Political Eschatology: How Optimistic Anti-Christs and Pessimistic Christians Are Shaping America

Eschatology Matters

May 12, 2016 By FireBreathingChristian



How we view the future dramatically impacts how we conduct ourselves in the present.

Is the culture destined to go to hell? Is the plunge of humanity into increasing darkness unstoppable? Is the complete death of culture and civilization inevitable?

Or is the Gospel-fueled Great Commission actually going to accomplish what it aims to accomplish? Are God’s people by His grace filled with His Spirit in accordance with His Word really, truly, and actually going to, over time in His creation in application of His Great Comission, gradually take every thought and thereby every action in every realm of life captive to Christ, reconciling all things to Him by the power of His work on the cross? (See: 2 Corinthians 10:5; Colossians 1:15-20; and Matthew 28:18-20.)

Does the devil have the authority to hold, much less legitimately rule over, any territory here and now on God’s earth? Or has all authority on earth been given (that’s past tense there) to Christ in accordance with His Great Commission proclamation? (Again: See Matthew 28:18-20.)

Does the Spirit of God – the third Person of the Trinity – actually live within God’s physical people right here and now on His physical earth? Are they not really and truly the Body of Christ here on His earth to do His will, apply His everything-touching Gospel, and advance His Great Commission, making disciples of all the nations and seeing to it that His will is done on earth as it is in heaven?

Or is none of that really, literally true here in the physical world?

What we believe about these things is of critical importance. What we believe about the nature of God’s everything-touching Gospel and the purpose of His Spirit-filled people right here and now will determine how hard we fight (or how much we settle and snooze) and how much territory we win (or lose), all by His grace and all for His glory.

Put another way: Eschatology matters.

Put another ‘nother way: Pessimillennialism kills…and has been in the process of helping to kill America for a very, very long time.

And you don’t have to look far to see how true that is. You also don’t have to look far to find the optimistic eschatology of victory embraced throughout the American culture…not by Christians, but by anti-Christians.

Along these lines, The Week recently posted an article entitled Dear Hillary… in which Damon Linker warns and wonders concerning Hillary Clinton’s prospects against The Donald in November. While much of what Linker has to say isn’t particularly interesting or informative, there was a line in his piece that stood out.

. . . If conservatives are prone to nostalgia, the left is inspired by eschatological hopes for the future. . .

And there, ladies and gentleman, is something to think about.

I mean really think about.

Let it soak in.

Now, I don’t want to overstate or over-focus on this one line, but it really is quite telling because, far as I can tell, it really is quite true.

Anti-Christs believe.

They have faith.

They know that by vigorous application of their worldview in every area of life, those areas of life and culture will be moved in their direction.

So they live and work accordingly.

They live and work in accordance with their gospel.

All while on the other hand American self-described conservatives – especially those who also self-identify as Christian and especially especially those who self-identify as evangelicals – are hopelessly(!) committed to an eschatology of defeat while leftists and progressives like Linker are indeed all about an optimistic, victorious eschatology.

The Pilgrims and Puritans that American Christian conservatives love to cite and fawn over in a vague, general, idolatrous sense came here in the first place because of a victorious eschatological belief in the life-, culture-, and civilization-transforming power of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission right here and now.

While American Christians have long abandoned and now openly ridicule such a worldview, they still clamor and claim to want the fruits of that worldview. They ridiculously blather on and on about “returning to the roots and values of our forefathers” while openly repudiating the victorious Gospel worldview of the Pilgrims and Puritans who started the “American experiment” in the first place.

Now it’s mainly liberals, progressives, and leftists who appreciate and enjoy a victorious, optimistic eschatology…and now it is they who are winning the territory long abandoned by the fear, faithlessness, and pessimism of American evangelicals.

Maybe the Pilgrims and Puritans who came over here way back when were on to something.

Maybe they really did make a serious, lasting positive impact on culture and civilization…an impact that we’ve been enjoying while lazily neglecting (and openly assaulting) its foundations for generations now.

Maybe they actually moved things in a meaningful positive direction and set up future generations to continue to do the same.

Maybe we should repent, believe, and find the supernatural, God-given, Gospel-inspired optimism that fueled the Christians that came over here in the first place and radically impacted the world for good.

Just a thought…

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VIDEO Keep Us Safe – Trump’s Five Questions on US Foreign Policy – Forget NATO. Trump Should Defund the UN

Trump’s Five Questions on US Foreign Policy

NATO Who Pays

Along with his self-congratulatory bombast, Donald Trump has offered a rare critique of Official Washington’s “group think” about foreign policy, including the wisdom of NATO expansion and the value of endless war, notes John V. Walsh.

May 22, 2016 By John V. Walsh

 “Only Donald Trump (among the Presidential candidates) has said anything meaningful and critical of U.S. foreign policy.” No, that is not Reince Priebus, chair of the RNC, speaking up in favor of the presumptive Republican nominee. It is Stephen F. Cohen, Emeritus Professor of Russian History at Princeton and NYU, a contributing editor for The Nation, that most liberal of political journals.

Cohen tells us here that: “Trump’s questions are fundamental and urgent, but instead of engaging them, his opponents (including President Obama) and the media dismiss the issues he raises about foreign policy as ignorant and dangerous. Some even charge that his statements are like ‘Christmas in the Kremlin’ and that he is ‘the Kremlin’s Candidate’ — thereby, further shutting off the debate we so urgently need.” (Cohen’s comment about the lack of a meaningful critique of U.S. foreign policy also covers the statements of Sen. Bernie Sanders.)

Cohen first enunciated Trump’s five questions during one of his weekly discussions on relations between Russia and the West on The John Batchelor Show, on WABC-AM (also on podcasts).

On the April 6 broadcast, Cohen said: “Let me just rattle off the five questions he [Trump] has asked. [First] why must the United States lead the world everywhere on the globe and play the role of the world’s policeman, now for example, he says, in Ukraine? It’s a question. It’s worth a discussion.

“Secondly, [Trump] said, NATO was founded 67 years ago to deter the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union ended 25 years ago. What is NATO’s mission? Is it obsolete? Is it fighting terrorism?  No, to the last question, it’s not. Should we discuss NATO’s mission?

“Thirdly, [Trump] asks, why does the United States always pursue regime changes? Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and now it wants a regime change in Syria, Damascus. When the result is, to use Donald Trump’s favorite word, the result is always “disaster.” But it’s a reasonable question.

“Fourthly, why do we treat Russia and Putin as an enemy when he should be a partner?

“Fifth, Trump asks, about nuclear weapons – and this is interesting. You remember he was asked, would he rule out using nuclear weapons – an existential question. He thought for a while and then he said, ‘No, I take nothing off the table.’ And everybody said he wants to use nuclear weapons! In fact, it is the official American nuclear doctrine policy that we do not take first use off the table. We do not have a no first use of nuclear weapons doctrine. So all Trump did was state in his own way what has been official American nuclear policy for, I guess, 40 or 50 years. …

“It seems to me that these five questions, which are not being discussed by the other presidential candidates, are essential.”

Batchelor then turned the discussion to the question of NATO. Cohen replied: “When we say NATO, what are we talking about? We are not talking only about the weapons and soldiers on land and sea. We’re talking about a vast political bureaucracy with hundreds of thousands of employees and appointees, that is located in Brussels. It’s a political empire. It’s an institution. It’s almost on a par with our Department of Defense, though it gets its money from the Department of Defense, mainly, as Trump points out …

“But it has many propaganda organs. If you look at the bylines of people who write op-ed pieces in many American papers, they are listed as working for the public relations department of NATO or they formerly did so. No, I would say along with the Kremlin and Washington, NATO is probably the third largest propagator of information, in this information war, in the world.

“But look, here’s the reality. And Trump came to this late. When they were discussing expanding NATO in the 1990s in the Clinton administration, it was George Kennan, who was then the most venerable American diplomat scholar on relations with Russia, who said: Don’t do it; it will be a disaster; it will lead to a new Cold War.

“Since George spoke his words – and I knew him well when I taught at Princeton where he lived – we have taken in virtually all of the countries between Berlin and Russia. NATO now has 28 membership states. But if you sit in the Kremlin and you see NATO coming at you over 20 years, country by country like PAC-man, gobbling up countries that used to be your allies, who appears to be the aggressor?

“So – the expansion of NATO has been a catastrophe. And that has been, in some ways, apart from fighting the war in Afghanistan – from which I believe it has now withdrawn, it is now solely American (I may be wrong about that) – and in addition taking on the American project of missile defense, expanding toward Russia has been NATO’s only mission since the end of the Soviet Union.

“So people can ask themselves, if they ask calmly and apart from the information war, … do we have less security risks, less conflict, today after this expansion to Russia’s borders, bearing in mind that the Ukrainian crisis is a direct result of trying to bring Ukraine into NATO as was the Georgian war, the proxy war with Russia in 2008. Are we, as [President] Reagan would say, are we better off today? We are not! So easily at a minimum, we have to rethink what it is NATO is doing.”

So get thee to the website for the American Committee on East West Accord and listen to the weekly Batchelor-Cohen podcasts. They are an ideal antidote to the avalanche of Russia-bashing and Putin-demonizing that we must endure. While you are at it, check out the other leading members of ACEWA, a superb and badly needed organization – and make a contribution.

John V. Walsh is a frequent contributor to CounterPunch.com, Antiwar.com, LewRockwell.com and DissidentVoice.org. He is a founding member of “Come Home America.” Until recently he was Professor of Physiology and Neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He can be reached at john.endwar@gmail.com.


Forget NATO. Trump Should Defund the UN

May 17, 2016 by Roger L. Simon


The courage to go after sacred cows is one of Donald Trump’s more appealing, if controversial, traits.   He raised the issue of NATO, contending the USA pays far too much of the freight in the mutual defense pact.

Such proposals, the candidate has made clear, are not so much policies as “suggestions” or what one might call, from his business perspective, negotiating positions.

Regarding the NATO suggestion, frankly, I am of two minds.  While it’s clearly arguable the American contribution is excessive, the investment might be necessary for the preservation of the alliance (weak as it is) and to maintain the necessary U.S. leadership position.  “Leading from behind” has been one of the obvious fiascoes of the 21st century.

But I have another, somewhat similar, suggestion for Donald about which I have no ambivalence.  It’s time for the U.S. seriously to curtail, if not end, its mammoth annual contribution to the United Nations that dwarfs those made by all the other 192 member-states

Here’s how CNS News reported the situation in 2012:

In one of its last actions of the year, the United Nations General Assembly on Christmas Eve agreed to extend for another three years the formula that has U.S. taxpayers contributing more than one-fifth of the world body’s regular budget.No member-state called for a recorded vote, and the resolution confirming the contributions that each country will make for the 2013-2015 period was summarily adopted. The assembly also approved a two-year U.N. budget of $5.4 billion.

The U.S. has accounted for 22 percent of the total regular budget every year since 2000, and will now continue to do so for the next three years.

That’s 22 percent for virtually nothing.

While the UN many have been formed in an outburst of post-World War II idealism, it has descended into an international society for Third World kleptocrats of mind-boggling proportions—the Iraq War  oil-for-food scandal being only one nauseating example--who engage in non-stop Israel-bashing to distract their populaces from their own thievery. What in the Sam Hill do we get out of that?

Everybody knows this, of course. When critical negotiations take place (i.e., the Iran nuclear talks, speaking of fiascoes, and the Syrian peace talks, not that they have much chance of success), they are removed from the UN and conducted between the serious players. No one is curious about what Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has to say, at least one hopes not.

Now it’s certain this suggestion—defunding the UN—would be treated with (feigned) uncomprehending derision by Hillary and even more contempt by Bernie, who would most probably like to cede US hegemony to the United Nations anyway, assuming some good socialist, like Venezuela’s Maduro or Brazil’s Rousseff (well, maybe not her), was secretary-general.

But the American voter, I would imagine, when informed of even a smattering of the facts, would support Trump in defunding or, more likely, greatly curtailing America’s financial support of the United Nations.  It’s a negotiation, after all.

Maybe the UN can be reduced to a few divisions of more practical use like the World Health Organization. UNESCO has, sadly, already gone the way of political insanity. Whatever the case, a smaller UN footprint in NYC would be a big step in the right direction. Think what a positive it would be for the traffic and parking situation on the East side of Manhattan.

Roger L. Simon is a prize-winning novelist, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media.  His next book – I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already – will be published by Encounter Books on June 14, 2016.


Senator Jeff Sessions Interview Discussing 2016 Presidential Race…

Senator Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the state of the GOP primary, republican party nominee Donald Trump, and the state of the race:

trump and sessions


Senator Jeff Sessions Interview Discussing 2016 Presidential Race…

Judge Jeanine: Only One Person Can Keep Americans Safe


NATO Missile Shield

NATO Expansion 1

NATO v Warsaw Pact 1973

NATO v Warsaw Pact 1973



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Why Is MB Obama Doing Nothing About This ISIS Training Base Just South of the U.S. Border? – ISIS Urges Attacks On USA during Ramadan

Why Is MB Obama Doing Nothing About This ISIS Training Base Just South of the U.S. Border?

el-paso- cuidad juarez map

May 22, 2016 by Dave Jolly


A number of conservatives, including myself, have been warning about the threat of Islamic terrorists trying to illegally cross our southern border for several years. A number of reports have also indicated that ISIS is working with Mexican drug cartels hoping to use the same smuggling routes to bring members of the terrorist group into the US undetected.

In October 2014, I wrote about Islamic terrorists operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, just across the Rio Grande River from El Paso, Texas. In the same report, I shared that 10 members of ISIS had been arrested trying to illegally cross the border into the US.

At the time, Rep. Duncan Hunter, (R-CA), a former Major in the US Marine Corps, stated:

“If you really want to protect Americans from ISIS, you secure the southern border. It’s that simple. ISIS doesn’t have a navy, they don’t have an air force, they don’t have nuclear weapons. The only way that ISIS is going to harm Americans is by coming in through the southern border – which they already have. They aren’t flying B-1 bombers, bombing American cities, but they are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico.”

Yet, Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim leader, ignored the threat to our national security and did nothing to further secure our southern border.

In November 2015, I reported that US Customs and Border Patrol agents had arrested 14 Muslim men in two separate instances, illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. In one instance, 5 men from Pakistan and 1 from Afghanistan crossing the border near Sonoita, Arizona. In the other instance, Border Patrol arrested 8 single men from Syria trying to illegally cross the border near Laredo, Texas. Additionally, Honduran police arrested 5 Syrian men trying to head to the US with fake passports.

Yet, Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim leader, ignored the threat to our national security and did nothing to further secure our southern border.

In December 2015, I reported on 5 more single Muslim men arrested for having illegally crossed the border in Arizona. They were arrested near Amado, about 30 miles south of Tucson. Two of the men were carrying stainless steel cylinders which caused the Border Patrol agents to notify the Department of Homeland Security. Border Patrol believed the two men carrying the cylinders were taken into custody by the FBI.

Yet, Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim leader, ignored the threat to our national security and did nothing to further secure our southern border.

In April 2016, Judicial Watch reported:

“Mexican drug traffickers help Islamic terrorists stationed in Mexico cross into the United States to explore targets for future attacks, according to information forwarded to Judicial Watch by a high-ranking Homeland Security official in a border state. Among the jihadists that travel back and forth through the porous southern border is a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. Khabir trained hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and has lived in Mexico for more than a year, according to information provided by JW’s government source.”

“Now Khabir trains thousands of men—mostly Syrians and Yemenis—to fight in an ISIS base situated in the Mexico-U.S. border region near Ciudad Juárez, the intelligence gathered by JW’s source reveals. Staking out U.S. targets is not difficult and Khabir actually brags in an Italian newspaper article published last week that the border region is so open that he ‘could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.’ Foreign Affairs Secretary Claudia Ruiz, Mexico’s top diplomat, says in the article that she doesn’t understand why the Obama administration and the U.S. media are ‘culpably neglecting this phenomenon,’ adding that ‘this new wave of fundamentalism could have nasty surprises in store for the United States.’”

Yet, Barack Obama, America’s first Muslim leader, ignored the threat to our national security and did nothing to further secure our southern border.

This past week, Judicial Watch reported:

“A Pakistani man with a fake passport and residence card from two different South American countries has been caught entering the U.S. illegally through Mexico and federal court documents reveal he has previously crossed into the country undetected by immigration authorities. The distressing case comes less than a month after Judicial Watch reported that an ISIS operative who trained terrorists in Pakistan travels back and forth through the porous southern border from a camp in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso, Texas. His name is Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir, a Kuwaiti who trained hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen, according to JW’s high-ranking Homeland Security sources.”

Not only has Obama ignored the threat and done nothing to secure our southern border, but it seems that he’s trying to hide what’s really happening. According to Judicial Watch:

“Some of the records related to the case have been sealed by the government so many of the specific details are not available, presumably for security reasons. We do know that Muhammad initially lied to both the Border Patrol and FBI and that he has provided the FBI with a sworn statement detailing his illegal travel from Pakistan to the United States, according to the files that have not been sealed. That information is being kept under wraps by the feds. So is Muhammad’s financial affidavit, which is listed on the federal court docket but not available for public view.”

To add insult to injury, it now appears that you and I are going to be paying the legal fees for this Pakistani man, since he apparently does not have the money to pay for an attorney.

One thing is perfectly clear in all of these accounts. The threat of Islamic and ISIS terrorists is real and is happening. The other thing that is perfectly clear is that Obama has yet to take any real action to secure our border from these threats. He is intentionally leaving our southern border open enough to allow countless terrorists to easily enter our country.

It’s virtually too late to impeach Obama for failure to protect the United States and the America people from his bosom buddy Islamic terrorists, but it’s never too late to bring him up on criminal charges, even after he leaves office.

Don’t know about you, but it would make me so very happy to see Obama in handcuffs, leg shackles and a striped jumpsuit being led out of court on his way to prison for the rest of his miserable life. Obama is guilty of so many crimes against our nation, the Constitution, and the American people that he needs to be held accountable and then locked up for life.

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ISIS urges terror attacks on American soil during Ramadan

Spokesman tries to rally support in new audio message

File: An image made available by Jihadist media outlet al-Itisam Media on June 29, 2014, allegedly shows members of the IS (Islamic State), including military leader and Georgian native Abu Omar al-Shishani (Tarkhan Batirashvili) (L) and Sheikh Abu Mohammed al-Adnani (C), whose picture was blurred by the source to protect his identity, speaking at an unknown location between the Iraqi Nineveh province and the Syrian town of Al-Hasakah. (AFP photo/HO/Al-Itisam Media)

May 22, 2016  by AFP


BEIRUT, Lebanon – The Islamic State group appeared to try to keep morale high among its supporters in a new audio message released on Saturday, which also called for attacks on the US during the holy month of Ramadan.

The audio recording reportedly featuring IS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani was posted online late Saturday evening after much fanfare by IS supporters on Twitter.
“Will we be defeated if we lose Mosul, or Sirte, or Raqqa, or all the cities, and go back to how we were before?” Adnani said.

The three cities are IS’s strongholds in Iraq, Libya, and Syria respectively.

“No. Defeat is only losing the desire and the will to fight,” Adnani continued, in his first voiced speech since October.

The spokesman appeared to mock the United States, which is leading a coalition of countries in an air war against IS in Iraq and Syria, for failing to definitively defeat IS.

He said even “20,000 air strikes” by the coalition had not destroyed IS.

Adnani also called for attacks on the US and Europe during the holy month of Ramadan, which starts in early June this year, an appeal he made at the same time last year when urging supporters to seek “martyrdom.”

On Friday, flyers apparently dropped by the coalition on Raqqa city in northern Syria urged residents to leave the city, perhaps ahead of an offensive by anti-IS forces to recapture it.

“It would appear IS is more clearly acknowledging its limitations in holding territory” while stressing the “idea of living on despite losses,” wrote jihadism expert Aymenn al-Tamimi in reaction to Adnani’s recording.

IS has seized swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq to create a self-styled “caliphate.” Its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has received pledges of alliance from jihadist groups around the world.


Obama jail

obama in-handcuffs-prison-stripes

Obama Orange Barack


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Turkey Doesn’t Want Syrian Refugees, so EU is Paying $3.3 Billion to Export Them

Mediterran sea

May 22, 2016 by Bethany Blankely


Turkey doesn’t want it’s next door neighbor’s Syrian refugees.

Miraculously, Turkish leaders somehow negotiated for the EU to pay Turkey billions, and at the EU’s expense, relocate Syrians from Turkey to EU states. As a result of the Turkey-EU refugee deal, Turkey stands to receive three billion euros (roughly $3.37 billion)– for the EU to get rid of its “refugee problem.”

And– Turkey wants Europe to airlift the 2.7 million Syrians out of Turkey and take them elsewhere.

Notice, how Turkish officials phrase getting rid of their refugee problem: “With irregular migration declining, we should activate the voluntary humanitarian resettlement,” Turkish foreign affairs official, Esen Altuğ, said last week.

Fortunately, for the EU, Turkey isn’t keeping it’s side of the deal. Turkey refuses to meet one of the EU’s demands related to visa-free travel, which requires Turkey to change its anti-terror laws.

As a result, according to a recently released European commission report, only 177 Syrians, not 2.7 million, have been transferred from Turkey to EU states. The Guardian reports, that:

EU leaders agreed in March to take one Syrian from Turkey for every irregular migrant sent back across the Aegean Sea. Since the deal came into force, the number of people arriving in Greece has fallen sharply, but Europe has taken only a tiny number of Syrians from Turkey.

Turkey was also promised €3bn (£2.3bn) of refugee aid until 2018 as well as visa-free access to the EU, subject to conditions. But the Turkey refugee deal is at risk of unravelling as

Also, the report shows that only 30 percent of the people still in refugee camps have been resettled to Europe. And, the 160,000 asylum seekers dumped in Italy and Greece, who the EU promised to relocate, have not been relocated. EU officials had planned to move 20,000 people by mid-May (now), but the report shows that only 1,500 people have been relocated. The EU only relocated .9 percent.

What the report fails to cover, however, is that the majority of refugees already in Europeare not from SYRIA. The EU has failed to take in Syrian refugees. Instead, millions of Islamic men who’ve invaded Germany are not from Syria.

The hundreds of thousands who’ve invaded Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Sicily, the entire Mediterranean region, and Western and Eastern Europe in droves: are not from Syria.

Instead these migrants are mostly coming from Islamic countries in Northern Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen– none of which are experiencing a “refugee crisis.”

Original here

Erdogan Merkel

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The Clinton’s Have Received Nearly $85 MILLION From Islamic Gulf States

Saudi King Abdullah (R) meets with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C) in Riyadh March 30, 2012. Clinton met Saudi Arabia's king and foreign minister in Riyadh on March 30, 2012 to discuss the Syria conflict against a backdrop of tension with Iran and oil policy differences. REUTERS/Saudi Press Agency/Handout

Saudi King Abdullah (R) meets with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C) in Riyadh March 30, 2012. Clinton met Saudi Arabia’s king and foreign minister in Riyadh on March 30, 2012 to discuss the Syria conflict against a backdrop of tension with Iran and oil policy differences. REUTERS/Saudi Press Agency/Handout

May 21, 2106


Anyone else would be in prison by now. Yet for some reason, Hillary Clinton has eluded prison and is still running for president.

Bob Amoroso at the U.S. Herald writes that, “the American political system thanks in part to leaders like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, has quickly become the largest ‘crime syndicate’ the world has ever known.”

He references the backroom deals made in Congress and the national banking ponzi schemes, which are now considered acceptable, because the general public assumes that politicians blatantly lie to voters with “reckless abandonment and without fear of recrimination or accountability.”

He’s right; which is perhaps why Hillary Clinton remains unscathed from the numerous conflicts of interests and scandals that became exposed from her dealings as Secretary of State and the money donated to the Clinton Foundation from Islamic Gulf states.

Patrick Poole, a national security analyst, said, “the amount of foreign cash the Clinton’s have amassed from the Persian Gulf states is ‘simply unprecedented.’” He told the DCNF in an interview: “These regimes are buying access. You’ve got the Saudis. You’ve got the Kuwaitis, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. There are massive conflicts of interest. It’s beyond comprehension.”

According to the Clinton Foundation’s website, the Clinton’s have received more than $85 million in donations from Islamic Gulf states and their monarchs. Following the money explains why and how much Hillary has been paid to lie about Islam. 

And, these donations to the Clintons, The International Business Times, revealed, directly correlate U.S. State Department and federal government-approved contracts. It reported:

Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation, according to an IBTimes analysis of State Department and foundation data. That figure — derived from the three full fiscal years of Clinton’s term as Secretary of State (from October 2010 to September 2012) — represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.

The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama’s arrival in the White House. The 143 percent increase in U.S. arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors compares to an 80 percent increase in such sales to all countries over the same time period.

American defense contractors also donated to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and in some cases made personal payments to Bill Clinton for speaking engagements. Such firms and their subsidiaries were listed as contractors in $163 billion worth of Pentagon-negotiated deals that were authorized by the Clinton State Department between 2009 and 2012.

If Hillary can use the political system for her financial benefit, lie about Islam, and abuse her role as Secretary of State, and still elude prison? Why should anyone else who breaks the law go to prison? The law should either apply to everyone equally, or to none at all. Clinton, if anyone, has shown that she holds herself above the law and is justified in doing so.

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VIDEO What It Takes to Be President of US Police State: Anti-Big Money, Anti-War, Pro-Constitution, Freedom-Loving Candidates NNA

Stop Giving the Government the Power to Play God

police state brutality

May 23, 2016 By John W. Whitehead

“The qualifications for president seem to be that one is willing to commit mass murder one minute and hand presidential medals of freedom to other war criminals in the next. One need only apply if one has very loose, flexible, or non-existent morality.”—Author and activist Cindy Sheehan

Long gone are the days when the path to the White House was open to anyone who met the Constitution’s bare minimum requirements of being a natural born citizen, a resident of the United States for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.

Today’s presidential hopefuls must jump through a series of hoops aimed at selecting the candidates best suited to serve the interests of the American police state. Candidates who are anti-war, anti-militarization, anti-Big Money, pro-Constitution, pro-individual freedom and unabashed advocates for the citizenry need not apply.

The carefully crafted spectacle of the presidential election with its nail-biting primaries, mud-slinging debates, caucuses, super-delegates, popular votes and electoral colleges has become a fool-proof exercise in how to persuade a gullible citizenry into believing that their votes matter.

Yet no matter how many Americans go to the polls on November 8, “we the people” will not be selecting the nation’s next president.

While voters might care about where a candidate stands on healthcare, Social Security, abortion and immigration—hot-button issues that are guaranteed to stir up the masses, secure campaign contributions and turn any election into a circus free-for-all—those aren’t the issues that will decide the outcome of this presidential election.

What decides elections are money and power.

We’ve been hoodwinked into believing that our votes count, that we live in a democracy, that elections make a difference, that it matters whether we vote Republican or Democrat, and that our elected officials are looking out for our best interests. Truth be told, we live in an oligarchy, and politicians represent only the profit motives of the corporate state, whose leaders know all too well that there is no discernible difference between red and blue politics, because there is only one color that matters in politics—green.

As much as the Republicans and Democrats like to act as if there’s a huge difference between them and their policies, they are part of the same big, brawling, noisy, semi-incestuous clan. Watch them interact at social events—hugging and kissing and nudging and joking and hobnobbing with each other—and it quickly becomes clear that they are not sworn enemies but partners in crime, united in a common goal, which is to maintain the status quo.

The powers-that-be will not allow anyone to be elected to the White House who does not answer to them.

Who are the powers-that-be, you might ask?

As I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the powers-that-be are the individuals and corporations who profit from America’s endless wars abroad and make their fortunes many times over by turning America’s homeland into a war zone. They are the agents and employees of the military-industrial complex, the security-industrial complex, and the surveillance-industrial complex. They are the fat cats on Wall Street who view the American citizenry as economic units to be bought, sold and traded on a moment’s notice. They are the monied elite from the defense and technology sectors, Hollywood, and Corporate America who believe their money makes them better suited to decide the nation’s future. They are the foreign nationals to whom America is trillions of dollars in debt.

One thing is for certain: the powers-that-be are not you and me.

In this way, the presidential race is just an exaggerated farce of political theater intended to dazzle, distract and divide us, all the while the police state marches steadily forward.

It’s a straight-forward equation: the candidate who wins the White House will be the one who can do the best job of ensuring that the powers-that-be keep raking in the money and acquiring ever greater powers. In other words, for any viable presidential candidate to get elected today that person must be willing to kill, lie, cheat, steal, be bought and sold and made to dance to the tune of his or her corporate overlords.

The following are just some of the necessary qualifications for anyone hoping to be appointed president of the American police state. Candidates must:

Help grow the militaryindustrial complex: Fifty-five years after President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the growth of the “military-industrial complex” in his farewell address, the partnership between the government, the military and private corporations has resulted in the permanent militarization of America. From militarized police and the explosive growth of SWAT teams to endless wars abroad, the expansion of private sector contractors, and never-ending blowback from our foreign occupations, we have become a nation permanently at war. As the New York Times pointed out, “the military is the true ‘third rail’ of American politics.” The military-industrial complex understands the value of buying the presidency, and has profited from the incessant warmongering of Obama and his predecessors. If money is any indicator of who the defense industry expects to win this November, thus far, Hillary Clinton is winning the money race, having collected more campaign contributions from employees with the 50 largest military contractors.

Police the rest of the world using U.S. troops: The U.S. military empire’s determination to police the rest of the world has resulted in more than 1.3 million U.S. troops being stationed at roughly 1000 military bases in over 150 countriesaround the world, including 48,000 in Japan, 37,000 in Germany, 27,000 in South Korea and 9800 in Afghanistan. That doesn’t include the number of private contractors pulling in hefty salaries at taxpayer expense. In Afghanistan, for example, private contractors outnumber U.S. troops three to one. Now comes the news that the U.S. is preparing to send troops to Libya on a long-term mission to fight ISIS.

Sow seeds of discord and foment wars among other nations under the guise of democracy: It’s not enough for the commander-in-chief to lead the United States into endless wars abroad. Any successful presidential candidate also needs to be adept at stirring up strife within other nations under the guise of spreading democracy. The real motive, of course, is creating new markets for the nation’s #1 export: weapons. In this way, the U.S. is constantly arming so-called “allies” with deadly weapons, only to later wage war against these same nations for possessing weapons of mass destruction. It happened in Iraq when the U.S. sold Saddam Hussein weapons to build his war machine. It happened in Syria when the U.S. provided rebel fighters with military equipment and munitions, only to have them seized by ISIS and used against us. Now comes the news that President Obama has agreed to sell weapons to Vietnam, lifting a decades-long embargo against the nation whose civil war claimed the lives of more than 90,000 Americans.

Speak of peace while slaughtering innocent civilians: Barack Obama’s campaign and subsequent presidency illustrates this principle perfectly. The first black American to become president, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize long before he had done anything to truly deserve it. He has rewarded the Nobel committee’s faith in him by becoming one of the most hawkish war presidents to lead the nation, overseeing a targeted-killing drone campaign that has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties and deaths. Ironically, while Obama has made no significant effort to de-escalate government-inflicted violence or de-weaponize militarized police, he has gone to great lengths to denounce and derail private gun ownership by American citizens.

Prioritize surveillance in the name of security over privacy: Since 9/11, the Surveillance State has undergone a dramatic boom, thanks largely to the passage of the USA Patriot Act and so-called “secret” interpretations of the mammoth law allowing the NSA and other government agencies to spy on Americans’ electronic communications. What began as a government-driven program under George W. Bush has grown under Obama into a mass surveillance private sector that makes its money by spying on American citizens. As Fortune reports, “In response to security concerns after 9/11, Americans witnessed the growth of a massive domestic security apparatus, fueled by federal largesse.” That profit-incentive has opened up a multi-billion dollar video surveillance industry that is blanketing the country with surveillance cameras—both governmental and private—which can be accessed by law enforcement at a moment’s notice.

Promote the interests of Corporate America and Big Money over the rights of the citizenry: Almost every major government program hailed as benefiting Americans—affordable healthcare, the war on terror, airport security, police-worn body cameras—has proven to be a Trojan Horse aimed at enriching Corporate America while leaving Americans poorer, less secure and less free. For instance, the so-called “affordable” health care mandated by Congress has become yet another costly line item in already strained household budgets for millions of Americans.

Expand the powers of the imperial president while repeatedly undermining the rule of law: George W. Bush assumed near-absolute power soon after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Unfettered by Congress or the Constitution, Bush led the “war on terror” abroad and championed both the USA Patriot Act and Homeland Security Department domestically. This, of course, led to the Bush Administration’s demand that presidential wartime powers permit the President to assume complete control over any and all aspects of an international war on terrorism. Such control included establishing military tribunals and eliminating basic rights long recognized under American law.

When Barack Obama ascended to the presidency in 2008, there was a sense, at least among those who voted for him, that the country might change for the better. Those who watched in awe as President Bush chipped away at our civil liberties over the course of his two terms as president thought that perhaps the young, charismatic Senator from Illinois would reverse course and put an end to some of the Bush administration’s worst transgressions—the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists, the torture, the black site prisons, and the never-ending wars that have drained our resources, to name just a few. As we near the end of Obama’s two terms in office, that fantasy has proven to be just that: a fantasy. Indeed, President Obama has not only carried on the Bush legacy, but has taken it to its logical conclusion. Obama has gone beyond Guantanamo Bay, gone beyond spying on Americans’ emails and phone calls, and gone beyond bombing countries without Congressional authorization. As journalist Amy Goodman warned, “the recent excesses of U.S. presidential power are not transient aberrations, but the creation of a frightening new normal, where drone strikes, warrantless surveillance, assassination and indefinite detention are conducted with arrogance and impunity, shielded by secrecy and beyond the reach of law.”

Act as if the work of the presidency is a hardship while enjoying all the perks: The race for the White House is an expensive, grueling horse race: candidates must have at a minimum $200 or $300 million or more just to get to the starting line. The total cost for this year’s election is estimated to exceed $5 billion and could go as high as $10 billion. However, for the winner, life in the White House is an endless series of star-studded dinner parties, lavish vacations and perks the likes of which the average American will never enjoy. The grand prize winner will rake in a $400,000 annual salary (not including $100,000 a year for travel expenses, $19,000 for entertaining, $50,000 for “general” expenses and last but not least, $1,000,000 for “unanticipated” expenses), live rent-free in a deluxe, 6-storey, 55,000 square foot mansion that comes complete with its own movie theater and bowling alley, round-the-clock staff, florists, valets and butlers. Upon leaving the White House, presidents are gifted with hefty pensions, paid staff and office space, travel allowances and lifetime medical care. Ex-presidents can also expand upon their largesse by writing books and giving speeches (Bill Clinton was given a $15 million advance for his memoir and routinely makes upwards of $100,000 per speech).

Clearly, it doesn’t matter where a candidate claims to stand on an issue as long as he or she is prepared to obey the dictates of the architects, movers and shakers, and shareholders of the police state once in office.

So here we are once again, preparing to embark upon yet another delusional, reassurance ritual of voting in order to sustain the illusion that we have a democratic republic when, in fact, what we have is a dictatorship without tears. Once again, we are left feeling helpless in the face of a well-funded, heavily armed propaganda machine that is busily spinning political webs with which the candidates can lure voters. And once again we are being urged to vote for the lesser of two evils.

Railing against a political choice that offers no real choice, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson snarled, “How many more of these stinking, double-downer sideshows will we have to go through before we can get ourselves straight enough to put together some kind of national election that will give me and the at least 20 million people I tend to agree with a chance to vote for something, instead of always being faced with that old familiar choice between the lesser of two evils?”

Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil.



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Rise Of Black Lives Matter and Racial hoaxes: Who’s really the victim?

Jesse Lee Peterson warns, ‘Political correctness brings out worst in blacks’


Marcus Owens

Marcus Owens

The racial victimhood racket has taken off.

Marcus Owens, a black 19-year-old University of Iowa student, posted a picture of his bruised face and chipped tooth, claiming he was violently attacked by a group of whites for no reason. 

The story went viral. Predictably, black students protested, demanding “justice” and an end to “racism.” They called out the University of Iowa (even though the incident occurred off campus). Law enforcement launched a major investigation. The media descended on Iowa City to get to the bottom of this awful “hate crime.”

Everything unraveled when surveillance video of the altercation revealed the truth.

The video showed that the black “victim” was actually the aggressor – shoving and punching people outside a bar. Owens instigated a brawl that left him bloody. But he lied so he wouldn’t get in trouble. He claimed whites hurled racial epithets and attacked him for being black.

Upon learning that their son falsely slandered the entire community, the parents issued the following statement:

“Marcus Owens and the entire Owens family would like to issue their deepest apologies to Marcus’ friends, the Iowa City community, the University of Iowa, and the Iowa City Police Department for the misunderstandings and anxiety stemming from Marcus’ involvement in a violent incident in downtown Iowa City on May 1.”

Misunderstanding? This was a flat-out lie. This guy should be expelled and should pay restitution to the city and people whose reputations he tried to destroy.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that Marcus Owens made up the story. Racial hoaxes made up by blacks and other “minorities” are now commonplace. We’ve seen an epidemic of racial hoaxes and lies that have been accepted as truth by the media, advanced by Black Lives Matter and the Obama administration.

Two black female college students who claimed to be victims of a “racist” assault were recently expelled from the University at Albany. Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell were dismissed from the college. A third student, Alexis Briggs, was suspended for two years.

Agudio and Burwell were charged with misdemeanor assault and falsely reporting an incident, and Briggs was charged with misdemeanor assault. But the women, all age 20, claimed whites called them racial slurs and attacked them early in the morning while riding a bus – as other white bystanders looked on.

Student protests on erupted on campus against “racism.” Blacks joined the women to smear the university, student body, the surrounding community and police department as condoning a racially motivated attack on black female students. Hillary Clinton even sent out a tweet in support of these women.

Once again, video surveillance footage from the bus told a different story. Investigators say multiple videos of the incident showed no evidence the women were victims of any crime, nor subjected to racial slurs. In fact, police said the women were the aggressors, assaulting a 19-year-old white woman.

There are so few cases of whites attacking blacks, or so-called white “racism,” that spoiled black misfits must make up stories. To stop these black racial hoaxes, we must throw the book at these perpetrators and demand that anyone involved in racial hoaxes serve jail time and pay restitution to the people they’ve slandered.

The entire Trayvon Martin case was built on a lie. Despite the fact that George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the “murder” of Trayvon, he’s still treated like a murderer.

Trayvon’s mother has a foundation; his parents profit from his death. The lawyers, Al Sharpton, and the low-life “racism” accusers who exploited this case have profited. Evil is rewarded as the innocent suffer.

The city of Ferguson still has not recovered from the riots that ensued after the shooting death of Michael Brown. Despite the lies told by Brown’s friends and family, perpetuated by the media and the Obama administration, we now know that officer Darren Wilson shot Brown in self-defense. Eric Holder’s DOJ released a phony “Ferguson Report” discredited by John Lott in the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens. Yet the city of Ferguson has hired a black police chief, believing that its problems are rooted in “racism.” And the entire Black Lives Matter movement and the modern-day race industry hold up Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as civil-rights martyrs.

The reality is that Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown caused their own deaths. Their own anger passed down from failing parents who didn’t show them love caused them to lash out and got them killed. Both these young men were products of broken homes and selfish parents who never provided love or stability to their sons.

Whites have catered to black people for decades. Now blacks reject any responsibility for their actions or lives.

End this foolishness. Stop coddling pretend “victims,” and start telling the truth. Political correctness brings out the worst in blacks. I’m calling on those in authority to hold these false accusers accountable for their lies and actions.

Media wishing to interview Jesse Lee Peterson, please contact media@wnd.com.


BLM kill each other

organize black lives blm claen

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