claims that the Christian “kaffir” non-believers of the European nations are inferior to them in every way and would not be entitled to the most elementary rights if the tables of fortune were turned. These are beliefs about those in the Dar-al-Harb (the world of infidels with which Islam is at war) that have been deeply ingrained in their upbringing.

Let us imagine they were put into the situation of East European Jews in 1939. Would they have been able to even leave the countries of their birth? Imagine if they, like the Jews of 1939, had not a single land of refuge able to offer a new life amidst people with whom they shared culture, religion, traditions and a sense of solidarity.

All along the way, they pose risks and hazards to themselves as well as the local population. Already, thousands have perished at sea on the first leg of their voyage. On August 28, a refrigerated truck “full of bodies” was found abandoned on the side of highway 71 near Parndorf, in Austria where it had been parked overnight. The Syrian refugees inside died of suffocation. Authorities confirmed that three suspects believed to be involved in people smuggling had been arrested in connection with the case. The victims included 59 men, eight women and four children — including a girl who was no older than two years of age. The grim discovery was made about 10 miles from Austria’s border with Slovakia and Hungary where thousands of migrants have recently arrived from Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa.

The very next day the Associated Press reported from the Libyan city of Zuwara, that as many as 200 refugees drowned when their boats capsized trying to reach Europe. Libya is one of the primary launching points for desperate migrants attempting to reach Europe. Many of them were Muslims from as far away as Bangladesh.

Among the most incongruous and repellant scenes of the migrant tragedy are demonstrations by the emigrants in Hungary who refused to be fingerprinted so the authorities could know who they were in order to take care of them. Were the refugees afraid of being sent back to their original homes like the Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis in 1939, or sent to concentration camps or the ovens? No, the answer was simply that they were afraid that registration might “force” them to remain in Hungary for a time impeding their dash to Western Europe. These are not refugees seeking political asylum. They are refugees from the many failed Muslim states.

A Modest Proposal

But there is a fellow Muslim land in Europe – a stone’s throw away for the ports of entry for many of them fleeing by sea. ALBANIA. It is less than 72 km (45 mi) from Italy, across the Strait of Otranto which connects the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea. Just as Israel today can offer any potential immigrant or refugee a new life among people of a similar religious and cultural background, this European Muslim nation and member of NATO could do the same. It has an area more than 30% larger than the State of Israel with a miniscule population of scarcely three million people (a population density of approximately 300 per square mile vs. over 800 in Israel). It provides a universal health care system and free primary and secondary education.

The country has an overwhelming ethnic majority of Albanians with only a very tiny Greek minority. According to 2011 census, about 59% of Albania adheres to Islam and 17% to Christianity, and almost one quarter is agnostic-atheist. According to a 2010 survey, religion today plays an important role in the lives of only 39% of Albanians, and the country is ranked among the least religious countries in the world. A 2012 Pew Research Center study found that 65% of Albanian Muslims are non-denominational Muslims thus avoiding the Sunni-Shiite split so prevalent in the Middle East. The refugees could thus be assured that their new home would not be subject to the confessional or ethnic strife that has resulted in civil war and chaos in their homelands.

Albania could thus provide a shining example to the refugees about tolerance. In the 15th century, when the Ottomans were gaining a firm foothold in the region, the government fostered trade by settling a sizeable Jewish colony of refugees fleeing persecution in Spain (at the end of the 15th century) and today, Albania has full diplomatic relations with Israel. It recognized the State of Israel as early as 1949. Although occupied by the Axis powers of World War II, it had a larger Jewish population by the end of the war. Only one Jewish family was deported and killed during the Nazi occupation of Albania. Not only did the Albanians protect their own Jews, but they provided refuge for Jews from neighboring countries. Jewish families were provided with forged documents and helped to disperse in the countryside.

Before the establishment of the People’s Republic, Albania’s illiteracy rate was among the highest of Muslim majority countries, approximately 85%.

As part of a vast educational and social campaign following World War II, anyone between the ages of 12 and 40 who could not read or write was mandated to attend classes to learn. By 1955, illiteracy was virtually eliminated among Albania’s adult population. Law enforcement in Albania is primarily the responsibility of the Albanian Police and has a special counter-terrorism unit called RENEA. On a list of 75 countries, Albania is listed at the 17th lowest crime rate ahead of many western nations such as Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden and France.

No one in Europe objected to Albania’ inclusion in NATO or its present candidacy for the EU. Albania is an official candidate for accession to the European Union since June 2014. Instead of an increasing massive flood of Muslim migrants attempting to inundate Europe and disrupt society there even more creating an unassimilable but growing and hostile minority by the monumental gap in customs, mores, traditions and basic attitudes towards such issues as gender rights and secular education, funneling the stream of migrants towards Albania with the stated expectation that to resettle them and provide humanitarian assistance will also requires them to integrate into a fellow Muslim society which has adapted, integrated and adopted many European values, and one that could provide an inspirational example to the rest of the Dar-al-Islam.

Amnesty Senior Leader Under Fire for Muslim Brotherhood Ties
yasmin hussein
August 17, 2015

Media is reporting that Amnesty International’s Director of Faith and Human Rights Yasmin Hussein is facing public scrutiny for close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

A senior employee of Amnesty International has undeclared private links to men alleged to be key players in a secretive network of global Islamists, The Times can reveal. The charity was unaware that the husband of its director of faith and human rights featured in documents released after a criminal trial at which connections were revealed between British supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Islamists accused of plotting to overthrow a Gulf state.

Hussein’s husband Wael Musabbeh’s name appeared among documents submitted during the 2013 U.A.E. trial against suspect Muslim Brotherhood conspirators reportedly engaged in fomenting revolution against the Emirates. Those arrests would kick off a series of confrontations between the U.A.E. and Egypt on the one hand, and Qatar, which backs the Muslim Brotherhood on the other. Subsequently, the U.A.E designated the Brotherhood, and a host of its international affiliates, including those in the United States, as terrorist organizations. Amnesty International weighed in against the U.A.E, repeatedly condemning it for its prosecution of Muslim Brotherhood-linked figures. Amnesty now claims it was unaware Hussein’s husband had a tie to the case because it didn’t know the two were married. Musabbeh is the director of the Human Relief Foundation (HRF), a UK-based charity and member of the Hamas finance network known as the Union of the Good. Steve Merly in a NEFA Foundation report indicated how HRF had multiple donor organizations linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., Ireland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

But Amnesty ought to have known that Hussein was formerly employed with Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), itself an Islamic charity with known ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. As the Center for Security Policy has previously reported:

In 1999, the IRW accepted a $50,000 check from Osama Bin Laden. In 2006, Israel arrested its project coordinator in its Gaza office, Iyaz Ali, for funneling money to Hamas. In November 2012, the British Bank UBS closed the IRW’s account and blocked its customers from donating to the charity. In June 2014, Israel officially declared the organization to be illegal and banned it from operating in Israel and the Palestinian territories due to its financing of Hamas. In November 2014, the United Arab Emirates declared the IRW to be a terrorist group.

Amnesty International’s slant towards Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, Pro-Hamas, and even pro-Taliban positions has become increasingly apparent over the years. If the organization hopes to have any chance of restoring credibility it will need to take drastic action to terminate any employees found to be close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and to conduct an audit and review of all of the materials which they wrote or oversaw during their tenure for evidence of bias.

But the organization’s track record of resistance to outside scrutiny suggests that’s unlikely to happen.
muslim devils
every muslim is a potential terrorist
gaddaff we-have-50-m muslims  islam

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