VIDEO Trey Gowdy Sought as Chief Counsel to Prosecute Corrupt Politicians in DC

April 19, 2014 by Tim Brown

There is a growing disgust with the corruption in Washington DC. As a result, many patriots have spent tens of thousands of dollars to travel and collectively the same amount of hours protesting in Washington DC, all it seems, to no avail. Later this month, patriots are again going to fork out tens of thousands of dollars, make signs and travel to Washington to exercise their First Amendment rights. While I applaud their efforts, they have no leverage for themselves against the criminal element in Washington who will merely laugh at them and ignore their redress for grievances.

But there is something else in the works. That something else is seeking to bring corrupt, criminal, elected officials in Washington to justice via the states and bypass Congress. In fact, this movement is going to target corrupt members of Congress for criminal indictment and prosecution, and now it’s calling on South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to be the chief prosecutor in this endeavor.

Many who have been following Freedom Outpost have heard of David Zuniga. He began contributing to Freedom Outpost a short time ag0. David’s organization, America Again, is seeking to hold elected officials accountable for their actions. By accountable, I’m not referencing just calling them out. The organization wants to indict them and bring them to justice. If we can’t get Congress to do their duty, then the people of America have the power to bring them to justice.

How will America Again do this? It will be accomplished by a proprietary indictment engine, which will allow America Again and its prosecutors to chart and begin orchestrating specific targets for indictments based on their votes. Zuniga told Freedom Outpost, “Certain algorithms will be employed in order to determine whether a lawmaker has introduced unconstitutional legislation, co-sponsored it, passed it out of committee or voted for it.”

Once the targets have been acquired, whether Democrat or Republican, America Again will push for a state grand jury to indict that representative. Upon an indictment, a plea bargain will be offered. Zuniga says that this plea bargain “will be like the deal offered to King John by the barons who wrote the Magna Charta in 1215 A.D.: agree in writing to our terms, or we put you in prison and have your assets seized.”

The deal will also be offered to current members of Congress who have not yet been targeted if they will also comply with the terms offered by America Again.

What are those terms you ask? You can see the 20 legislative action reforms here. These reforms remove power usurped by the federal government. Among these actions are a full repeal of the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution and term limits of two years for members in both houses of Congress.

Granted, this is a brief overview and more information can be found at America Again for those who are interested in actually pursuing a course of action that does not depend on the ballot box, countless rallies without leverage, wasted money, career politicians, or anyone’s approval in Washington. In fact, for about the cost of basic cable or satellite, you can help build the indictment engine and get a strong chief counsel to prosecute corrupt politicians who are violating their oath of office, the Constitution and the law.

So why does America Again want Trey Gowdy?

Zuniga told Freedom Outpost that he wrote the requirements for chief counsel long before he ever heard of Trey Gowdy, and that he believes he sees in Trey Gowdy an answer to his prayers for a chief counsel.

“My brother and I have been praying for five years that God would send us a criminal, state prosecutor, who would be willing to give up his career… who loves the Constitution, and would fight for the Constitution…. Who can get on TV and look good and sound good, and who really likes going after bad guys,” Zuniga said. “Well, that’s Trey Gowdy!”

The America Again founder added, “Not only that, but he now knows from the inside exactly how rotten Congress is.”

“He is the perfect person to be the chief counsel for America Again,” Zuniga concluded.

Freedom Outpost spoke with Gowdy spokeswoman Amanda Duvall and she told us that Congressman Gowdy had already filed for re-election this year, so at this point he wasn’t looking to get into the role that Zuniga is offering.

However, many people are unaware that this is being offered to Trey Gowdy. Gowdy’s district is below my own in South Carolina, and so it is my hope that this article might go far and wide and reach many of his constituents who would rather see him in the role of chief prosecutor, something he is highly experienced at, going after the criminal element in Washington.

Gowdy has already been one to say that Congress is grossly overpaid, and we know that Congressmen make less than $200,000 per year. However, to take on this task would require a lot of money. America Again realizes that the amount of money to pay him for his efforts are minimal compared to what it will take to secure him and his family. Security will be the biggest cost and Zuniga says that with salary and security, the costs may top $2 million, but that would come from the grassroots movement that is fed up with being trampled upon by the elitists and corrupt politicians in Washington.

Is it worth it America? Is it worth it 4th District of South Carolina? Is It worth it Congressman Gowdy? I believe it is. I have not only written about this issue here, but I’ve put my money where my mouth is monetarily invested in the vision of America Again. Will you?

For more information on America Again. Contact Congressman Trey Gowdy and encourage him to consider taking out the garbage in DC as chief counsel of America Again. His contact information is below:

Washington, DC
1404 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6030
Fax: (202) 226-1177
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Eastern time

104 South Main St.
Greenville, SC 29601
Phone: (864) 241-0175
Fax: (864) 241-0982
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

101 West St. John St.
Spartanburg, SC 29306
Phone: (864) 583-3264
Fax: (864) 583-3926
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Email Trey Gowdy by going here

For a journey that has led David to where he is today in his thinking, check out his book This Bloodless Liberty.

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The Season Of Easter

carry Cross
April 20, 2014 By Charlie Daniels

Can you imagine being in Jerusalem on that day over two thousand years ago when the cross was placed on Jesus’ back and already weakened by a cruel flogging and continuous abuse He stumbled down the Via Dolorosa toward the hill of Golgotha to be crucified between two criminals.

Can you envision the cruelty of the crowd along the way who hurled taunts and insults and laughed at this bloodied man with the crown of thorns on His head who had healed the cripple, given sight to the blind and even raised the dead but spoke not a word in His defense when sentenced to a horrible death of slow suffocation while in unimaginable pain with nails driven through His hands and feet.

Can you picture the anguish of His mother and the few followers who had not run away in fear of the Sanhedrin and the excommunication they had the power to levy on those who had followed this new prophet, this revolutionary figure who had the audacity to confront the highest religious leaders in the land and claimed to be the embodiment of a New Covenant the scriptures had foretold.

Was He not the one who had been sent to deliver them, to restore Israel to its former glory, to banish the conquerors from the Holy Land? And yet here He was falling under the weight of a Roman cross, weakened, bloody and oh, so human, stumbling to His death without once taking up a sword or leading an assault on a Roman garrison.

Was this not the man who had, opened blind eyes and straightened crippled limbs, who had walked on the Sea of Galilee and fed thousands with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish?

Was He not the one who had called Lazarus out of a tomb after he had been dead for several days?

If He was who He said He was, why did He not call down fire from heaven or beckon a brigade of angels with fiery swords and cut down the arrogant Roman soldiers who goaded Him up on Calvary?

Actually the whole event is foretold in the writings of the ancient Jewish prophets in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, including the manner of his death, the fact that He would go meekly forth to it like a sheep being lead to slaughter and not utter a word in His defense.

He hung on that cross for around six hours and with His final breath said, “It is finished”. The circle of man’s salvation had been completed with the one-time shedding of His blood. The New Covenant had been established.

The thick veil that covered the Holy of Holies in the temple was torn in half signifying that mankind no longer had to approach God Almighty through a human intercessor, but could symbolically enter the very throne room of God to bring their praises and requests.

When Jesus died on the cross the sky darkened, there was an earthquake and many righteous people who had died and been laid to rest came out of their graves and were seen by many in Jerusalem.

The scripture even foretells that He would be laid in a rich man’s tomb and this prophecy was fulfilled when Joseph of Arimathea offered the new tomb he had had made for himself in a garden not far from the site of Jesus’ crucifixion.

On the third day of His entombment the miracle of all miracles happened and Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was raised from the dead, appeared to, talked to and even ate with His disciples before ascending to the sky from the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

The scriptures also tell us that one day He will return and this time not as the Lamb of God but as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, to right all wrongs and sit in judgment on the nations and the people of the earth.

To all my Christian brothers and sisters, all of the Daniels family and the CDB organization wish you a most blessed Easter and great hope in this season of new beginnings.

To my Jewish brothers and sisters we wish you a wonderful Passover season as you celebrate the rich heritage of your people.

ייתכן שאלוהים שמוגש על ידי שני נוצרים ויהודים יברך לשמר את ישראל

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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VIDEO BLM Massacre & Chris Hayes OWNED on MSNBC: ‘We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever”

Bundy Family Unearths BLM Mass Cattle Grave
“I feel that this needs to be put out for the public to see”
April 20, 2014 Mikael Thalen

New photos released by the Bundy family Sunday provided more evidence to the claim that the Bureau of Land Management was illegally killing and burying confiscated cattle.

Posted to the official Bundy Ranch Facebook page, the gruesome image shows several dead cattle being removed from a makeshift grave discovered just this weekend.

“Digging up 1 of the HUGE holes where they threw the cows that they had ran to death or shot,” the picture’s description reads. “I feel that this NEEDS to be put out for the public to see.”

The picture backs up reports by several people including Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who commented on the BLM’s cattle graves last Tuesday.

“Near their compound, right off the highway, they were digging holes,” Fiore said. “They tried to bury some cows on the compound, but I guess they didn’t dig the hole deep enough, so they throw a cow in and they put dirt over him and you have cows’ legs sticking up out of the dirt.”

Fiore also displayed several photos on her Twitter account Sunday, labeling the incident the “BLM Massacre.”

BLM TwitterGrave

Although the BLM’s court order only permitted the agency to seize Bundy’s cattle, federal agents have thus far already admitted to shooting and killing two prized bulls, claiming the animals were a “safety hazard.”

Image: Prized Bull (Bundy Ranch Facebook).

Video from the area also revealed holes in water tanks, a smashed tortoise burrow, as well as destroyed fences and water lines.

“They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” Corey Houston, family friend of Cliven Bundy, told Fox News last week. “Nowhere in the court order that I saw does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks … desert environment, shoot cattle.”

Separate images taken from an airplane also uncovered hundreds of cattle stuffed into small pens on a BLM compound, prompting the FAA to order a no-fly zone over the area.

Despite a clear and violent overreach by the BLM, Nevada Senator Harry Reid has responded to the incident by calling Bundy and his supporters “domestic terrorists.”

“There were hundreds, hundreds of people from around the country that came there,” Reid said at an event in Las Vegas. “They had sniper rifles in the freeway. They had weapons, automatic weapons. They had children lined up. They wanted to make sure they got hurt first … What if others tried the same thing?”

Unsurprisingly, proof of automatic weapons being present during the stand off between peaceful protesters and the BLM was not provided by Reid. Video of the incident also clearly shows only men and woman, most of whom were unarmed, lined up peacefully.

Whether it be assaulting a cancer survivor, attacking a pregnant woman, tasereing protesters, killing animals or unleashing an attack dog, all extreme behavior has exclusively come from the BLM.

April 19, 2014 by Rachel Stoltzfoos

Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore clashed with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes regarding rancher Cliven Bundy’s conflict with the federal government on Friday.

As Hayes pressed Fiore about her position on the standoff, she relentlessly criticized the government’s handling of the situation.

“Why are you there near the Bundy ranch tonight celebrating?” Hayes asks.

“Questioning why the heck the federal government felt the need to come in armed to collect an unpaid bill. I mean, that was pretty bold and blatant,” Fiore said. “I mean, generally when my — when our federal government comes in armed, we’re expecting a bigger problem… We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever.”

When Hayes asked if Fiore agreed with Cliven Bundy, Fiore grew angry.

“No, Chris. Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not saying I agree with Cliven Bundy. What I’m saying is the way this was handled is really suspicious,” she replied. “I mean, if we literally sent our federal government to the borders to secure ‘em against terrorists crossing, hey, I got that. But they want to come here with arms because cows are grazing? That’s uh — Chris, I’m sorry, I think you’re out of your mind.”

After pointing out that the damages Bundy owes haven’t even been defined, Fiore went in for the kill. “If you owed the federal government money, Chris, do you want them coming to your house pointing guns at your wife and children? Is that OK with you?”

“No,” Hayes replied. “But is it OK with you if every rancher in the country stops paying their grazing fees?”

Fiore said no, but insisted, “Don’t come here with guns and expect the American people not to fire back.”

When Hayes drew a comparison to an illegal immigrant taking up arms to avoid being deported, Fiore wasn’t having it. “Are we talking about cows or illegal immigration, Chris? ‘Cause I’m talking about cows today.”

When Chris implied the cows the government slaughtered will be slaughtered anyways, Fiore rebutted his point.

“So are you saying it’s OK to cruelly slaughter them, because they’re gonna be — they’re raised for beef? Is that what you’re saying, Chris? ‘Cause I hope you retract those words, ’cause that’s pretty, pretty sad, Chris.”

“No. No don’t put words in my mouth,” Hayes said. “Of course I don’t think that… Thank you so much. Enjoy the barbecue!”

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MB Obama’s origins resurface at intel expert’s trial

British figure defends claim on DNA disproving president’s mother
April 20, 2014 by Jerome R. Corsi

This is the first of three articles examining the criminal defense planned by British barrister Michael Shrimpton on national security charges in a London jury trial scheduled to begin Nov. 10.

LONDON – In a nearly empty courtroom at the Southwerk Crown Court by the historic London Bridge, a hearing took place in a criminal case that not only has national security implications for the United Kingdom, but, curiously, is woven into the increasingly bizarre fabric of the controversy over Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility.

When it came his time to speak, defendant Michael Shrimpton, a middle-aged London barrister by profession and self-proclaimed intelligence expert, politely issued to the judge a series of interrogatories that made clear he plans to launch a vigorous defense, representing himself before the court.

The criminal charges brought by the British government against Shrimpton under Section 51(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1977 accuse him of falsely notifying the British government to prepare for a terrorist nuclear attack on the 2012 Olympics in London that the British government claims had no basis in reality.

It’s the same Michael Shrimpton who appears in a 2008 video that began re-circulating earlier this year on the Internet in which he claims to have been privy to shocking intelligence information on Obama’s origins. Shrimpton contends to this day that the CIA collected DNA from then-Sen. Obama and a grandparent, establishing that Stanley Ann Dunham was not Obama’s biological mother.

The video naturally has raised questions about Shrimpton’s credibility and his qualifications to make such an extraordinary claim.

Glaring inconsistencies, blackouts and outright fabrications in Barack Obama’s life narrative have generated widespread doubts about his presidential eligibility — Jerome Corsi’s “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?” sets the record straight.

Meanwhile, Shrimpton has been indicted for having telephoned in 2012 the secretary of state for defense in London and declaring that a nuclear weapon stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk that sank in the Barents Sea on Aug. 12, 2000, had been smuggled into Britain.

Shrimpton said the smugglers were agents of a top-secret German intelligence agency that intended to detonate the weapon to cause massive damage and murder members of the Royal family and top government officials attending the London Olympics.

Postponed trial

On March 17, in a courtroom devoid of news media except for WND, a short-tempered Senior Circuit Judge Alistair William McCreath, a resident judge based at Southwark Crown Court, surprised the Crown Prosecution Service and the defense by postponing Shrimpton’s trial until Nov. 10.

It was originally scheduled to begin that day.

The postponement meant any issues Shrimpton wants to pursue in his defense will not be aired in court until after the November mid-term elections in the U.S.

Government intelligence experts on both sides of the Atlantic marginalized Shrimpton as a loud-mouthed nuisance and gadfly who lacks professional credentials as an intelligence expert. But McCreath, nevertheless, dismissed a prosecution motion to order Shrimpton to undergo a psychiatric examination, making it clear a trial on the merits would take place.

Shrimpton was born in RAF Hospital Ely on March 9, 1957, to an RAF officer father and a Welsh mother. He was schooled in Wales one year then in Australia, beginning in 1964. He earned a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Queensland in Australia in 1976 and from the University College Cardiff at the University of Wales in 1981. He attended the Inns of Court School of Law in 1982 and 1983, and was called to the Bar in 1983.

His biography, while admirable in its educational achievements, irreparably placed Shrimpton outside the British social classes from which the most distinguished professional intelligence agents and lawyers have traditionally been recruited. Most come from the upper classes of British society with pedigrees and sufficient financial resources to be educated at boarding schools such as Eton, followed by university studies at Oxford or Cambridge.

Although Shrimpton has never held an official government job, he has published in a peer-reviewed intelligence publication, the Journal of International Security Affairs. The editor at the time of Shrimpton’s publication was the late U.S. Ambassador Harvey Feldman, perhaps best known for the role he played in helping plan President Nixon’s 1972 visit to China.

Shrimpton is the author of an upcoming book, “Spyhunter: The Secret of German Intelligence,” which is being finalized now for publication in the U.K. this week.

Confirming military satellite intelligence?

Shrimpton intends to defend himself in a November jury trial by demanding to see specific intelligence information he believes will exonerate him.

In a document shared with WND that Shrimpton submitted to the court in his defense, he put CPS prosecutors on notice that he intends to subpoena radar signature readings taken by U.S. military satellites.

In particular, Shrimpton wants to obtain readings from U.S. intelligence satellites involved in the KH-13 satellite surveillance program operated by the NRO, the highly secretive U.S. National Reconnaissance Office headquartered in unincorporated Fairfax County, Va., two miles south of Dulles International Airport. It operates as one of 16 U.S. intelligence agencies that along with the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is considered one of the “big five” of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Shrimpton believes readings from U.S. military intelligence satellites operating in low orbit between 2200 hours GMT and 0100 on April 20 through 21, 2011, downloaded to a ground station near Fort Belvoir, Va., will indicate a source of weapons-grade plutonium was adjacent to, and then on, the Blackwater River Estuary in Essex.

“This Satellite Intelligence (SATINT) is consistent with reporting of a viable IND [Improvised Nuclear Device] being removed from the U.K. by a German SSD [State Security Department],” Shrimpton’s brief to the court claims. “The SATINT would have been made available to GCHQ [British General Communications Headquarters] as a matter of course under the UKUSA (originally BRUSA) Intelligence Treaty and on balance is probably being withheld from the CPS, the defense, and the court.”

Nuclear weapon stolen from Kursk?

In London, WND interviewed John Large, head of Large and Associates Consulting Engineers, a group with established nuclear expertise that had been contracted by the Russian government for advice on how best to salvage the Kursk submarine.

“With the salvage of the Kursk, the Russian Federation took the standard government line of refusing to confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons on board, but there were six nuclear weapons on board when the submarine went down,” Large told WND.

“My work was to set up the procedure assuming nuclear weapons were on board, and the Russian Federation implemented the procedures we devised based on the malfunction of a weapon with its conventional charge being released.”

Large said the submarine had been at the bottom of the sea for a year, and two of the weapons silos housing the nuclear-tipped weapons were at the front, near the site of the explosion that sank the vessel.

WND asked Large if all the nuclear weapons were on board the submarine when the salvage operations took place.

“We have no idea,” Large responded. “We assumed the nuclear weapons were on board.”

He said the submarine sank in 110 meters of water, or 360 feet, and the Russians had a guard ship above the location from the moment the submarine sank.

“Because of weather, the guard ship may have run for shelter three or four times during the year when the Kursk was sunk,” he said. “It would be difficult at that depth to do a submarine recovery given the shallowness of the sea there, but you certainly could do a surface recovery if you had saturation divers. But again, a surface ship would be immediately spotted by the Russian Federation.”

Still, Large explained to WND that he and his staff were not present during Russian Federation recovery efforts.

“We worked very closely with the Russian Federation during the Kursk salvage operations, so we assumed and we were never challenged that the nuclear weapons were still on board,” he said.

“But if I were to testify in Michael Shrimpton’s case, I couldn’t say if any of the nuclear weapons were missing or not missing when the Kursk was recovered, because I wasn’t there to observe it.”

Large concluded the interview by saying he was surprised the CPS was going forward with the prosecution.

Large also had no explanation for why the judge postponed the case until November. However, he speculated that the judge may have wanted to give the prosecution time to consider whether or not prosecuting Shrimpton in a public jury trial and allowing him to launch a defense was really in the British government’s national security interest.

While he was doubtful a nuclear weapon had been stolen from the Kursk while submerged, Large cautioned that terrorists could have obtained a nuclear weapon in the chaos that occasioned the end of the Soviet Union.

“Iran could also have a nuclear weapon anytime Iran wants one,” Large also said. “With Iran making rapid progress toward a nuclear weapon, the probability of a terrorist nuclear attack is a realistic risk. Iran could get a nuclear weapon today, if Iran wants, from North Korea or rogue elements in Pakistan.”

Secret German intelligence group?

WND traveled to Marlborough Wiltshire west of London to meet with distinguished retired British Intelligence officer Lt. Col. Dr. Harry Beckhough, MBE, who Shrimpton plans to call as a defense witness via video link from Newbury Magistrates Court. Advanced age has limited Beckthough’s mobility.

Among Beckhough’s many career achievements are having worked as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park during World War II and having served with the British 8th Army in the World War II campaign in North Africa. His duties included working on Lt. Gen. Thomas Montgomery’s intelligence staff with the assignment to break Nazi Gen. Erwin Rommel’s military codes.

Beckhough presented WND two books he has authored, one titled “Germany’s Four Reichs” and the other “Germany’s Fourth Reich,” in which he documented the rise a secret German intelligence agency. The Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, the DVD, or German Defense Agency, he said, was created as a post-World War II continuance of the Nazi Abwehr military intelligence organization operated by Admiral Wilhelm Franz Canaris.

Beckhough told WND he was willing to testify at Shrimpton’s trial that the DVD continues to operate from its headquarters outside Dachau as a secret German military intelligence operation.

Obama’s birth story

In the U.S., Shrimpton recently has drawn attention with the re-circulation of a video that shows him claiming that the CIA collected DNA from Obama and a grandparent in 2008 as Obama was running for president.

Shrimpton says he was informed that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya, in about 1960, which means, he said, the information sits in British intelligence files, because that territory was under the British Empire at the time.

Shrimpton alleged that through DNA tests conducted during Obama’s initial presidential campaign, the CIA established Stanley Ann Dunham was not Obama’s biological mother.

He said Dunham was not pregnant in July 1961, yet it is claimed that she gave birth to Barack Obama Jr. on Aug. 4, 1961.

Shrimpton said it was his understanding that the DNA samples were collected at a fundraising dinner from water glasses that were bagged after the dinner.

However, Stanley Ann Dunham’s father, Stanley Amour Dunham, died in 1992. Her mother, Madelyn Dunham, died of cancer Nov. 2, 2008, and was not know to have made public appearances in Obama’s campaign, though she did turn up briefly in an April 2008 Obama TV commercial. A TV news report on the commercial by Honolulu’s KITV said Madelyn Dunham had tried to stay out of the campaign and declined formal interviews. When a KITV reporter reached her by phone, she said she hadn’t seen the commercial and was surprised to learn she was in it.

In conversations with WND, nevertheless, Shrimpton doubled down on the claims he made in 2008 by asserting that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, as part of his negotiations to leave Hong Kong, agreed to deliver to Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow the classified U.S. military intelligence file on Obama’s DNA.

Shrimpton made clear he intends to subpoena from the CIA and from British intelligence any records either agency may have on Obama’s DNA.

“I intend to stand by my allegations regarding the Obama birth certificate, knowing that U.S. intelligence agencies will prefer to characterize me as crazy and delusional rather than admit the CIA has the files I believe they have on Obama DNA,” Shrimpton insisted.

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Gun Grabber Yee Bribery-case Democrat: ‘It’s just human nature’ – had called for more transparency, accountability

Anti Second Amendment gang guns
Yee on video called for more transparency, accountability
April 20, 2014 by Bob Unruh

A longtime anti-firearm politician in California who was charged with gun trafficking and corruption for allegedly accepting bribes in return for promises of political favors thinks taxpayers should pay for his political campaigns, according to a video that has been uncovered.

And the suspended state Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, in an interview only a few months before his criminal case developed, explained how politicians acquire a sense of entitlement to the trappings of public office.

“I think there’s that old adage, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It’s just human nature. After a while, you kind of feel that you deserve, you know, all the perks of office, because you’ve suffered so much, you’ve given up so much. You should have all of those kinds of trappings. And then, you know, I served for a long time, and I know this stuff, so I don’t have to explain it to you, I don’t have to tell you that. You should just believe me and trust me. And I guess I kind of grew up in an era where that was not the norm, that’s not the way in which people behave. And you have to be open and you have to be transparent and you have to be accountable,” Yee said.

Yee, who has been a key leader in many of California’s strategies to cut down on access to guns and ammunition, was talking to Orange County’s Voice of OC.

“Go ahead. Say something snarky. we’re not gonna do it,” said the writers at KQED’s news blog, who posted the videos online.

Federal prosecutors on Thursday said they were planning to add racketeering charges to the organized crime and political corruption case involving Yee.

The Mercury News reported U.S. Attorney William Frentzen told a federal judge that “RICO charges are coming” in the case.

Yee, 65, has pleaded not guilty to corruption and gun trafficking counts. He’s accused of taking bribes in exchange for political favor promises as well as offering to set up an international arms deal.

“Keeping in mind that state Sen. Leland Yee hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but also keeping in mind that he’s been charged with accepting bribes and offering to help import illegal firearms … well, make of this what you will,” the KQED posting said.

In one video recorded by the Voice of OC, Yee is asked about the balance between money and politics.

He said, “I just think that we’ve got to bite the bullet and take money out of it. Because money just simply corrupts. We ought to find ways to take money out of it and part of it is we’ve got to look at public finance. I hate to say that because that’s going to be an additional responsibility to residents, to the taxpayers … but if we’re going to have open government, transparency, a government that is accountable to the people, the people’s going to have to fund that.

“And public financing is about that… it’s not about simply letting anybody who wants to run all of a sudden go to the people and say give me… you’re going to have to raise enough money, demonstrate you’re a serious candidate and then get public financing.

“I think we’ve got to tone down large campaign contributions coming in and taking away an election of the people.”

The second video deals with the OC question about transparency, and Yee’s response, where he concludes, “And you have to be open and you have to be transparent and you have to be accountable.”

WND reported just a few days ago that the suspension of Yee by the legislature was accompanied by a poll showing a plunge in support for the state lawmakers.

Yee, who was named to the “Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll” by the Brady Campaign in 2006, is now under fire for his alleged involvement in supplying guns illegally in what is dubbed as “gangland ties.”

The revelation of the allegations has coincided with a drop in support for California lawmakers.

The Field Poll showed a nine-point shift in approval for the Legislature, with those who approve declining from 46 to 43 percent and those who disapprove rising from 40 to 46 percent.

National Rifle Association Director of Public Affairs Andrew Arulanandam told WND that when citizens are confronted with scandals such as the Yee case, “it dramatically violates their trust.”

“They roll their eyes and think this is the definition of hypocrisy,” he said.

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Deadly Shootout at Sloviansk Breaks Ukraine’s Easter Truce

This was brought to you by the Soros/Obama/Nulant/Kerry Coup in Kiev
20 Apr 2014 by Mary Chastain

The Easter truce in Ukraine did not last very long. A shootout at a checkpoint in Slovyansk was deadly, but no one can agree on the death toll. It was the first clash since the US, European Union, Ukraine, and Russia reached an agreement in Geneva to stop the violence in east Ukraine between pro-Russian forces and pro-Ukrainians.

Russia media said up to five were killed, Reuters claimed at least two were killed and Associated Press reported only one died. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said three people died. From The Kyiv Post:

A correspondent for Rossiya 24, a state-run news station, said four cars drove up to the checkpoint and opened fire at the pro-Russian militiamen guarding it, killing three of them and seriously injuring another. Two “attackers,” shot by the pro-Russian group, were also killed, the correspondent said.

Vyatcheslav Ponomarev, a local separatist leader, told Russian media the battle broke out in a village east of Slovyansk, which is under the control of pro-Russian militants.

Russia’s Life News claimed to have proof Right Sector was behind the attack.

In a video report, Life News showed what it said was the body of one man killed during the shootout next to weapons, ammunition and gear left behind by Right Sector members at the scene. It also showed crisp U.S. $100 bills, uncreased printed satellite images of Slovyansk from Google Maps and a business card of Right Sector leader and presidential candidate Dmitro Yarosh that it said had been left by the “attackers.”

The bodies were immediately taken away in a car and the Interior Ministry belives “the even to be fabricated.” The Security Service of Ukraine also believes the incident was fake and called it a “cynical provocation.”

The Russian media blamed the far-right group Right Sector for the violence, It is no secret Russia hates the party and dubbed them a terrorist group. In fact, the Kremlin forced the editor-in-chief at popular website to resign after they published an interview with the Right Sector leader even though he Kremlin told the website not to publish it. The group instantly denied the accusations.

Right Sector spokesman Artem Skoropadsky said it was a “blasphemous provocation from Russia: blasphemous because it took place on a holy night for Christians, on Easter night. This was clearly carried out by Russian special forces.”

The Kremlin used the incident as proof Kyiv cannot control people.

“The Easter truce has been violated,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement. “This provocation … testifies to the lack of will on the part of the Kiev authorities to rein in and disarm nationalists and extremists.”

Moscow also does not believe Ukraine will not uphold the Geneva agreement.

“The Russian side is outraged with the provocation, which indicates that Kyiv is unwilling to put in check and disarm nationalists and extremists,” the ministry said in a statement.

Moscow, the ministry added, “insists on the strict implementation by the Ukrainian side of its commitments to de-escalate the situation in southeastern Ukraine.”

Easter is the most important holiday on the Orthodox calendar and Ukraine called for a truce on Saturday. The government promised to stop the anti-terrorist operation against the pro-Russian forces and not to attack them during the holiday weekend.

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VIDEO Justice Scalia: If Taxes Get Too High Americans ‘Should Revolt’ & on NSA

Justice Scalia ‘Foolish’ to Have the Supreme Court Decide If NSA Wiretapping Is Unconstitutional
April 19, 2014 by Susanne Posel

When speaking to students at the University of Tennessee College of Law (UTCL) annual Rose Lecture, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that Americans “should revolt” if income taxes become too high.

Scalia pointed out that while the federal government has the right to tax the citizens, “if it reaches a certain point perhaps you should revolt.”

The Supreme Court Justice explained to the students: “You’re entitled to criticize the government, and you can use words, you can use symbols, you can use telegraph, you can use Morse code, you can burn a flag.”

Scalia asserted that he adheres to originalism and he believes that “the Constitution is not a living organism for Pete’s sake. It’s a law. It means what it meant when it was adopted.”

Scalia recently told the National Press Club (NPC) at a joint appearance with fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, that “the Framers would have been appalled” by the 1964 ruling of the New York Times v. Sullivan because it “was revising the Constitution.”

This case established the standard that for a media outlet to be sued for libel, the bringer of the suit must prove that the statements were published with actual malice or reckless disregard for the truth; as well as factually incorrect.

At the NPC, Scalia also commented on whether the Supreme Court would rule on the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs.

The Supreme Court Justice said that “the court is not the best body to decide major national security issues because of its lack of expertise.”

However, Scalia intimated that the Supreme Court “would likely decide the issue of whether widespread gathering of telecommunications data violates the Fourth Amendment, which bars unlawful searches and seizures.”

Justice Scalia ‘Foolish’ to Have the Supreme Court Decide If NSA Wiretapping Is Unconstitutional
19 Apr 2014 Breitbart TV

Thursday in an interview conducted at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about their views of the First Amendment. Moderator Marvin Kalb questioned Scalia about whether the NSA wiretapping cloud be conceivably be in violation of the Constitution:

Justice Antonin Scalia said, “No because it’s not absolute. As Ruth has said there are very few freedoms that are absolute. I mean your person is protected by the Fourth Amendment but as I pointed out when you board a plane someone can pass his hands all over your body that’s a terrible intrusion, but given the danger that it’s guarding against it’s not an unreasonable intrusion. And it can be the same thing with acquiring this data that is regarded as effects. That’s why I say its foolish to have us make the decision because I don’t know how serious the danger is in this NSA stuff, I really don’t.”

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