VIDEO ‘No Room at the Inn’: Rejected Nativity Scene Finds Home at Homeless Shelter

Dec 2, 2016 By Mark Judge 

CBN News is reporting that a nativity scene that was removed from a public park in northern Michigan has found a home in front of a homeless shelter.

(AP Photo)

The nativity scene had been at the Menominee Marina Park when the Freedom From Religion Foundation made a complaint that a religious display was not allowed on government property.  Menominee City Manager Tony Graff tells WLUK-TV that the display was taken down shortly when the city attorney determined that the display was “a violation of our own policy” governing what can be put up on public property.

Pastor David Pennell from Abundant Life Church and Mission then offered to help relocate the nativity scene in front of his homeless shelter. “You know it’s kind of appropriate that the baby Jesus’ home is now at the homeless shelter, seeing there was no room at the inn for him,” Pennell told CBN.

He added that the nativity scene will now be the first thing anyone sees when they cross the bridge into town. “It’s almost kind of a divine intervention that now many people will see it instead of just the ones that go downtown,” he said.


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VIDEO Why Trump was right to talk with Taiwan’s president – Obama Can Reach Out to Cuban Dictator, But Trump


Dec 5, 2016 By


China and the Washington foreign policy establishment thought they could tell President-elect Donald Trump whom he can and cannot speak with on the phone.  They thought wrong.

On Friday, Trump received a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, in which the leaders briefly touched upon economic, political, and security-related ties between our two democracies.  Trump congratulated Tsai on her own victory in Taiwanese elections earlier in the year—a watershed since Tsai is the first woman leader in Asia who isn’t the daughter or wife of a previous leader.

Tsai’s victory also marked the third shift in power from one party to another in Taiwan—a symbol of a matured Taiwanese democracy and further proof that democracy can work for ethnically Chinese people wherever they reside.

None of this is welcome in Beijing, whose deeply corrupt and authoritarian government is used to getting its way from the United States, especially on Taiwan.  Beijing is mad not only that Trump took a call from Tsai—even though he previously spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping—but that the statement announcing the call referred to Tsai accurately as the “president of Taiwan”—a reality that is obvious to average Americans, Taiwanese, and Chinese, but something diplomats like to pretend isn’t so.

The foreign policy establishment and their media buddies were even more apoplectic than Beijing.  The leftwing UK Guardian huffed that Trump had upended “37 years of U.S. diplomatic practice in a few minutes,” said the call was a gaffe or provocation (must it be either?), and hinted without evidence that Trump was trying to advance his personal financial interestsThe New York Times claimed that the simple call was a bigger “provocation” of Beijing than selling billions in weapons to Taiwan, which the United States has routinely done even after breaking formal diplomatic ties in 1979 to please Beijing.

Nick Burns, a longtime member of Foreign Service guild that dominates the State Department, tweeted, “Taking a call from Taiwan’s leader a significant mistake by Trump.  Is he listening to the State Department?

That type of condescension is why the late Senator Jesse Helms once joked that the State Department needs an “America Desk” to remind some people there whose interests they are supposed to serve.  These experts need to listen to the American people and the person who was just elected president—not the other way around.

Furthermore, the call between Trump and Tsai was not necessarily a change in broader policy—something that should be obvious since Trump doesn’t become president until January 20th.  Rather, it struck most Americans as a decision by Trump to take a congratulatory call from another democratically elected leader.  This is simple courtesy and a fundamental part of real diplomacy.  Trump is adhering to the what he made clear throughout the presidential campaign: that he will be open to talking to foreign leaders who want good relations with the United States.

The fact that a simple courtesy call caused so much trepidation and genuflections to past protocol just shows how absurd U.S.-China policy has become. If a little courtesy to a democratic friend and a little truth about Taiwan could really threaten peace in the Pacific, as the experts contend, then we need to reevaluate our defense and come up with something better.

Trump is off to a good start by ignoring the experts who have led us astray.

Stephen Yates was a deputy national security advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney.  Follow him on Twitter @YatesDCIA.  

Christian Whiton was a State Department senior advisor in the George W. Bush administration from 2003-2009. He is author of “Smart Power: Between Diplomacy and War” (Potomac Books, 2013).

Pence: Obama Can Reach Out to Cuban Dictator, But Trump Can’t Take Call From Taiwan’s Leader?

Dec 5, 2016 By Susan Jones

China awoke Monday, Dec. 5, to criticism from Trump on Twitter, days after it responded to his telephone conversation with Taiwan’s president by accusing the Taiwanese of playing a “little trick” on Trump. (AP Photo/Jorge Saenz, Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Luis Hidalgo, Files)

( – The American people are “encouraged” to see President-elect Trump “taking calls from the world, speaking to the world,” including the democratically elected leader of Taiwan, Vice President-elect Mike Pence told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.

“But I think it all begins with relationships, and…that was nothing more than taking a courtesy call of congratulations from the democratically elected leader of Taiwan.”

China, which claims Taiwan as its own, has complained about Trump’s contact on Friday with the leader of Taiwan, a breach of longstanding diplomatic protocol. The United States, under President Jimmy Carter, broke off formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979, in deference to communist China, but the U.S. maintains unofficial ties with Taiwan to this day.

Pence told “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos, “It’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can — can reach out to a murdering dictator in — in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become — it’s become something of a controversy, because I think the American people appreciate the fact that — that our president-elect is taking calls from and reaching out to the world and preparing on day one to lead America on the world stage.”

Stephanopoulos asked Pence if Trump is signaling changes in U.S. policy toward China.

Pence said the Trump administration will deal with China policy after inauguration day.

“On day one, will he label China a currency manipulator?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well, he said that over the course of the campaign. And the truth of the matter is a lot is going to change in America’s economic policies — not just with regard to China, but with regard to the North American Free Trade Agreement, with regard to — look, we — we’ve been — America has been losing too much in jobs and economic growth on the world stage.

“And I think people can count on the fact that — that President-elect Donald Trump, when he raises his right hand, is going to walk into the Oval Office and he’s going to — he’s going to become a champion for Americans on the world stage.”

“So he will follow through on that promise?” Stephanopoulos tried again:

“Well, he’s — he’s going to fight for American jobs and — and we’re going to stop losing to China and to other countries,” Pence replied.

“Does that mean labeling them a currency manipulator?” Stephanopoulos asked again.

“It — it will be for the president-elect to decide whether he implements that policy after inauguration. He spoke about that in the course of the campaign,” Pence said. “But look, it’s all about a process. He spoke to President Xi in China two weeks ago. They had a great conversation. He’s begun the relationship there,” Pence said.

“But after January 20, our new president will make decisions about what the policy of the United States will be. But I promise you, America is going to start winning on world stage again and winning economically and — and he’ll make the right decisions…”

Pence said Trump made it clear during the campaign that “we’ve been losing to China far too long economically. And it’s — it’s time — the time has come, the American people have elected a president who, not just with regard to China, but with other countries around the world, and even in our hemisphere, that — that we’re going to put American workers and American jobs first and we’re going to have a president that makes sure we have trade deals and we advance policies — economic policies on the world stage that accomplish that.”

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Reince Priebus, Trump’s incoming chief of staff, said Trump did not believe he was talking to the leader of a sovereign state when he accepted the congratulatory phone call from the leader of Taiwan.

“No, of course not,” Priebus said. “He knew exactly what was happening. But, look, we have got a lot of problems to solve in this country, and we’re not going to solve them by just making believe that people don’t exist. This was a two-minute congratulatory call. He talked to (Chinese) President Xi over two weeks ago. I’m sure he’d be willing to talk with him again.

“This is not a massive deviation of our policy,” Priebus continued. “But President Trump has made it clear that he’s going to work with China, PRC, to make sure that we have a better deal, that we have better trade agreements, and that we do a better job in protecting the American worker. And he’s going to continue to do it.

“So, courtesy call, not a change in policy?” host John Dickerson asked.

“Exactly,” Priebus said.

In two tweets on Sunday — something CNN is calling a “twitter tirade” — Trump asked the following question: “Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency (making it hard for our companies to compete), heavily tax our products going into..their country (the U.S. doesn’t tax them) or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the South China Sea?  I don’t think so!”

On Friday, Trump tweeted: “Interesting how the U.S. sells Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but I should not accept a congratulatory call.”


TRUMP’S PROMISED ‘NEW FOREIGN POLICY’ MUST ABANDON REGIME CHANGE FOR IRAN Will the incoming president have the ability to rein in his more bellicose cabinet members and their underlings?

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Soros-Linked Think Tank Says Border Control Causing Hate Crimes

 5 Dec 2016 by Virginia Hale

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has released a report in which it claims that policies to control immigration have caused a “rapid rise in racial violence”.

The Soros-linked think tank, whose director Liz Fekete attacked “anti-racist” group Hope Not Hate for discussing Pakistani grooming gangs, argues border control and efforts to crack down on illegal immigration are responsible for a wave of “hate crimes” across Britain.

Advancing the narrative that Britain’s vote to leave the European Union (EU) unleashed an “explosion of racist violence”, the paper’s foreword states that “whatever else Brexit means or does not mean, it certainly means racism”.

Author Jon Burnett argues that the media narrative surrounding post-Brexit “hate crimes” — that the number of reported incidents rose after the referendum, with Britain’s vote to leave the EU emboldening “hate” — absolves the state of blame.

“It was not a just a ‘spike’, a ‘jump’ or a ‘spate’, as the mainstream consensus has it. It is the literal manifestation of the political climate which sustains it,” he writes.

The document notes that the government has been active in opposing “hate crimes” and developing programmes to crack down on “hate”, but argues that by enforcing border control and cracking down on illegal immigration, the government is itself responsible for “hate crimes”.

The foreword states: “The struggle then is on two levels, both at once: against state racism and against ‘hate crime’.”

To advance this theory Burnett states that, based on the IRR’s consideration of just 134 incidents of “hate” seen in Britain, “much of the racist abuse that has followed the referendum result has had its gestation within policy measures which express the same aim”.

To back this up, he says “the racist assault of a homeless migrant, who is not deemed to be economically productive” has its origins in policies that try to prevent mass migration of groups which are major drains on British taxpayers.

Fgure 2 of the document shows policies and comments made by politicians that the author believes legitimised “hate crimes”. These include requirements to check legal immigration status of workers, the Prevent counterterrorism strategy, and a statement made by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 which condemned “Islamist extremism”.

In the paper’s foreword, 92-year-old Sri Lankan migrant and lifelong campaigner against “racism” in Britain, Ambalavaner Sivanandan, argues that laws to control immigration are “state racism” and that the government has “ma[de] nativism the state ideology”.

“In siphoning off racism and racial violence, which are socially-based, to the terrain of law and order, the government conceals its complicity in creating state racism,” he writes.

In the paper, which is titled “Racial Violence and the Brexit State”, it is implied that any kind of border controls at all encourage racist attacks, asserting that: “A nation state, which is … defined specifically to divide those who rightfully belong from those who do not, will by definition enshrine racism.”

In 2012 the institute’s director, Liz Fekete, penned a letter which attacked “anti-racism” body Hope Not Hate, for admitting that Pakistani grooming gangs are a problem.

Fekete slammed the group’s “uncritical” take on the Ministry of Justice’s statistics, which she says “are not scientific and neutral”, and blasts their assertion that the left in Britain and “anti-racists” are “too quick to try and silence any discussion” on the systematic rape, torture, and abuse of white children that it emerged has been happening in towns across Britain.

The organisation also produces “educational materials” for teachers designed to stir up resentment against white people. Among the implications and claims made in these teaching resources are that Europe is only safe, rich, and peaceful today because of slavery and colonialism, which the materials instruct is the cause of racism today.

Racism, and by implication white people, are responsible for all problems faced by ethnic minorities in Britain including with “employment, housing, education, policing and law enforcement” according to the IRR’s teaching resources.

An essay published by the IRR in 2012 condemns the media for reporting on racist violence against white people by ethnic minorities. One example given is a Daily Mailstory headlined  “Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’”.

By reporting on such incidents author Ryan Erfani-Ghettani says the media is constructing a “false equivalence” between white on black and black on white violence, and encourages “far right” demonstrations.

trump obama race clarke

Obama Soros 1


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These people are thieves and monsters. Why Clintons Must Be Prosecuted

trump hillary haiti

Dec 5, 2016 by Douglas J. Hagmann | The Hagmann & Hagmann Report


The nation of Haiti could easily serve as the most visibly damning evidence of the most despicable type of self-enrichment and grand theft known as “disaster capitalism.” 

Most people, especially in America, however, would never know it as the corporate controlled media has erected a wall of silence and censorship to protect the perpetrators of one of the greatest thefts of funds and cases of self-enrichment in world history.

The people of Haiti have been thrice victimized. First on January 12, 2010, when a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti about 15 miles west of Port-au-Prince, and secondly, when Hurricane Matthew delivered yet another devastating blow to the already severely wounded nation on October 4, 2016.

Since 2010, the corporate media has virtually censored the unthinkable crimes being perpetrated against the most vulnerable people in the world for only one purpose, which is to protect Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and their associates from being exposed as the “thieves and monsters” they are, according to U.S. businessman and philanthropist Gary Heavin.

Mr. Heavin, well-known as the producer of the popular film AmeriGeddon knows first-hand what has been and is taking place, as he is an eyewitness not just to the devastation, but to the criminal graft, pay-to-play and personal enrichment upon the backs of the most vulnerable. The Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton have reportedly collected $2 billion in relief funds, but there is little-to-nothing to show for it for the victims in Haiti.

As the Clinton Global Initiative has been AWOL to the Haitian people most impacted by the natural disasters, Gary Heavin is singlehandedly operating his own disaster relief effort that he is personally underwriting. He is running up to three of his personal aircraft per day, transporting aid, food, water and medical supplies to the victims in Haiti, while air-transporting the wounded so they can receive the urgent medical care they need.

Using his own money and planes, Mr. Heavin is feeding about ten thousand children per day. As he travels to the areas where the need is greatest, he reports that “there is no Clinton Foundation presence here whatsoever. None. No aircraft, no delivery of food, water or supplies. The Clinton Foundation is still collecting money, but there is no money coming from the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation has committed and continue to commit one of the greatest thefts in the history of the world against the most vulnerable people,” said Mr. Heavin.

He is acting as a “one-man United Nations,” and before it is all said and done, will perhaps have spent as much of his own money as the United Nations. His efforts stand out in the absence of the Clinton Foundation, which has reportedly received some $2 billion earmarked for humanitarian aid.

Disaster Capitalism & the Clinton Connections

The devastation caused by the natural disasters in Haiti is difficult to imagine. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 was one of the most catastrophic humanitarian disasters in modern history. Incredibly, despite $13.34 billion in international aid, it still is.

The death toll from the earthquake is estimated at over a quarter of a million people, and left at least another 750,000 without homes – about ten percent of the population. An additional 300,000 people were injured by the quake or have become sick due to secondary problems, such as infections related to unsanitary conditions that continue despite the massive aid. In the year following the earthquake, approximately 9,000 deaths were attributed to cholera due to such uncorrected unsanitary conditions. In the wake of the 2016 hurricane, such conditions continue today.

Before the earthquake, Bill Clinton was named Special UN Envoy to Haiti. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. Following the earthquake, the international community raised $13 billion in relief funding to help the battered nation. It was the official role of the U.S. Department of State to oversee the distribution of the aid money via USAID– under Cheryl Mills, then Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Four days after the 2010 earthquake, Hillary Clinton made a brief visit in Haiti to “survey the damage.” A few days later, Bill Clinton arrived in Haiti and met with politicians and businessmen. Bill Clinton, along with then Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, were named as co-chairs of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), a 12-member commission to ensure that no one took advantage of the situation. It was their job to oversee the disaster relief efforts.

Shortly thereafter, the rank-and-file membership of the IHRC documented that they were being deliberately omitted from the decision-making process – the very process that was created to ensure that the money was being used properly.

By way of their respective positons as Secretary of State and Co-Chair of the IHRC, however, Hillary and Bill Clinton became gatekeepers of the recovery funds intended to rebuild Haiti.

Wikileaks Cable Reveals “Post-Quake Gold Rush!”

A secret cable from US Ambassador Kenneth Merten dated February 1, 2010 was obtained by WikiLeaks. The cable proclaimed a post-quake “gold rush” described by Ambassador Merten as Haitians were still being pulled from the rubble. Since then, USAID has doled out nearly $200 million in relief and reconstruction contracts and projects.

Projects were indeed started, but they had little to do with helping the most devastated areas. Instead, they were “pet” projects that included a gold mining company, VCS Mining, where Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, was named a member of the board. This project, the first mining company to be granted authorization to search for gold, was far removed from the affected area. Additionally, VCS mining had little experience in such mining endeavors.

And then there was the much celebrated “Caracol,” an industrial park that was sold to the public as a way to create jobs. Among the luminaries to sell and celebrate the idea to the West were Sean Penn, Ben Stiller, and of course Bill and Hillary Clinton at the grand opening of the Caracol Industrial Park, where 65,000 jobs were promised. Instead, only 5,000 jobs to date were actually created. Equally disturbing, none of those jobs helped any of those displaced by the earthquake, although paid dividends to Clinton Foundation supporters and donors.

This travesty, among others – many others –  is exposed by Peter Schweizer in his book Clinton Cash.

Media Cover-Up

People are not getting the true story [about relief efforts in Haiti]. The media has censoring what is taking place for one reason only, to protect Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and their associates as she campaigned for the office of U.S. President.

“These people are thieves and monsters,” stated Mr. Heavin in reference to the Clintons and their associates in recent interviews with Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show and Joe Biggs of InfoWars.

Through the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clintons collected two billion dollars, but the people who lost their homes remain homeless and are forced to live in tents crafted from plastic and whatever material is available. There is still no running water and the conditions are unsanitary for most of the 1.4 million people who live on the western peninsula, a stretch of land about 100 miles long and 15 miles wide.

In most places in the areas impacted by the earthquake, hardly anything has been done. People are getting sick from cholera and dying. Homes remain destroyed. Families are living a nightmare.

Instead of helping the affected, lucrative contracts have been granted to Clinton Foundation and CGI associates, funneling money away from where it is most needed and intended to special interests fueled by pay-to-play schemes.

Meanwhile, the American media remains shamelessly silent or worse, creating a false narrative that depicts improvements in areas unaffected by the disasters with overpriced and over-budgeted projects by people, groups and corporations that have donated to the Clintons.

The Epicenter of Corruption – The Clinton Foundation & Hillary Clinton

If people could see what is going on in Haiti, they would be outraged, according to Gary Heavin. The true story is not being told. This is a two-billion-dollar grand theft. “These People Are Thieves and Monsters,” stated Mr. Heavin, for he’s been in the belly of the beast, doing everything in his power to save as many people as possible.

Gary Havin & Steve Quayle will appear on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Monday, December 5. 2016 at 7:00 PM ET to provide a first-hand account of the events in Haiti. CLICK HERE to watch/listen live or via archive.

original here


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Secret’s out! Why Trump really met with Romney

Gina Loudon reveals strategy behind president-elect’s huddle with campaign nemesis

President-electPresident-elect Donald Trump dines with former Gov. Mitt Romney on Nov. 29. Trump is reportedly considering Romney for secretary of state (Photo: Twitter/Taegan Goddard)t Donald Trump dines with former Gov. Mitt Romney on Nov. 29. Trump is reportedly considering Romney for secretary of state (Photo: Twitter/Taegan Goddard)

Dec 5, 2016

Many of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters thought it was crazy that the president-elect met with Mitt Romney twice.

Maybe it was, instead, crazy like a fox.

Just like so many times during the campaign, some of us are playing checkers while Trump is playing chess. Here’s why I think there is a special psychology to President-elect Trump’s strategy with Romney. And here is why I believe there is no way he actually picks Romney as secretary of state, even though Romney is said to be on the short list and has had the most highly publicized meetings with Trump.

Romney was one of the most ardent enemies of candidate Trump during the race. He was solid in his disdain for the billionaire, rogue candidate. He was arguably the head of the octopus in the “Never Trump” movement.

In one of Romney’s only public speeches during the presidential campaign, Romney called Trump a “phony,” “fraud,” “con man” and “fake.”

“His domestic policies would lead to recession,” Romney added. “His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. And his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a shining city on a hill.”

Romney appeared on Fox News and demanded Trump release his taxes saying, “Either he’s not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is, or he hasn’t been paying the kind of taxes we would expect him to pay. Or perhaps he hasn’t been giving money to the vets or the disabled, like he’s been telling us he’s been doing.”

Romney even went so far as to recruit a Utah Mormon, Evan McMullin, to run for president as an independent in an effort to cause Trump to lose the Republican state of Utah and possibly the Electoral College vote.

Looking back after the election, we now see Trump did not need Utah. Trump’s electoral win was so big, he could have lost Utah and Florida (the state every expert said Trump must win) and still won the presidency.

Romney now looks foolish and on the wrong side of history after Trump beat McMullin handily in Utah, outperformed Romney with every demographic and won six states that Romney couldn’t pull off in 2012.

After the election, President-elect Trump began meetings with potential Cabinet members, and Romney gladly accommodated, because it was his only shot at relevance other than “two-time loser for president.”

Trump knew exactly what he was doing, in my opinion.

He wants to silence the “Never Trump” movement entirely so he can act as president without the little dogs nipping at his heels.

Now that Romney has not only met with the president-elect in his home at Trump Tower, but has also dined with Trump at the most exquisite of his restaurants, how can Romney possibly criticize Trump ever again in the future?

Like a child he wanted to punish, President-elect Trump knew that if Romney took the bait and came to these interludes, he would be asked about them afterward. Naturally, desperate to be relevant again through an appointment of some sort, Romney would praise the same Donald Trump he trashed and recruited against for the last year and a half.

Now imagine the position in which Romney finds himself. No matter what happens, if he ever says an unkind thing about President Trump or his family, Romney will look schizophrenic. First he hates him, then he praises him. He can’t go back to disparaging him now that Trump has put him in this position.

Crazy like a fox, indeed. Always playing chess while the rest of us are left scratching our heads and speculating about his demise with the American public.

Analysts like me are going to have to remember to go deeper, and sometimes to shut up and wait to comment, because Trump is likely strategizing again beyond the level of sophistication that many in media can even extrapolate.

He did it in his campaign over and over. How many times was he counted out because of a misstep or a hurdle that experts said he could never overcome?

Remember when he said he was going to “build a wall” and many concluded “he’s done”?

Remember when he called for the Muslim ban?

Remember when Trump hit his ceiling in the polls at 20 percent, then 30 percent, then 40 percent?

The fact of the matter is, the average person, especially the average media or political personality, is reading from a different playbook. The elite in this country honestly believe they are better than the “deplorables” out there in rural America. They believe the American voter is to be manipulated, not courted.

Donald Trump demonstrated again this week that his relationship with the American people is a courtship and one that he is willing to engage, even in victory. He showed us his favorite place to be isn’t sitting in Trump Tower entertaining dignitaries and wiping his feet on his enemies, but that he wanted to be at a rally, with average Americans. He wants to have a conversation again with those who have been silenced. He didn’t want to celebrate with the New York City cake eaters. He wanted to celebrate with the millions of voiceless Americans for whom he ran.

So he did.

Right after he finished his interviews with Cabinet possibilities and effectively silenced his white-gloved enemies, he went directly to where he really loves to be – with the American people.

The strategy of candidate Trump in this election was positively fascinating for this psychological analyst to watch, and I have to admit, I am even more excited to watch his presidency. But, we must be careful not to view Trump’s actions through the prism of the old political playbook or we will continue to misjudge and underestimate him just as we have for the past 17 months.

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VIDEO Essential truth about what Keith Ellison would bring to the DNC – Moment Of Truth

The Essential truth about what Keith Ellison would bring to the DNC

Dec 6, 2016 By


What should a political party that has just lost its white working-­‐class blue-­‐ collar base to a “make America great again” nationalist do to try to regain these voters? Why not appoint as the new head of the party a radical left-­‐wing ideologue who has a long history of supporting an anti-­‐American, anti-­‐white, anti-­‐Semitic Nation of Islam racist?  

Such an appointment will surely bring back rust belt voters who have lost their jobs to globalization and free trade! Is this really the thinking of those Democratic leaders who are pushing for Keith Ellison to head the Democratic National Committee?

Keith Ellison is, by all accounts, a decent guy, who is well liked by his congressional colleagues. But it is hard to imagine a worse candidate to take over the DNC at this time.

Ellison represents the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, just when the party – if it is to win again – must move to the center in order to bring back the voters it lost to Trump.

The Democrats didn’t lose because their candidates weren’t left enough. They won the votes of liberals. The radical voters they lost to Jill Stein were small in number and are not likely to be influenced by the appointment of Ellison.

The centrist voters they lost to Trump will only be further alienated by the appointment of a left-­wing ideologue, who seems to care more about global issues than jobs in Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. Ellison’s selection certainly wouldn’t help among Jewish voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania or pro-­‐Israel Christian voters around the country.

Ellison’s sordid past associations with Louis Farrakhan—the longtime leader of the Nation of Islam—will hurt him in Middle America, which has little appetite for Farrakhan’s anti-­‐American ravings.

Recently, Farrakhan made headlines for visiting Iran on the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution where he berated the United States, while refusing to criticize Iran’s human rights violations.

Farrakhan also appeared as a special guest speaker of the Iranian president at a rally, which featured the unveiling of a float reenacting Iran’s detention of 10 U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf.

In addition to embracing American enemies abroad, Farrakhan has exhibited a penchant for lacing his sermons with anti-­‐Semitic hate speech. Around the time that Ellison was working with the Nation of Islam, for example, Farrakhan was delivering speeches attacking “the synagogue as Satan.” He described Jews as “wicked deceivers of the American people” that have “wrapped [their] tentacles around the U.S. government” and are “deceiving and sending this nation to hell.”

Long after Jesse Jackson disavowed Farrakhan in 1984 as “reprehensible and morally indefensible” for describing Judaism as a “gutter religion,” Ellison was defending Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam in 1995 as a role model for African-­‐ Americans, calling him “a tireless public servant of Black people, who constantly teaches self-­‐reliance and self-­‐examination to the Black community.”

Ellison has struggled to explain his association with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He has acknowledged working with the Nation of Islam for about 18 months to organize the Minnesota delegation to Farrakhan’s 1995 Million Man March in Washington. However, Ellison insists that he never joined the Nation of Islam and more recently, he has held himself out as a friend of the Jewish people and of Israel.

This late conversion coincided with Ellison’s decision to pursue elected office in Minnesota, and an apparent realization that his association with the Nation of Islam might hurt his political fortunes.

In 2006, he wrote a letter to the Jewish Community Relations Council in Minneapolis, in which he apologized for failing to “adequately scrutinize the positions” of Farrakhan and other Nation of Islam leaders. “They were and are anti-­‐Semitic, and I should have come to that conclusion earlier than I did.”

In his recently released memoir “My Country, ’Tis of Thee: My Faith, My Family, Our Future,” Ellison writes of Farrakhan “He could only wax eloquent while scapegoating other groups” and of the Nation of Islam “if you’re not angry  in  opposition  to  some  group  of people (whites, Jews,  so-­‐called  ‘sellout’ blacks), you don’t have religion.”

Ellison’s voting record also does not support his claim that he has become a “friend” of Israel.  He was one of only 8 Congressmen who voted against funding the Iron Dome program, developed jointly by the U.S. and Israel, which helps protect Israeli civilians from Hamas rockets.

In 2009, Ellison was one of only two dozen Congressmen to vote “present” rather than vote for a non-­‐binding resolution “recognizing  Israel’s  right  to  defend  itself  against attacks  from,  reaffirming  the United States’ strong support for Israel, and supporting the Israeli-­‐Palestinian peace process.” And in 2010, Ellison co-­‐authored a letter to President Obama, calling on him to pressure Israel into opening the border with Gaza. The letter describes the blockade of the Hamas-­‐controlled Gaza strip as “de facto collective punishment of the Palestinian residents.”

Even beyond Ellison’s past associations with anti-­‐American and anti-­‐Semitic bigotry and his troubling current voting record with regard to Israel, his appointment as head of the DNC would be a self-inflicted wound on the Democratic Party at this critical time in its history. It would move the party in the direction of left-­‐wing extremism at a time when centrist stability is required.

The world at large is experiencing a movement toward extremes, both right and left.

The Democratic Party must buck that dangerous trend and move back to the center where the votes are, and where America should be.

Alan M. Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus and author of Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law and Electile Dysfunction.


Ellison makes anti-Semitic statements, lies about them, pays homage to jihad

Keith Ellison


WASHINGTON – The Democratic National Committee is having a big problem finding a new face to fill its critical vacancy as chairman in the wake of its loss of the presidency and its continued minority role in both houses of Congress in 2016.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., the first black Muslim ever to be elected to Congress, has emerged as the leading candidate, but has been entangled in a controversy over recent and older anti-Semitic public statements caught on recordings.

While the Anti-Defamation League had previously defended his candidacy, the recordings changed the minds of the leadership, which has since labeled them as “deeply disturbing and disqualifying” for the position.

To top it off, Ellison lied in writing to the ADL by telling the group his recorded statements were selectively edited and taken out of context.

However, the full audio, along with a transcript is available for all to hear for themselves.

“Confronted by his own words and facing a direct threat to his bid to become the next Democratic National Committee chairman, Congressman Keith Ellison flagrantly lied in a prepared statement on Thursday,” said Steve Emerson, the executive director the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The statement that changed the ADL’s position on Emerson was this one: “The United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people. A region of 350 million all turns on a country of 7 million. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right? When the Americans who trace their roots back to those 350 million get involved, everything changes. Can I say that again?” Emerson made the comment in a 2010 fundraiser for the state assembly candidacy of Esam Omeish, the former president of the Muslim American Society, a group created by Muslim Brotherhood members in the United States.

In 2007, Omeish was forced to resign from a Virginia immigration panel after the IPT produced a video of him praising Palestinians in 2000 for learning that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land.” A second video, shot two months earlier, shows Omeish congratulating “our brothers and sisters in [Palestine] for their bravery, for their giving up their lives for the sake of Allah.”

An ADL statement said Ellison’s words, “whether intentional or not, his words raise the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government, a poisonous myth that may persist in parts of the world where intolerance thrives.”

Emerson points out Nihad Awad, the only executive director the Council on American-Islamic Relations has ever had, also attended the Omeish fundraiser. Court records show that Awad was a member of the Palestine Committee – a Muslim Brotherhood-created Hamas support network in the United States. So was CAIR, the organization he leads.

Awad attended a pivotal 1993 gathering of committee members in Philadelphia, which convened to discuss ways to “derail” the U.S.-brokered Oslo Accords. Palestine Committee members opposed Oslo because it included recognition of Israel’s right to exist and because it empowered the secular Fatah movement over the Islamists in Hamas.

“We know this because the FBI secretly recorded the meeting,” said Emerson. “Six months later, Awad appeared in Miami, where he publicly stated that, after some research, ‘I am in support of the Hamas movement more than the PLO.’”

Emerson continues: “When Keith Ellison stands before Omeish and Awad and asks whether it makes sense that America’s Middle East policy ‘is governed by what is good or bad through a country of 7 million people,’ or when he says ‘that country [Israel] has mobilized its diaspora in America to do its bidding in America,’ the context seems pretty clear.”

“Democrats should choose the candidate they think can best lead their party to success in the future.” says Emerson. “They might decide Ellison fits that description. But they do so armed with greater understanding of Ellison’s true feelings toward an issue pivotal for a lot of voters of all political persuasions.”

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VIDEO University hosted Obama ‘terrorist curriculum’ – Germany After Rapefugees Rape, Murder

University that hosted Obama speech stands by ‘terrorist curriculum’



President Barack Obama, senior advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tour the Sultan Hassan Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.)

Dec 5, 2016

It’s an institution so highly revered in Sunni Islam that President Obama chose it as a co-host of his famous “A New Beginning” address to the Muslim world in his first year in office.


Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb, grand imam of Al Azhar in Egypt

Now, as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi calls on Al Azhar University in Cairo to help reform Islam, Al-Azhar’s grand imam, Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb, is digging in his heels, reports Raymond Ibrahim at Jihad Watch.

Sisi and others have criticized the medieval-era or earlier books — including the sacred histories and biographies of Muhammad — that form the basis of Al Azhar’s teaching.

It’s movements such as ISIS that rely on these books and their interpretation of the Quran for the doctrine of Islamic supremacy through violent jihad and other means.

In a recent television interview, the sheik, who is Egypt’s highest authority on Islam, was asked about his university’s reliance on the books, Jihad Watch reported.

Tayeb insisted there’s no problem with them.

“Our heritage books are innocent and being abused by those ignorant or indecent among us — and that’s all they can be: either ignorant or indecent,” he said.

But Ibrahim points out that it’s from one of the histories of Muhammad, for example, that ISIS justifies burning people alive.

Tayeb argued that without the books, Muslims would be free to interpret the Quran as they wish.

He then, without mentioning Sisi’s name, countered the Egyptian president’s call to “change religious discourse.”

“When [reformers] say that Al Azhar must change the religious discourse, change the religious discourse, this too is, I mean, I don’t know — a new windmill that just appeared, this “change religious discourse” — what change religious discourse?” the sheik asked.

“Al Azhar doesn’t change religious discourse — Al Azhar proclaims the true religious discourse, which we learned from our elders,” he declared.

Ibrahim noted Sisi made the call to “change religious discourse in a speech on New Year’s Day 2015 “in an effort to change the international image of Islam, from one of war and enmity, to something more tolerant.”

“Now,” Ibrahim wrote, “the highest Muslim authority in Egypt has made clear that Al Azhar never had any intention of changing anything, that the ‘religious discourse’ articulated in the Medieval era — one of hostility and violence for the other, in a word, jihad — is the only ”discourse’ Muslims can accept.”

In his June 4, 2009, address in Cairo, Obama said, “For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning,” praising it as one of “two remarkable institutions” hosting the event, along with Cairo University.

Later in the speech he remarked: “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam — at places like Al-Azhar — that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment.”


German Government Worries About Islamophobia After Muslim Refugee Rapes & Kills Woman

Dec 5, 2016 by Paul Joseph Watson

Warns citizens it will be monitoring angry Facebook posts

The German government has reacted to the shocking news about a Muslim migrant who raped and killed a 19-year-old woman by warning that it would be watching Facebook posts carefully for instances of Islamophobia.

A teenage Afghan asylum seeker was arrested on Friday for the alleged rape and murder of medical student in Freiburg which took place last month.

The victim’s father is a senior EU official and a vehement supporter of the migrant policy that has seen over a million “refugees” pour into Germany over the last year.

The aftermath of the murder was made even more bizarre by the fact that the victim’s parents used her funeral to raise money for charities that are working to bring more “refugees” into Germany. The victim herself was also a “refugee activist”.

As if the story couldn’t get any more disturbing, the German government’s response was to warn German citizens who expressed anger over the incident on Facebook that it would be on the lookout for Islamophobic hate speech.

Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel asserted that the murder should not be used to stoke anti-migrant sentiment.

“Such horrible murders already happened before the first Afghan or Syrian refugee arrived here,” Gabriel told the Bild newspaper. “We will not allow incitement after such violent crimes, no matter who commits them.”

In reality, the German government’s own statistics show that violent crimes have skyrocketed since over a million migrants arrived in the country.

The only individual with a shred of common sense appears to be the chairman of the DPoIG police union, Rainer Wendt, who said that the murder could have been prevented.

“We wouldn’t have this victim, and so many others, if our country had been better prepared for the dangers that always go along with massive immigration,” he told Bild.

Those concerns are not shared by Angela Merkel’s government, which is more pre-occupied with hunting down German citizens for inflammatory Facebook posts.

After the mass molestation of women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the German government and media conspired to cover-up the incident.

Reports of rapes, sexual assaults, crime sprees and violent attacks conducted by migrants in German cities are now commonplace and have led to a surge in popularity for the right-wing Alternative For Germany (AfD) party.

“We are shocked by this crime and at the same time we see that our warnings about the uncontrolled arrival of hundreds of thousands of young men from Islamic-patriarchal cultures are written off as populist,” said AfD co-chief Joerg Meuthen.

original here

islamophobe tfernandez

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