Evergreen State College Settles Lawsuit by Professors for $500,000 – Inconvenient Truths Statue Topplers, NFL Protesters

Evergreen State College Settles Lawsuit by Professors for $500,000

Oct 5, 2017 by  


Evergreen State College Settles Lawsuit by Professors for $500,000

As a form of retirement package, Evergreen State College settled a lawsuit with two of its professors on the same day that they resigned from the school. Professors Bret Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, received $500,000, $450,000 directly to the couple and $50,000 to pay their attorneys’ fees.

Naturally, the college claims that the Weinsteins’ complaints were without merit:

In making this agreement, the college admits no liability, and rejects the allegations made in the tort claim. The educational activities of Day of Absence/Day of Presence were not discriminatory. The college took reasonable and appropriate steps to engage with protestors during spring quarter, de-escalate conflict, and keep the campus safe.

Safe that is for everyone who agrees with the student revolutionaries’ claims that the campus was rife with racism and intolerance toward people “of color.” When Weinstein complained that those demands went too far, he was attacked. More than 50 student dissidents and revolutionaries entered his biology class, confronted him with epithets and charges of racism. They shut down the campus for three days in June, caused more than $10,000 in property damage, and forced the graduation ceremonies to be held off-campus.

Weinstein told the Wall Street Journal just how bad it was that day:

An angry mob of about 50 students disrupted my class, called me a racist, and demanded that I resign. My “racist” offense? I had challenged coercive segregation by race. Specifically, I had objected to a planned “Day of Absence” in which white people were asked to leave campus on April 12….

On a college campus, one’s right to speak — or to be — must never be based on skin color.

His challenge was totally unacceptable both to the student revolutionaries and the administration that allowed the riots to get out of hand. The Weinsteins claimed in their lawsuit:

(Evergreen) has permitted, cultivated, and perpetuated a racially hostile and retaliatory work environment. Through a series of decisions made at the highest levels, including to officially support a day of racial segregation, the college has refused to protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence.

TESC consistently has failed to set and enforce necessary boundaries in the workplace on campus, selectively has chosen not to enforce its student Code of Conduct, and sent the unmistakable message that the school will tolerate (and even endorse) egregious violations (and even crimes) purportedly to advance racial social goals, diminishing the collegiate experience for all, and fostering a racially hostile work and retaliatory environment for faculty and staff.

When The New American reported in July on the injustice being promoted in the name of justice, it said that “it’s not likely this lawsuit will ever see the inside of a courtroom. It’s much more likely that negotiations are going on at the moment between Weinsteins’ attorney and school officials to make this whole incident disappear.”

That’s exactly what happened. In its statement Evergreen officials admitted that the Weinsteins’ case was so strong that the case could drag on for years and cost the school millions: “Years of expensive litigation would drain resources and distract from our mission.”

Those resources come from taxpayers and not from the radical students who took over the campus. Accordingly a couple of Washington state lawmakers, upset about the whole matter, are moving to shut off funding for the school and either privatize it or sell it for whatever it might be worth. Republican state representative Matt Manweller said: “I think that when a public university sends a message either directly or indirectly that you’re not welcome on campus based on your skin color, you have crossed the line.” State senator Phil Fortunato was even more emphatic:

What I see is an institution dedicated to indoctrinating kids into being perpetual victims. We saw videos of students disrupting classrooms, bullying administration [officials], blocking police, and intimidating those around them.… The response from the college president was to thank them for it! It is unbelievable.

Shutting off state funding or selling off the school for whatever it might be worth to private interests are not only the answers to this insanity, they are remedies that should have been applied long before Weinstein was forced to sue for restitution.

Image: Screenshot of ad for Evergreen State College

An Ivy League graduate and former investment advisor, Bob is a regular contributor to The New American magazine and blogs frequently at LightFromTheRight.com, primarily on economics and politics. He can be reached at badelmann@thenewamerican.com.

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Liberal Professor to Sue Evergreen for $3.8 Million Over “Racially Hostile” Campus Environment


As activists stumble over themselves to locate Confederate statues to topple or an American flag and national anthem to disrespect, certain aspects undermining their racial claims, past and present, largely go unaddressed.

One such aspect “topplers” ignore is how they also disrespect those who fought for the North.

Any statue connected to the Confederacy has become fair game for them. It matters not most wearing the gray either owned no slaves or, like Gen. Robert E. Lee, were anti-slavery. Interestingly, the last U.S. president to own slaves fought for the North – Ulysses S. Grant.

Thus, despite issues driving North and South to take up arms against each other, these warriors shared some common beliefs.

Topplers also conveniently choose to ignore that the North did not go to war to end slavery, and, as some historians suggest, had the South won it would have ended it. Americans supporting slavery back then supported a flawed law, in human-rights terms, that, nonetheless, was the law of the land for both sides. Yet today’s topplers fail to hold the blue to the same standard as the gray.

Common beliefs tended to create a bond of mutual respect, eloquently described by a veteran of the North who went on to become a famous jurist.

Almost two decades after the war, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes gave a Memorial Day speech. He observed he and his fellow Union soldiers had been driven during the Civil War by a belief their cause was just and noble. “But,” he explained, “we equally believed that those who stood against us held, just as sacred, convictions that were the opposite of ours – and we respected them as every man with a heart must respect those who give all for their belief. … You could not stand up day after day in those indecisive contests where overwhelming victory was impossible … without getting at last something of the same brotherhood for the enemy that the north pole of a magnet has for the south – each working in an opposite sense to the other, but each unable to get along without the other. As it was then, it is now. The soldiers of the war need no explanations; they can join in commemorating a soldier’s death with feelings not different in kind, whether he fell toward them or by his side.”

As Holmes made clear, the commitment of those on the other side to die for their beliefs demanded respect. Accordingly, the acts of today’s topplers fail to do so.

Another ignored aspect of liberal claims relates to an alleged Donald Trump-Russian conspiracy impacting the presidential election. While evidence is still lacking, and after two key members of former-FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigative team have departed, ignored is the fact Russia fanned the flames of America’s racial discord with ads planted on social media. It is now established a Russian initiative known as “Blacktivist” used Facebook and Twitter to do so.

This was not something new for Russia. As a former KGB agent, President Vladimir Putin was well aware that agency played a key role during the 1960s in publishing fake news about Martin Luther King. The KGB planted stories such as King being on the U.S. government’s payroll, in hopes of triggering his downfall and replacement by a militant leader.

Russia has a long history of sowing the seeds of racial hatred in the U.S. and, undoubtedly, now takes great joy our professional athletes are disrespecting our flag and anthem.

Yet another aspect ignored by race activists is their hypocrisy concerning appropriation claims of black culture by whites. While copying elements of another’s culture should be viewed more as a compliment than a theft, these activists see it differently.

At Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, a white girl who had braided her hair was attacked by an enraged black girl for doing so. The latter felt offended the former appropriated black culture. Another incident occurred at San Francisco State University when a white male student wearing dreadlocks was attacked by a black female student for the same reason.

Additionally, after performer Miley Cyrus came out with a video in which she demonstrated her “twerking” talents – a form of dancing, rooted in African culture, involving gyrations of one’s backside – she was criticized by black performers Jay-Z and Aealia Banks – for cultural appropriation.

The list of alleged appropriation incidents goes on and on.

But why, then, is the reverse not true – i.e., that blacks coming to America have, over time, appropriated many aspects of white culture?

This is especially so in the form of two major professional sports – American football and basketball – that were invented by white males. The former was the invention of Walter Camp; the latter of James Naismith. The case can be made Bob Douglas, recognized as the father of black basketball, appropriated it from white culture.

Today, watching any professional football or basketball game, a disproportionately larger representation – based on demographics – of black to white players exists. Clearly, these games have allowed more talented black athletes to thrive, reaping in millions of dollars of income in the process.

Arguably, the “appropriation” of these sports by blacks denies incomes to (less talented) white players. Yet at no time, and appropriately so, has the claim of appropriation of a white man’s sport by blacks been raised. The truth of the matter is the combined talents of players – both black and white – have clearly made these sports much more competitive.

The political activists creating the racial turmoil in our country need reflect on whether there are realistic justifications for their actions. In doing so, they should consider whether they are being judgmental in attacking those who simply chose to comply with yesterday’s law of the land and those being unfairly treated today by claims whites are appropriating elements of black culture.

But, more importantly, they need consider whether their acts, in dividing America, are exactly what others, long committed to our demise, seek to do by fanning the flames of activist discontentment.


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VIDEO Sebastian Gorka Identifies Top 3 Threats To America – Bannon, Ingraham, Gorka at Values Voter Summit

President Trump and former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka (Photo: Facebook/Sebastian Gorka)

President Trump and former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka (Photo: Facebook/Sebastian Gorka)

WASHINGTON – Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka says radical Islamic jihadists, China and radical leftists pose the greatest threats to U.S. national security, but will be defeated by President Trump and his supporters who are restoring America’s global dominance and reclaiming the country’s culture.

Speaking to WND at this weekend’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., Gorka also noted President Trump’s decision to decertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal is a major step in “crushing” jihadist terrorism.

“The closest threat – the most imminent one – is, of course, the jihadis that created September the 11th – al-Qaida, ISIS – that’s the five-meter target, that’s the close-range target. But now under the leadership of President Trump, under the office of Secretary Mattis, we’re crushing them in Syria in Iraq. The immediate term threat is the Shia-jihadis – this is Iran, this is the Republican Guard, Hezbollah. If they get nuclear weapons, that’s a game changer and that’s why it’s so important the president decertified the Iran deal.”

Trump has sought China’s help in dealing with North Korea, as China has remained one of the last defenders of dictator Kim Jong Un and could apply enormous financial pressure should it turn on the North Korean leader.

Amid Pyongyang’s escalating war of words with the U.S. regarding North Korea’s nuclear missile program, China, in an unprecedented move against North Korea, issued an order to carry out the United Nations sanctions imposed on the rogue regime in August.

“China has the most leverage to deal with North Korea,” Gorka said. “And the fact that the president and Ambassador Haley at the U.N. have managed to convince China that even if you’re in a competition with us, you will not profit by having a nuclear war on your border and they joined us with Russia – it’s a big deal – in the tightest sanctions package against North Korea in history, that tells you how big a problem North Korea is. China may be our long term enemy, but they don’t a war in their back doorstep either.”

But he says China’s diplomacy with the U.S. against North Korea is centered around the fact the Chinese don’t want war on its “own back doorstep,” as the greatest threat the U.S. faces in the long term is an economic war.

“This is something I’ve learned from Steve Bannon and working in the White House with him – the real long- term problem is China,” he said. “China is at economic war with us today. They are undermining us politically in the intelligence field and they are trying to intimidate their neighbors militarily. We need to have a plan to deal with the hegemonic China because that’s the real long term threat.”

While Trump has pledged to “bomb the sh-t” out of ISIS and “totally destroy” North Korea, the Trump administration will not engage in nation building, Gorka assured, as his Republican predecessor President George Bush attempted to in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This is not a neo-conservative, adventurist administration. The president is not interested in intervention,” the British-born, American military and intelligence analyst said. “He has said before he became president and after he became president, I do not do nation building. He’s interested in helping our friends and neighbors be safe. But the people he is here to protect are the American people.

“Remember what he said when he pulled us out of the Paris accord, he said ‘I was elected by the citizens of Pittsburgh,’ so this not a Bush III administration. It’s not isolationist, nor is it expansionist interventionism. It’s that safe, common sense, middle track that looks at our interest first.”

While Gorka assured the commander in chief will adhere to his campaign promises to the American people, domestically and abroad, he warned that members of the Trump administration are undermining the “Make America Great Again” platform and influencing the president to become more politically correct on Islamic radical extremism – an issue that prompted his resignation from the White House.

“When [Trump] was given a speech to read on Afghanistan that was missing the key word that was in every speech he’s given – to Congress, to Israel, in Saudi Arabia – that phrase ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ – that was deleted from his speech in Afghanistan,” he said. “I said ‘the people who are not part of the Trump agenda are now in control. I can best serve the president on the outside. And that’s what I’m doing.”

“The day after I resigned, he contacted me, said he’s going to stick to his agenda, but he wants me to help him from the outside. And that’s what people like Steve Bannon and myself are doing.”

National-security threats are imminent, but liberalism is destructing the U.S. from within, Gorka said.

“Andrew Breitbart was so right when he said, politics is downstream from culture. The rot begins with culture. When we, we the conservatives, surrendered the high schools and colleges to the radicals. When people like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn – terrorists can become tenured professors, God protect those poor students. When we allowed them to fill that vacuum, we surrendered the culture wars to the left – to the readers of Saul Alinsky, to the crypto-Marxists, to the crypto-Maoists. But don’t worry, what happened on November 8th? The outsider won.”

Leftists are losing the culture war, Gorka argued, despite being pervasive in Hollywood, the music industry, the mainstream media and academia.

“Look at the people who accuse me or Steve of being racist or being xenophobes, they’re losing every day,” he said. “CNN, the Anderson Cooper ‘rock star.’ Less than 800,000 people watch his show every night. How many people live in America? Three-hundred-thirty million, and he can’t even get 1 million people to watch his show? Look at the stats for Sean Hannity. Look at the stats for Breitbart. We are taking America back, one issue at a time.”


Gorka & Bannon on Breitbart News Saturday (10/14/2017)

Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham and Dr. Sebastian Gorka speech at the Values Voter Summit Oct 14


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Democrats Challenge The Right Of Trump To Rescind Obama Order That A Federal Court Declared Unconstitutional

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedHealth_Care_Delivery_System_Reform_and_The_Patient_Protection_&_Affodable_Care_Act.pdfThere are now eighteen states and the District of Columbia lined up to challenge the executive order by President Donald Trump to rescind the Obama order giving insurance companies billions in subsidies . . . without an appropriation of Congress.  As explained below, this challenge advances a rather curious claim that Trump cannot rescind an earlier order found to be flagrantly unconstitutional by a federal court. 


In most high-profile litigation cases, counsel spends considerable time exploring whether a challenge will allow a bad case to make bad law on appeal.  That would seem the most likely outcome here but much of the litigation by Democratic Attorneys General have been driven more by political than legal calculations.  Voters now expect every act of Trump to be challenged and no Democratic AG wants to be the only one to sit out a challenge to an unpopular order.  The result is a type of perpetual litigation machine where bad precedent is being cranked out because it is viewed as good politics.

Here is the column:

There appears no end to the villainy of President Trump. This week, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra denounced Trump as nothing short of a saboteur while members have lined up before cameras to denounce his latest executive order as tantamount to murder.

His offense? He rescinded an unconstitutional order by President Obama and restored the authority of Congress over the “power of the purse.” The response to what Becerra called “sabotage” has been a call for a rather curious challenge where Democrats want the judicial branch to enjoin the executive branch from recognizing the inherent authority of the legislative branch. It is an institutional act that would have baffled the Framers.

I had the honor of serving as lead counsel, with an exceptionally talented team from Capitol Hill, for the U.S. House of Representatives in its challenge to unilateral actions taken by the Obama administration under the Affordable Care Act. In a historic ruling, U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled in favor of the House of Representatives and found that President Obama violated the Constitution in committing billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury without the approval of Congress.


The money went to insurance companies, even though Congress had rejected an Obama administration request for the appropriations. The case is pending on appeal, but the Trump administration has filed a notice with the D.C. Circuit that it was rescinding the order found unconstitutional by the federal court. The result of the order is to return the matter to the place where it should have remained: in Congress.

The ruling of the federal court was a triumph for those of us who have warned for years about the erosion of the separation of powers within our constitutional system. That high point in the judiciary followed a low point in Congress. In a State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he would circumvent Congress after it failed to approve measures in immigration and health care that he demanded.

This alarming declaration was met with an equally alarming response of rapturous applause by members thrilled by the notion of their own institutional obsolescence. President Obama proceeded to then assume the core defining power left to Congress under the “power of purse” in Article I of the Constitution. When Congress refused to appropriate money for subsidies for insurance companies, President Obama ordered the money from the Treasury through a claim of executive authority.

As affirmed by the federal court, the actions of President Obama directly violated the “power of the purse” clause of the Constitution, which provides that “no money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by law.” It also violated the federal law itself and the court declared that such actions “cannot surmount the plain text [of the law].”


If a president could simply ignore the Constitution and a federal law, the separation of powers becomes little more than a constitutional pretense, a power subject to the discretionary whim of presidents. In first requesting the money and then unilaterally ordering its payment, President Obama established that the limits of the Constitution would not be allowed to exceed the patience of a president.

Madison believed that, under the separation of powers “ambition must…counteract ambition.” He was speaking of the institutional ambition of the branches and their respective leaders in jealously protecting their inherent powers. However, the Affordable Care Act subsidies showed that the Framers underestimated how short-term political ambitions could overwhelm institutional interests. It is a problem that I have previously described as “constitutional short sellers” who are willing to discard core powers to achieve immediate political benefits.

Now many of these same members are irate that President Trump would remove an order found to be unconstitutional and leave the question of any subsidy to Congress. Some members have noted that President Trump is only doing this to force their hand on the deadlock over new health care reforms. However, this would only mean that the President might have done the right thing for the wrong reason.

Democrats in Congress spent eight years dismissing concerns from constitutional scholars over the loss of legislative authority in favor of a type of “uber presidency.” They are now outraged that President Trump is using the very unilateral powers that they celebrated when used by President Obama. In reality, the Trump administration has largely used the powers to rescind the Obama administration orders and thus far has not acted unilaterally to the degree of his predecessor. Yet, what if he did? Would these same members celebrate their transcendence of unilateral executive power?

Consider Trump’s controversial border wall. Democrats have steadfastly opposed any funding for the wall. What if President Trump were to take the lesson from his predecessor and his congressional allies and simply order billions to be paid out of the Treasury? It would violate the Constitution and existing federal laws, but so did the Affordable Care Act payments. If that act would be outrageous in the eyes of members, then we have clarity on this issue. It is not the principle but the personality behind these orders.

When it comes to constitutional law, “good fences make good neighbors.” For whatever reason, President Trump has restored part of the wall that separates the branches. This is one wall that all members should be eager to maintain and, if belatedly, to protect as a matter of principle.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and served as lead counsel in the successful challenge to the Obama insurance payments under the Affordable Care Act. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

Democrats Challenge The Right Of Trump To Rescind Obama Order That A Federal Court Declared Unconstitutional

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4 Key Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Are Now Missing Or Dead


Four key Las Vegas shooting witnesses are now missing or dead, raising the question about whether they have been silenced to avoid the truth coming out.


Four key Las Vegas shooting witnesses are now missing or dead – coincidence or cover up?


1) John Beilman:   killed both himself and his disabled daughter in an apparent murder-suicide. He was wanted for questioning by federal agents in connection with a communications device discovered in suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room.

Neon Nettle reports:  Agents executed a search warrant and raided Beilman’s Williamsburg Drive home the day before he took his daughter, Nicole, into the backyard and shot her and then himself in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.

2) Chad Nishimura: a Mandalay Bay valet who parked Paddock’s car when he arrived at the hotel, has also disappeared without trace after giving a statement to a Hawaiian mainstream news network, KITV4, about his brush with the killer. Nishimura directly contradicted the official narrative by claiming that Paddock arrived at the hotel with “not many bags” – certainly nowhere near enough to hold the amount of weapons and ammunition that was found in Paddock’s hotel suite.

3)  Jesus Campos : The security guard ‘hero’ still missing in action has also gone missing. Fifteen minutes before his scheduled appearance on Hannity at Fox News – his first media interview since the shooting – Campos reportedly checked into a ‘quick clinic.’

It has also been revealed that photos featuring Campos, published in mainstream media, are not real. After putting the photographs through forensic testing at FotoForensics.com, it is clear these photographs have been photoshopped, raising the question of whether “Jesus Campos, hero security guard” really exists.

4. ) Kymberley Suchomel, one of the key witnesses who was not injured during the devastating Las Vegas shooting has been found dead in her home at the age of 28. The cause of her death has yet to be confirmed.

Kymberley Suchomel was one of the lucky attendees at the Route 91 music festival in Las Vegas who managed to escape the hail of bullets without being injured.  Shortly after fleeing the scene with friends, she made a statement to mainstream media claiming that there were “multiple gunmen” firing weapons into the crowd and that she was chased by one such man.

las vegas shooting witness john beilman killed himself and his daughter

H/T https://survivaltricks.wordpress.com


This also happens to those who oppose the Clintons.


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Eight Killed, 11 Wounded During Weekend Violence in Gun-Controlled Chicago

16 Oct 2017 by Awr Hawkins

Eight individuals were killed and 11 wounded during weekend violence in gun-controlled Chicago.

According to CBS Chicago, one of the deceased was a 64-year-old woman who was struck by a stray bullet “in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side.” She was hit around 6:30 pm Friday. The woman–Cynthia Trevillion–was as math teacher at Chicago Waldorf School.

Trevillion was one of three people killed during a five-hour time span on Friday alone. In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that 3:30 pm to 6 pm Friday became so violent that seven people were shot and wounded during those two and a half hours.

The rest of the weekend was full of more typical Chicago gun violence and gun deaths. The killing of an unidentified, 22-year-old man on Sunday at 11:10 a.m. is a case in point. “He was walking on the sidewalk in the 6700 block of South Jeffery when two males exited a Ford car nearby and opened fire. The man suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, arm and back of his head and was pronounced dead at the scene less than 30 minutes later.” The gunmen were described as “two black males in gray clothing.”

The weekend violence brings the number of Chicago homicides to 558 for 2017. And the Tribune listed the overall number of Chicago shooting victims at 3014 for 2017, through October 15.

Nearly 800 people were shot and killed in Chicago during 2016 and there were nearly 4,400 shooting victims.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at awrhawkins@breitbart.com


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VIDEO Some Members of Congress Are ‘Duds,’ ‘Time to Eject Them’ – Bannon, McConnell, Ward, Ingraham

Some Members of Congress Are ‘Duds,’ ‘Time to Eject Them’

Oct 13, 2017 By Craig Millward

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.)
(Screenshot: YouTube)

(CNSNews.com) Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said that if members of Congress do not get behind President Donald Trump’s Agenda, then it is “time that you send us home.”

He also said some members of Congress were “duds,” and it was “time to eject them.”

“Now [President Trump] has rolled back all kinds of regulations, in fact more regulations have been rolled back, substantial regulations that have been rolled back in the first nine months of his presidency than any in modern times,” Meadows said.

“But we need to help him don’t you think?” he said.  “Don’t you think it’s time that Congress quits talking and starts doing? Isn’t it time? If we don’t get behind this agenda, an American First agenda, if we do not get behind it, it is time that you send us home.”

Meadows continued by comparing some members of Congress to shells in a shotgun.

“Now I love to shoot, I love to actually go out with my son and shoot, and so when you go out to shoot, you can shoot a lot of shells,” he said. “All of the shells look exactly the same. You can put them in and you can shoot –occasionally you come across one where you pull the trigger and it’s a dud.”

“Now you have two options,” said Meadows.  “You can leave that in the chamber and pull the trigger again and again and see if it fires. Or you can eject it and put in another shell.”

“I would suggest we have some members that are duds, that have been left in the chamber too long and it’s time to eject them,” said the congressman.  “It is time. It is time. Quit trying to make them perfect, start over with a fresh shell.”


Bitter Mitch! Triggered by Bannon

Majority Leader Fumes in Rose Garden

Wut? After Alabama Embarrassment, He Calls GOP Anti-Establishment ‘Losers’

16 Oct 2017 by Charlie Spiering

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon’s decision to go to war against the Republican establishment in the upcoming Senate Republican primaries on Monday.

“You have to nominate people who can actually win because winners make policy and losers go home,” McConnell said when asked about Bannon by reporters at the White House.

The Senate Majority Leader specifically recalled anti-establishment Senate candidates like Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Todd Akin, and Richard Mourdock who won their Republican primary but failed to win their general election against a Democrat.

McConnell praised his campaign model in 2014 that allowed the Republican Senate to seize the majority.

“Our primary approach will be to support our incumbents and in open seats to seek to help nominate people who can actually win in November,” he said. “That’s my approach. That’s the way you keep a governing majority.

McConnell made his remarks during a surprise press conference at the White House on Monday after having lunch with Trump. The Senate Majority Leader went out of his way to appear supportive of the president’s agenda.

“We have the same agenda,” McConnell said to reporters. “We’ve been friends and acquaintances for a long time. We talk frequently … frequently we talk on the weekends.”

McConnell specifically mentioned support for upcoming issues in the Senate such as tax reform and the budget.

The Senate Majority leader praised Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as the “single most significant thing this president has done.”

He expressed interest in getting tax reform done in 2017, but acknowledged that previous administrations took longer than expected to get important legislation done.

“We’re going to get this job done and the goal is to get it done by the end of the year,” McConnell said.

The president said that McConnell was a “friend,” despite reports that said the two were at odds.

“We have been friends for a long time. We are probably now, despite what we read, we’re probably now I think at least as far as I’m concerned closer than ever before,” he said. “The relationship is very good.”

Trump also called Bannon a friend, suggesting that he would communicate with him about upcoming Senate races.

“Steve is doing what Steve thinks is the right thing,” he said. “Some of the people that he may be looking at I’m gonna see if we talk him outta that, cause frankly, they’re great people.”


Stephen K. Bannon to Attend Kelli Ward Event with Laura Ingraham in Arizona

16 Oct 2017 by Michelle Moons

Former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon will attend an event for 2018 Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward in Arizona on Tuesday.

The event is headlined by conservative radio and soon-to-be Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman announced the news on Twitter:

The event will be held at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort.

Ward is challenging establishment Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in the 2018 Republican primary election. She previously served in the Arizona State Senate, but stepped down to challenge Sen. John McCain in the 2016 election. She received the highest percentage of votes of a McCain challenger in recent history. She also works as a practicing medical doctor.

The event comes very shortly after an Alabama primary runoff election in which Judge Roy Moore beat out Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked replacement to Jeff Sessions, who left his seat in the Senate to take the position of U.S. Attorney General. McConnell’s candidate was backed by McConnell-linked Senate Leadership Fund and others with millions upon millions of dollars, some estimate in excess of $30 million. Moore won with just $1-2 million dollars. Bannon campaigned strongly for Moore as did grassroots conservatives including former Alaska Gov. and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. A host of conservative and grassroots Republicans backed Moore over McConnell’s candidate.

Over the weekend Bannon told Values Voters Summit participants that “there’s a time and season for everything, and now it’s a season of war against the GOP establishment.” He added that conservatives didn’t start the war, “This is not my war. This is our war. And y’all didn’t start it. The establishment started it, but I will tell you one thing, you all are gonna finish it.”

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VIDEO Humanitarian Hoax of Community Organizing – Communion And Its Trail Of Corpses

Killing America With Kindness

Humanitarian Hoax of Community Organizing

Oct 13, 2017 By 

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief, weakened the United States for eight years presenting his crippling community organizing tactics and strategies as altruistic when in fact they were designed for destruction. His legacy, the Leftist Democratic Party and its ongoing “resistance” movement, is the party of the Humanitarian Hoax attempting to destroy American democracy from within and replace it with socialism.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy used poverty as the weapon of destruction

Radical socialist Saul Alinsky wrote his 1971 manual Rules for Radicals to instruct future generations of radical community organizers in effective tactics to transform a capitalist state into a socialist state. Obama became the quintessential community organizer.

In May 1966, The Nation published an article written by Alinsky’s contemporaries Columbia sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” described the tactics necessary to destroy capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with unsustainable demands that push society into social chaos and economic collapse. Cloward and Piven took a termite approach to destruction that collapses structures from the inside out. They specifically targeted the U.S. public welfare system to instigate a crisis that would collapse welfare and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income.

David Horowitz explains that Alinsky and his followers deliberately “organize their power bases without naming the end game, without declaring a specific future they want to achieve – socialism, communism, or anarchy. Without committing themselves to concrete principles or a specific future they organize exclusively to build a power base which they can use to destroy the existing society and its economic system.” David Horowitz has identified the humanitarian hoax of community organizing with great precision.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy used poverty as the weapon of destruction that would collapse America and replace the government with their idealized totalitarian Marxist model. They succeeded in bankrupting New York City for a time but there was not enough pressure to destroy the economy of the country. Supplying additional pressure required Barack Obama’s particular skill set.

Illegal immigration, Black Lives Matter (BLM),  hysterical screams for gun control are the current weapons being used by the Left

The Cloward-Piven experiment in New York City revealed the weakness of their strategy. Community organizing provided insufficient economic pressure – success required ideological politicians and a colluding media willing to disinform the public to be successful. 21st century politics has embraced the expanded 3-step Cloward-Piven Strategy which includes gun control advocacy to eliminate any serious resistance to the effort.

  • Step 1 – Politicians must overburden governmental/social institutions to the breaking point.
  • Step 2 – Politicians must incite social chaos through divisive policies to make the country ungovernable.
  • Step 3 – Politicians must disarm the public so that they cannot oppose the leftist totalitarian state that will follow.

Left-wing liberal European leaders and America under Obama added uncontrolled immigration with divisive immigration policies to both overload their respective welfare systems and create social chaos. Obama, the humanitarian huckster-in-chief spent eight years implementing the expanded Cloward-Piven strategy of economic chaos. In 2007 there were 26 million recipients of food stamps – by 2015 there were 47 million. Obama’s open border policies and calls for amnesty flooded the country with illegal immigrants further straining the system and creating economic chaos. Illegal aliens overload our welfare system, cost American taxpayers a whopping $116 BILLION, and rob legal citizens of their jobs. Obama’s executive orders created extraordinary divisiveness by importing a population of immigrants with hostile cultural norms including jihadi terrorists.

Illegal immigration, the ascendance of Black Lives Matter (BLM), and the hysterical screams for gun control are the current weapons being used by the Left and reported dishonestly by the colluding mainstream media in their ongoing attempt to destroy American democracy. The Second Amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms was designed to balance the power of an armed federal government and prevent tyranny. Disarming the American people destroys this balance and awards the government complete control.

American public was seduced by Barack Obama, the quintessential community organizer

Cloward and Piven thought locally – the politicians of today think globally. The globalist elite fully support the Left’s expanded Cloward-Piven termite strategy to destroy American democracy and replace it with socialism. Why? Because socialism with its complete government control is the prerequisite social structure for the globalist elite to internationalize the countries, internationalize the police force, and impose enforced one-world government.

The Left are the useful idiots of the globalist elite who simply needed to add their own 4th step to the expanded Cloward-Piven Strategy:

  • Step 4 – Internationalize the totalitarian states into their new world order of one-world government that they themselves rule.

One-world government is the overarching goal and the underlying motive to destroy America from within. It was described in unapologetic detail 65 years ago by English aristocrat Lord Bertrand Russell in his stunning book The Impact of Science on Society. American democracy is the single greatest existential threat to one-world government and President Donald Trump is America’s leader. The globalist elite are desperate to stop President Trump because if Obama is exposed as the termite king it leaves them without their primetime huckster to continue marching America toward anarchy and social chaos with his “resistance” movement.

If the globalist elite’s deceitful efforts are successful, after 241 years of American freedom the world will be returned to the dystopian existence of masters and slaves because a willfully blind American public was seduced by Barack Obama, the quintessential community organizer, deceitfully promising hope and change for America. The Humanitarian Hoax of the termite king will have succeeded in killing America with “kindness.”


Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin

Free college, free health care, and government-defined income levels are all increasingly popular notions among the political left in the United States, but they are also raising concerns among opponents that some of the basic tenets of communism are alive and well in the United States.

This month marks 100 years since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia that led to the creation of the Soviet Union and the murders of tens of millions of people. After a century of economic and humanitarian horrors, the growing embrace of socialist and communist principles in the political and academic realm is clear.

But why are these ideas still popular given communism’s track record of bloody failure?

“Education, education, education. Or maybe I should say miseducation, miseducation, miseducation or ignorance, ignorance, ignorance. It all kind of goes together,” said Grove City College Political Science Professor Paul Kengor, who is also the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism: The Killingest Idea Ever.”

“This is the natural byproduct of our K-12 public schools, our government schools, and especially our universities failing to teach people the horrors of communism,” said Kengor.

He says academia at all levels dropped the ball on the atrocities of the past 100 years and beyond.

“They’ve done a bang-up job teaching the evils of Nazism and fascism. But for the 100th anniversary of Bolshevism and the Communist Revolution, which is what we’re at right now in October 2017. Everybody should be able to say, ‘Oh yeah, they killed a hundred million people, didn’t they?’” said Kengor.

Kengor says parents need to stop sending their kids to expensive schools only for their kids to be indoctrinated by ’60s radicals who are sympathetic to communism.

“If you took Johnny or Susie, who you spent the first 18 years of his or her life teaching them the right things and then you send them off to that secular college, that liberal insane asylum, and handed twenty to thirty to forty thousand dollars a year of your life savings and at Christmas-time came back with their own definitions of marriage and gender and telling you why you’re a fascist for not supporting government funding of Planned Parenthood, you helped make this possible. You should not send your kids to these colleges,” said Kengor.

He says knowingly sending your kids to schools to embrace socialist and communist ideas is doing exactly what radicals like Lenin would have wanted you to do.

“These are academic indoctrination centers and if you send your kids to these schools, you are going to be paying for them to have their minds destroyed.

“Vladimir Lenin said, and I quote this in the book, ‘Give me four years with a child and the seed that I plant will never be removed,” said Kengor.

In the book, Kengor says the education on communism is so bad that a survey a few years back showed roughly a quarter of Americans thought George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin.

He points out Stalin’s death toll even dwarfs that of Adolf Hitler.

“I’m sure that the vast majority of Americans think that Hitler killed more people than Stalin, when in fact Stalin killed – by some accounts, including Alexander Yakovlev – he said Stalin alone killed 60-70 million people. Hitler killed about 10 million.

“Stalin’s not even the greatest killer. Mao is,” said Kengor referring to communist Chinese despot Mao Zedong.

“This is a frightful dangerous ideology. People don’t know that because we fail to educate them,” added Kengor.

Defenders of Marxism and communism suggest bad leaders are responsible for the genocide rather than the ideology itself. Kengor says the record is clear.

“People have done it right. That’s what it comes down to. What other ideology or system that has been tried by so many different people on every different continent and every different ethnic group and nationality, and yet everywhere it goes it leads to a trail of corpses,” said Kengor.

He says genocide is a necessary aspect of communism, and the proof is right there in “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

“Like Marx and Engels themselves said, ‘Despotism will of course be necessary in implementing this,” said Kengor.


Dupes: Democrats & the Communist Party – Paul Kengor

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